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Article Writing and Some Samples of Article Writing For Students

What is an article?

An article is is a piece of writing which is usually written for a wider audience. It is published in a magazine, newspaper or journal. It includes intriguing stories, analysis, description or information. Articles are mostly formal but depending upon the target audience, it can be informal too. It should give opinions, thoughts, facts, and suggestions. It describes some experience, event, person or place. In the article, the writer provides his opinion or balanced argument, compare and contrast, information and advice. An article should be written in a bewitching and entertaining manner.

An ideal article consists of:

1. Title: The title should be eye-catching. It should attract the attention of readers and suggest a theme. The article can also have subheadings before each paragraph.
2. Introduction: An Introduction defines the topic to be covered and maintains the reader’s attention. It usually contains a topic sentence which is elaborated in the next paragraphs.
3. Main Body: It contains two or more paragraphs in which the topic is further developed in detail. In this section, the arguments and facts, etc are included in this section.

4. Conclusion: In this section, the topic is summarised or the final opinion, suggestion or comment is provided.

Important Points:

For article writing, it is paramount to consider the following points.
Where it is going to appear- in a magazine, newspaper or journal?
Who is the target audience- a particular group such as students or teenagers it adults or people in general?
What is the purpose of the article – to inform, suggest or advice, compare and contrast or describe, etc

Article Writing


1. Learning About Life

Studying abroad is a great experience as it provides you the chance to study the customs and culture of the host country and its people. Aside from the beneficial education, I got during three years stay in England, I additionally made a wide network of friends and enhanced my language skills. I learned how to face and manage different issues, and accordingly, have turned out to be an increasingly independent and self-assured person.

I learned English Literature and along with this made many friends both at college and through the part-time work I had, improved my English. Despite the fact that I previously spoke the language quite well, when I initially arrived I experienced difficulty understanding a few accents and the slang or idioms that are in regular use. Presently I am a much more fluent and normal speaker, and my writing has improved, as well.

The most concerning issues I confronted were discovering someplace to live when I did not know the zone well, getting the electricity and phone associated and by and large learning how to take care of myself. I had to become acclimated to shopping, cooking and doing the housework, as well as studying and working, so I swiftly learned the art of planning my time reasonably.

In spite of the fact that adjusting to living in another country isn’t simple, once the underlying homesickness and missing the family has been overcome, learning how to fight for yourself absolutely makes you an increasingly independent person and certainly more confident. My time abroad helped me develop as a person and now I believe I could handle any issue now in a quiet and sure way, without having to promptly approach somebody for their assistance.

2. The Place of Women in Indian Society

In Indian society, women have been given a better position than that of men. We can see their presence in every walk of life. Ranging from a topmost constitutional position of a prime minister and president to constable and metro driver, they have marked their presence.

Now women are police officers, judges, bank managers, army officers, pilots, etc. They are holding positions of responsibility in various spheres of life. They are successful in the field of business and commerce. More and more women are coming out of the four walls of their houses. Literacy rates in women have witnessed a sharp rise during the post-independence era.

But there is no denying the fact that the rise in social and economic status of women has added to their burdens and responsibility. They are still slaves as they have to do double duty—as employed women and as working housewives. Despite all achievements and progress, women still have to depend on male members of the

family for their protection during different phases of their life. At times they have to depend on their father.

Then there are husband and again sons. They are not given freedom to take the decision of their life. In our male-dominated society, women are still regarded as inferior to men.

Therefore it is the crying need of the hour that women should awake and arise against their exploitation.

3. The Importance of Moral Education

In our country, the introduction of a new education system is essential which must be in tune with our major values of national tradition and integration. This system can only nourish and strengthen our national consciousness.

Human actions are judged as good or bad right from an ethical point of view. These judgments are always determined by the common moral standard of our society. In a nutshell, morality means honesty of characters, fairness in attitude, absence of evils like hatred jealousy, greed, telling lies, etc. This ultimate objective of education is to inculcate these human values in the students.

Moral education can be given through value education curriculum by all boards and universities. At school level, the syllabus should include folk tales, stories of patriotism, biographies of great men, poems, parables providing valuable lessons for the student. As a character is necessary for individuals, it is also necessary for a nation. A nation cannot make progress if it has lost its character.

This, the introduction of moral education from grassroots to university level is very necessary.

