Writing skills are one of the most crucial skills we have today. Irrespective of your career path or academic area, you will find out that your success is greatly determined by your ability to write clear, creative and appealing reports, letters, essays and other forms of communication. It is for this reason that most academic institutions today have it as a course requirement for their students to write at least an essay once a semester. If you have been struggling writing your essay or review or something else due to lack of time skills, we have you sorted.

How to Write a Case Study

How to Write a Case Study A case study should identify problems and offer solutions to the problems. The following stages guide the writing of the case study. Preparation for the case Read and review the case exhaustively Establish a focus for the case study through identification of the problems,…

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Narrative Essay Writing

What is Narrative Essay? A narrative essay is more of a short story where the author uses transitions, flashbacks, and other literary devices. There is normally a plot, a narrator, or a protagonist. Some of the characteristics of narrative essays include: Chronology This is a narrative essay format where one…

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English for Writing  SMS

English for Writing SMS SMS is an abbreviation of Short Message Service. It is a service that enables the transmission of typed text messages from one mobile phone to another. In the present situation, the facilities such as cell phone handsets, network subscriptions and recharging cards are easily available at…

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