4. Environmental Pollution

The introduction of harmful pollutants into the environment is called environmental pollution. It has a hazardous effect on the natural world and on the activities of living beings.

The industries all over the world that brought prosperity and affluence, made inroads into the biosphere and disturbed the ecological balances. The pall of smoke, the swirling gases, industrial effluents and the fall-out of scientific experiments became constant health hazards, polluting and contaminating both air and water. The smoke emitted by vehicles using petrol and diesel and the cooking coal also pollutes the environment. The contaminated water that we drink creates a number of incurable diseases.

Air-pollution may cause several lung-diseases, asthma, brain-disorder diseases, etc. Soil-pollution may have a negative effect on farm output ratio. Noise-pollution causes deafness, tiredness, and mental losses.

In order to deal with environmental pollution, the Government can at least see those future factories are set up at a distant place, an industrial complex far away from the township. Deforestation should be stopped and Forestry should be developed. Discharge of Factory wastes in rivers should be banned.

5. Meaningful Use of Leisure Time

Leisure implies a free or unoccupied time when there is freedom from the demands of work or duty. Today people live under constant stress and demands of modernity.

As a result, they are prone to physical and psychological problems. It is essential to spare some time from a mechanical routine and spend this time to rejuvenate the mind and the body.

We can utilize our free time in a variety of ways. Reading is one of the most popular free-time activities. A wide range of subjects and the existence of well-maintained libraries has made reading a very rewarding and affordable activity. From simple entertainment to highly specialized discourses, reading invariably contributes to one’s knowledge and helps widen one’s perspective. Other common activities are music, gardening, carpentry, cooking, etc. One can also choose from activities which are directly relevant to society, like special work, caring for abandoned and stray animals, caring for the environment, etc. Activities in the areas enumerated above impart s sense of achievement besides giving meaning and purpose to life. Activities like carpentry, painting, and clay-modeling help satisfy the creative an impulse in many an amateur artist. Besides, we should spend some time in socializing. It is a healthy activity and promotes goodwill and mutual understanding among people.

We should play outdoor games also. It has the advantage of catering to physical fitness and thus helping to develop a healthy attitude towards life.

6. Disaster Management

The term ‘disaster management’ refers to all aspects of preventive and protective measures, preparedness, and organization of relief operations for mitigating the impact of disaster on human beings and socio-economic aspect of the disaster-prone areas. We can divide the whole process of disaster management into three phases: impact phase, rehabilitation, and reconstruction phase and integrated long term development and preparedness phase.

There are three components of impact phase: forecasting of disaster, close monitoring of agents causing disasters and management activities after the disaster has occurred. In order to forecast about flood, one needs to study. Approach of cyclone can be tracked and monitored by satellites. Then early warning and evacuation efforts may be made. Close monitoring of agents responsible for disaster can help deployment of teams to help evacuation and supply of goods, clothing and drinking water. Disaster leaves a trail of death and destruction.

This will require medical care and help of various kinds to the affected people. Under long term development phase, preventive and precautionary measures of various kind should be implemented.

7. Population Hazard

There is no denying the fact that the rate of population increase has gone down, but the balance between the optimum population growth and a healthy nation is far to be achieved. Ignorance, illiteracy, unhygienic living and lack of proper recreation are the main causes of population hazard in India.

People, themselves must realize the merits of small family. They should be encouraged to adopt preventive checks—checks that control the birth rate. Religion also adds to the growth of population. Some communities consider any mandate of a statutory method of prohibition to be sacrilegious. India, being a secular state, cannot exercise any check or restraint on religious grounds.

The importance of a higher standard of living should be inculcated in the mind of the people. The desire for better living conditions automatically works as a deterrent to heavy increases in population. It restricts the population explosion and thus tends to keep high the efficiency of our existing population.

Education at the grass-root, more equitable distribution of the natural wealth, restriction on religious fanatics that would damage the country’s economy by unnecessary births, These measures alone can bring about a kind of effective control over the population problem.

8. Work is Worship

This is an oft saying proverb that work is worship, which means there is no better way to worship God except to be hardworking. Man owes all his greatness to hard work. Hence, it is the root of all success. There is no alternative for hard work. Today man has conquered nature, he has set foot on the moon, he has traveled in space, he has invented so many life-saving drugs—all became possible because he never avoided work. We see wonderful progress in the field of agriculture and industry.

God also gets impressed and helps and cooperates only those who are hardworking and sincere. God does not love being worshipped by a person each second. He wants a person works hard. So, it is not useful if we worship God all the time and do not work at all. Some useful people who believe that it is luck that plays a significant role in anybody’s life.

Thus, they avoid work and wait for the miracles, which according to them must occur in their life and consequently they would get all those things which they wish for. But the reality is that no such miracle happens particularly when we don’t work.

9. Our National Festivals

In our country, people of different religions, regions, and cultures live together with peace and harmony. India is worldwide known for its cultural diversity and colorful festivals. Apart from these festivals, we also have national festivals such as the Independence Day, the Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanti.

We celebrate Independence Day to mark the independence of India. India became independent on
August 15, 1947, after the British left the country. Since then, August 15 is celebrated as the Independence Day. On this day, various formal events including flag-hoisting and march in all states, districts, panchayats, schools, colleges are organized to commemorate the day of freedom. The Prime Minister of the nation hoists the tri-color national flag (Tiranga) at the Red Fort and addresses the nation from its rampart.
We celebrate Republic Day on January 26 to commemorate the adoption of our Constitution. As per the records, the Constitution of India came into force on January 26, 1950, by replacing the Government of India Act (1935) as the governing document of India.

Like the Independence Day, flag hoisting ceremony and cultural programmes are organized across the nation on Republic Day. Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Every year, this auspicious occasion is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. People across the nation offer prayer services and tributes to Gandhiji on this day. Various cultural programmes showcasing Gandhi Ji’s life and struggle for independence are organized, at school, colleges, government, and private organizations, etc. Also, different types of competition, such as essay writing, painting, etc are organized to remember the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi.

10. Indian Farmers

It is indeed a matter of shame for us as the food producers in our country have to die out of hunger. India is mainly an agricultural country. Agriculture is the backbone of our economy. The farmer is an important part of agriculture. It is the hard work of the farmer which brings prosperity in the country.

The farmer has to lead a tough life. He gets up early in the morning. He takes his plough and oxen and goes to the field. His wife and children also help him in his work. His routine does not change even in biting cold.

The farmer remains busy in tilling the fields, sowing seeds and reaping crops throughout the year. The farmer takes great care of his crops and dreams of good crops.

Sometimes adverse weather condition causes severe harm to crops in the form of drought, flood or untimely, uneven rains. In spite of his hard work, the farmer has to live in a miserable condition, when his crops fail. They have to borrow have money from the moneylenders at a high-interest rate. In case of the failure of his crops, he becomes hopeless. It becomes difficult for him to pay back the money. Sometimes he takes the drastic step of suicide.

We need to be sensitive towards farmers. Governmental and non-governmental organizations should come forward and make them aware of the latest technologies, programmes, and policies. Our nation can be a prosperous one only when our farmers are prosperous.

11. A Good Citizen

A good citizen is one who tries to work for the greatness and glory of his country. He is faithful to his country and is ready to sacrifice everything for the honour of the land. He must be law-abiding and must respect the traditions of his country. He should make all possible efforts to remove the social evils which are the bane of the society.
He must live in peace with his fellow citizens and help the state against all criminals and lawbreakers. He is not blindly conservative and he is progressive in his outlook.

A good citizen must be committed to the high ideals and work for the betterment of his country. He should work for unity in the country and does not do anything which might harm the solidarity of the country. He knows that if his countrymen are not united, the nation shall face danger from other countries hostile to us. He is kind and sympathetic towards everyone. He respects this rights and privileges of others. He does not do anything which might have a bad effect on others. He is honest and diligent and works for the good of his fellow citizens.

Diary Entry: How to Write- Format and Samples

Diary Entry

A diary is a kind of personal document. It records an individual’s feelings, thought, or activities during the course of a particular day.

A diary entry however is reflective in nature. Rather than simply dealing an event or activity, it presents the thoughts and reflection of the individual to such events or activities.

A diary entry usually has personal feel to it.It is conversation with herself. It can be used :

  1. To express one’s thoughts , views and philosophy
  2. To express dreams and hopes.
  3. To help one to cope with certain situations or emotions.

A diary is usually private sometimes though it may be shown to close friends.

A diary is written in informal language but it still follows a certain format.

  • Let us look at the format of the diary entry:
  • A diary is frequently written in simple past, present perfect and future.
  • A diary is written in first person.
  • A diary entry usually begins with date ( day and time) which appear in the top left corner.
  • An introductory entry is a general sentence describing the day or momentary feeling. It expresses comment on the day or one’s state of mind.
  • The main body is an elaboration of the introduction. It discuss events of the day, the writer’s feelings towards it and how it is likely to affect the writer’s future plans.

Important Points

  • First, cut the strips of the day you want to keep.
  • Put them in chronological order
  • Stick together and add linking words at the joins.
  • Write in a well thought out paragraph(s).
  • Be brief and vivid.

Now that we have looked at ‘How to Write Diary Entry’, let us read some sample diary entries:


1. You are Shabir. Write a diary entry in your own words about your experience of donating blood.

19 January 20…
9.0 pm

Dear Diary
Wow! How satisfied and super excited I feel! Today, I performed a noble deed. I mean I donated blood. My school organized a voluntary blood donation drive. When I told my mother about the drive, she was worried. She was concerned that blood donation would weaken me. So, I talked to my biology teacher about her concern and she assured me that donating blood was completely fine. So, I was stepped forward and donated blood. I was even able to persuade some of my colleagues to do the same. After donating blood, I felt no weakness. What I thought was a feeling of purpose and happiness. I understand the blood I’ve given can even save a life. The tiny quantity of blood I gave up did not make me any weaker but it could save a valuable life fighting a severe injury or life-threatening disease. This experience also made me conscious that such noble campaigns need to be promoted. After a few months, I’m going to donate blood again. I’m asking everyone to do the same.

2. You rescued a girl from drowning in the river. Write a diary entry in your own words about your experience.

10 June 20….
9.0 pm

Dear Diary
What an eventful day was today! I rescued a little girl from drowning in the river. I still can’t believe that I did it. How could I do this? Where did it I get the courage from? I don’t know. I was going to the mosque to offer salat I heard a child cry from the riverbank for assistance. I hurried to see the child crying out for assistance. His sister had fallen into the river and was unable to swim. He couldn’t swim. I saw her arms flapping. I also cried out for help in the hope that somebody would come, but when I saw no one near the river I got the courage and jumped into the water. The girl was starting to sink by then. I swam with all my strength and got her hair stuck. While it’s true that I can swim but it was quite a challenge for me to hold her head above water while swimming back to the bank. Fortunately, people had gathered by the moment we reached the bank and somebody gave her emergency medical assistance and rushed her to the hospital. Everyone commended me for saving a child’s life that endangers my own life. Mom and father were nine in the cloud. I felt pleased as well as proud.

Date: 7th June, 20…
Day: Wednesday
Time: 10:00 PM

Dear Diary,
I woke up at 6 o’clock in the morning. We had breakfast and dressed up. Today we all went to Fantasize Amusement park nearby at my home town. We started from home at 7 o’clock. As soon as we reached there, we bought our tickets and went inside. I was so excited about seeing the rides. My parents and brother liked the “Thunderfall ride”. My favorite rides were Water Splash, Caterpillar Ride, Wave Pool, and Pirate Ship. After a couple of hours, we had our lunch. In the afternoon we had the scariest ride that is the Space Gun. We got back to our home in the evening. It was a great day and I enjoyed a lot.

30 November 20…
9.0 PM

Dear Diary,
I had the best day ever today. I woke up this morning, the sun was shining through the curtains and I could smell breakfast cooking downstairs. I jumped out of my bed, threw on my school clothes and skipped down to the kitchen. A delicious breakfast of pancakes with syrup was waiting for me on the table and I gobbled it down as quick as a flash. I grabbed my school bag, shouted goodbye to my mum and dashed out of the door to school.
When I arrived at school, my teacher handed my homework back to me and a huge grin spread across her face. Guess what? I got 20 out of 20! I couldn’t believe it! We had my best lessons in the morning (Literacy and Geography).
Before I knew it, it was lunchtime. The menu today was my favourite: Paneer Tikka followed by Chocolate pudding – yum! The afternoon flew by, and we ended the school day with a really fun game of Dodgeball.
After school, I came home and was met with the most amazing surprise; my mum told me that we were going out to the cinema and to Pizza Hut for dinner. We had a fantastic time!
I’m sitting on my bed writing this, remembering all the fun things that happened today. I hope tomorrow is just as good!

May 25, 20….

Dear Diary,
I’m so upset! I wanted to meet Jennifer today after school and she didn’t turn up. This is the third time this month she’s done this – I hate it! And it really makes me mad that she doesn’t even feel guilty about it.
Then Tom walked up to me and asked me if I wanted to go to the cinema with him. That’s just what I needed! He is the most stupid boy I know and going out with him would give me nightmares. Ugh! Horrible idea!
I hope life will be better tomorrow …

May 25, 20….
9.0 PM

Dear Diary,
We went on our class trip today – it was fun. I felt stupid at the beginning; everybody on the coach was tired and nobody talked to me, but then people started to wake up and we had a great time fooling around. It was great, telling jokes, making fun of teachers and so on. The theme park was fantastic – we all loved it! The “Haunted House” was really scary, but I went in together with Kevin, the tall handsome boy who plays in the school basketball team, and he was holding my hand all the time … I’m feeling on top of the world! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s lessons – strange, isn’t it?

May 25, 20….
9.0 PM

Dear Diary,
I feel great! I think I completely failed my maths test –that’s cool! I’m sure I failed yesterday’s French test, Too Great, isn’t it? And tomorrow Dad wants to talk to me about school grades – that’s wonderful!
But – believe it or not – I passed my driving test. I’m so upset!!! Mom gave me a little chocolate car as a present. I hate it. What a horrible idea!
I’ve got to do my maths homework now. Super!

10 January 20…
9.30 pm

Dear Diary
Today was the most exciting and fulfilling day of my life. I had been waiting for this day for so many years. I always thought I will never be able to paint a prize-winning entry. But to my astonishment when the Art Club incharge announced the results, I couldn’t believe my ears. I had finally made it to the top. I won the first prize and my painting was about Make My City Green, my friends came rushing to me and hugged me as soon as they heard my name. My class teacher felt proud of me and gave me a warm hug. I ran to my art teacher and touched her feet. After all, it was her training and encouragement that had made the difference. She took me in her arms and gave me apart on my back.
As soon as I reached home, my parents gave me a pleasant surprise. They had ordered my favorite cake and my mother had cooked a delicious meal for me. When asked how they knew about the first prize, they said that they knew their daughter very well. *They were sure of me winning the prize. I was amazed at their trust in me. In the evening they took me to the amusement park where I enjoyed myself greatly.
Finally, we all came back home and had a lovely meal cooked by my grandmother.

11 January 20…
8.00 pm

Dear Diary
The trip to Kulu Manali with school friends was indeed an amazing one. Initially, thought my parents wouldn’t allow me. But I was very happy when they consented to the trip. We were forty in number including five teachers, who accompanied us. The bus started at 6 am from the school premises on 7th January and we returned in the morning today. The trip was a memorable one as we enjoyed each and every moment of it. We saw the snowfall which was a heavenly sight. Luckily the roads were not blocked and we reached safely today. Everything lay under a blanket of snow. We all felt lucky as there were many people who had come to see the snowfall but could not manage to reach as the roads were blocked on the Himachal border. They were not allowing people to enter the state as they were expecting more snowfall in the next two few days. Since this was my first outstation trip without my parents, I had saved a good amount of money in my piggy bank. I took out all the money and decided to buy something for my parents and my younger sister. I had collected about 5,000 rupees. Our teachers took us to Himachal state emporium from where I bought a warm shawl and a cosy coat for my parents a nice jacket for myself and my sister. They were stunned to see that I had shopped for everyone. They enquired how I managed to buy so much with just 500 rupees which they gave me. Then I told them the whole story about my savings. They hugged me and thanked me for the gifts.
It was a memorable and a joy-filled experience indeed!

11 January 20…

Dear Diary
Being a class teacher is both an exciting and difficult task. I realized the amount of hard work put in by teachers in daily teaching roles. I entered the class and was very happy to see the children waiting for me eagerly and curiously. Today was my first day in class IV-A and I was wondering how the day would go. But to my surprise, I saw that the children’s eyes were full of love and warmth. In no time, they made me feel comfortable and I didn’t feel that I was new to them. I thought it was a very difficult task to make the children adjust to a new teacher but I felt it was a myth. Winning their love and affection was quite easy. Their eyes showed expectations which were both easy and difficult to meet. Class control was not tough for me but grabbing their full attention was challenging.
Initially, I felt I was talking to the walls around and felt frustrated. But gradually when I started to involve them in the talk, there was a lot of interaction taking place. They took some time to judge me and then they finally broke out with a few questions and opinions. What a satisfying experience it was. It was a busy day with so many happenings in one single day. I taught the lesson, The Rainbow which the students enjoyed a lot and participated actively in the discussion. I attended the assembly conducted by the House on duty. Break time was time with students coming to me and offering their food to me. A memorable and an exciting day indeed!

10 January 2019
9.30 pm

Dear Diary
It was a memorable day today because of the magic show that I presented for school children at the Community Hall of the school premises at Saint Valley School, Pattan. I felt proud to see the innocent crowd waiting for my different mesmerizing acts. I could not believe my eyes when they clapped and the sound echoed throughout the hall. They all came forward and surrounded me like bees. All the children were waiting impatiently for the show to begin. The children’s shouts and cries “Magic Man, Magic Man! Show us your magic,” are still echoing in my ears. As soon as I started taking out my things to stan the show, the entire place became peaceful and there was pin drop silence. Everyone sat still as if someone had cast a spell on them. I saw their eager faces and wondered how much they would be thrilled by my magical feats soon. One and the other, they enjoyed each and every trick that I showed. Finally, it was time for me to say goodbye to them. I felt I had fully won their love and affection. They followed me until the gate to bid me goodbye. For some time, I felt so close to them and they had given me unconditional love. I shall always remember them.

10 December, 20…
10:30 PM

Dead Diary
Today I was really shocked to know that our maid’s three daughters don’t go to school but her only son is a student of class 4. The daughters also work as maids in households in our colony. Today one of them came to my house in place of her mother as her mother was sick. When I asked her if she goes to school, she very innocently replied, “I don’t go, but my brother goes to school”. She had no complaint about the outfit as it was her destiny to work as a ma aid and her brother is destined to go to school and be educated. This is the way our society lives and work. It is a patriarchal setup.

Nobody wants to promote girls, allow them to move freely. Even at this age, we nurture this view. It is not at all a good sign for society. We must change it and promote female education to make a perfect society. Females can do wonders if given the opportunity.

20th December, 20…
10:00 PM

Dear Diary
I am a winner today. It is a very successful day for me and I feel great. I could convince my parents who had been against the wish of my younger brother who wanted to join hockey. My parents were not ready to allow him because they thought, it is a risky game.
My brother was very much inclined to join it as he thought it very exciting. Whereas our parents thought it outdated and dangerous. But I told my father that one should always be given the opportunity to choose one’s career according to one’s interest and motivation. My father wanted my brother should take a government job or run his own business. We argued everything and finally, my parents were convinced. They allowed me younger brother to go for what he likes. Hurrah!

26th November, 20…
10:00 p.m.

Dear Diary
Today I had been to market at about 11 a.m. It was the busiest hour. People were rushing for office. Shopkeepers were in a hurry to open their shops. Traffic was heavy on the road. Suddenly I was alarmed at a loud screeching sound. I saw a speeding car stopped just a few meters away from me. It had hit an old man who was crossing the road? The driver was a teenager of about 18. He lost balance and got nervous. As it was a us, he couldn’t escape. The old man was badly injured and his head was profusely bleeding. I came nearer and asked the mob to take the old man to the nearby hospital. Two young gentlemen helped me and we took him to the nearest clinic. In the meantime, the police patrol van reached there and took the car and the driver in its control. The boy who was driving the car had no driving license. The police called his father obviously an influential personality. The father seemed to be not repentant for this. I was shocked to see how people have lost their conscience and promote such crimes.

25th December, 20…
9:30 p.m.

Dear Diary
Today I am very happy that I have got a new friend. He is one of the best and talented students of the school. He is very humble and everyone appreciates his behaviour and submissive nature. He is cooperative. He is always ready to support weak students. Not only in study but also in extracurricular activities, he takes part actively.

He is champion in speech, debate, drama and in games and sports. All the teachers praise him. Today, he helped me in preparing a project. I was puzzled as it was not of my interest. But he made me feel very easy in understanding it. He is helpful to all. The great thing about him is his submissive and open nature. I feel proud to be his friend.

Protect The Environment Essay


The emerging new health problems of present times are owning to the deterioration of the quality of our environment.The scarcity of water is alarming in the present times because no water can be considered safe for drinking including underground water. Besides global warming is changing the pattern of climate and consequently affecting the disease patterns in the world.

Summer arrives too soon this year.Winter was not cold this year. Last year also it was rather hot. Ecological balance is disturbed and global warming is gradually increasing.

How to properly the environment

Most environmental issues are related either to the interaction between human population and natural resources,that is, those caused by taking resources from environment or putting waste into the environment,or factors associated with the sheer growth of the human population. Every year the summer prolongs and winter ends too soon. Rains have become scanty in several states of India. All the events are on account of man’s callous actions. Trees are disappearing to expand land for constructing houses to meet the needs of an ever increasing population. Nobody seems to have realised the adverse effects of deforestation. If this is not stopped soil erosion can’t be checked. Trees are our lifeline. They provide life-giving oxygen to breathe which keeps people healthy.

Save the environment

Different movements were started from time to time to address the environmental problems.The Chipko Movement initiated by women in India had a remarkable effect. This simple gesture had woken up the conscience of an entire nation. Now tree falling is comparatively minimised. The young people can contribute a lot towards this. They can spread the message with the urgency that is required to salvage whatever is left of the environment. It is a question of ‘Now or Never’.The future belongs to the youth. So they must take an active interest in saving the environment and ensuring a healthy life.The concept of sustainable development was advanced for the first time in the Bruntland Report of 1987.It emphasis the connection between development and environmental problems. It also promotes the need for political and economic changes locally, regionally and globally to tackle the issues.

Finally risk communication can help in avoiding many of the environmental hazards. It is important to invite and encourage public participation and make them understand the nature and extent of the risk.If the background information is shared fully, all the affected groups would help to make it possible to arrive at an informed estimate of the risk and wise approach to its management.

Most Memorable Day of My Life

The Most Memorable Day of My Life

Life is an unending experience of joys and sorrows. I, too, had my share of sad and happy moments. One of my most joyous encounters with my life stands out pleasantly fresh in my memory. It was the day full of happy incidents.
It was Monday the 21th of November 2018. My annual results were to be declared on that day. The morning smiled at me brightly when I learnt that I had topped the list of successful candidates in my class. I felt simply overjoyed. My parents and other people at home were jubilant and there was a celebration in my honour. I received a bicycle as a gift from my father.

The happiest day of my life

At around 12.30 p.m. there was a call for me. Thought it to be one of the congratulatory calls, I casually went to receive it. I almost screamed with merriment, when I heard an old friend Haider speaking to me! I had lost connection with him about two years ago due to a misunderstanding between us. He wanted to come and meet me. I felt very excited when ultimately we met. We felt like the same old pals!
We were having lunch together. The postman brought in a registered letter which was opened by my father. My father had got his long-awaited promotion! This further added in our excitement. We decided to go out for dinner in honour of my father.
Finally, this eventfully glorious day ended and we were in sound sleep. At the end of midnight, I heard a knock at the door. To my utter joy and surprise, I saw my younger brother, who had been missing for six months, standing in front of me! What could be a greater moment than this? We all went mad with joy. I saw tears in everyone’s eyes in my family. These were the tears of extreme happiness.

The Most memorable day of my life

What People Ask?

Q. What is difference between unforgettable and memorable?

Unforgettable” is a much hard word. “Memorable” is a much safer word which would ordinarily be chosen in an obliging note to say thanks. Unquestionably there are occasions where the hard word is also suitable in pleasant cards to say thanks, yet the issue is that you would prefer not to appear exaggerated, which can make you to seem insincere.

Unforgettable” signifies something essential to the degree that it can never be forgotten. It is mostly used about the experiences that have hurt you so much that you do do forget them.

Difference between unforgettable and memorable

Situations where “memorable” may be superbly proper include: the end of the week at Windsor Castle spending time with the regal family that the Queen of England as of late welcomed you to, your wedding (for which you need to thank your folks for taking care of the bill), or the night your band opened for the Red Hot Chile Peppers.

Memorable” signifies something valuable for recalling. It very well may be used securely for any glad experience. I would use “memorable”. By not exceeding in your compliments you will in general pass on greater genuineness and produce an eventually more sincere and, in this way, incredible card to say thanks.

Now I would like to share two stories. The first story is an example of memorable experience and the second an unforgettable experience.

The Memorable Moments of My Life


The Day We Got Our First Pet

Once my uncle brought a rabbit which had large smooth hair like that of a wolf .He was very beautiful and he had button type eyes. I like it and wanted to have a puppy of it. My whole family was pleased. My youngest daughter Sabrina begins to love it very much. She would play with it for hours daily neglecting even her studies and school home work. Very soon it begins to love each and every member of the family. Sabrina had a piece of rug for the pet. She would give it four carrots daily besides a toast. It was named Gabby. It soon began to respond to this name Rabby in about one month it learnt its name. We had only to call out once or twice and then wait patiently for a while and he would appear.Soon he grew up and we liked him most. All the occasions that I spend with the rabbit were really most memorable moments of my life.

The same Memorable Day of My Life

Most memorable day of my life

An Unforgettable Day of My Life.

When my father came from Hyderabad, he brought me a soft shining pair of shoes. I accepted the shoes with delight and got very happy. I was eager to put it on my feet. I found that both the shoes had some kind of bite in the toe area particularly on the right shoe. I did feel it when I began to walk. I went merrily went to a friend of mine to show him the shoe which were otherwise of a very fine quality and had decent look. But my right foot got trouble when the foot got much swelling. My mother applied some medicine on my foot. She gave it fermentation also. I was feeling excruciating pain. For three days I could not wear my shoe and remained confined at home. So the reward turned to be a trouble to me. This is one of the unforgettable experience of my life.

An unforgettable day of my life

Choosing Good Books to Read


Choosing Good Books to Read

A well – know writer Bacon says about books:

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewing and digested… “

A book is a bank of wonderful and groundbreaking thoughts. It contains the essence of the writer’s life and experience written in an enchanting language. When you examine an incredible writer, you feel yourself in his company and it changes your life amazingly.

Believe me, books are more faithful than human friends. We can always take advantage of their company whereas a sincere friend is not always available. Whenever I am in the dismal mood I can conveniently open some books and console my mind. A friend can desert to deceive me a book will always remain faithful. A paper has more patience than a human being. A noble friend can make your career and a fiendish friend will ruin it. Books are always similarly friends. A decent book can make you a great man someday while a bad one can influence you badly. Unfortunately these days it is very hard to find a good companion in the form of a human being. People then advice- “Better alone than in a bad company “. I such circumstances books can help a lot. Someone has rightly put it,

“My never failing friends are they
With whom I converse night and day”

Good books to read

Moreover, the explosion and dissemination of knowledge is a special feature of the modern era. Thousands of books have been and are progressively being published on the various branches of knowledge. The invention of the printing press has revolutionised the book world and it has spread knowledge swiftly like a bullet. This process is continuously going on.

The number of books in each field human study has now enormously increased that time has come and it is now inevitable also to develop a method about the right selection of books. Moreover, there is a larger reading public now. The reading public has a great variety of tastes. It is only natural that books should shape themselves after the tastes of the readers. Hence we find in the libraries or educational institutions many books of such a nature that a very few readers read and fewer still read profitably. There are books of permanent value as also books of temporary interest: good books or bad books. It depends on the reader to make a wise and judicious choice of books.

Good books to read

The value and importance of reading books have been recognized by all. Books containing gems of thoughts and pearls of wisdom. We read books for profit and pleasure. The lives and careers of great men have often been influenced by some great another person. Books contain a record of wonderful ideas and actions of great men. Even illiterate persons like Akbar loved books to be read out to them. Holy Quran was the greatest influence Allama Iqbal and Gita had the greatest influence on Gandhi. General Montgomery loved. to carry the biography of Oliver Cromwell in his pocket.

Choice of good books to read depends upon the individual taste and temperament. A person interested in fiction would take up the novels of Hardy, Dickens, Thackeray, Galsworthy, Arnold Bennett and Somerset Maugham. Students interested in philosophy and logic would love to read books of Plato and Socrates. In any public library, there is a large no of being on a variety of topics. Readers of mediocre intelligence do not know which book to read and which to avoid. Even beginners in any subject do not know the type of books they should read.

Good books to read

They are not well informed.

Their tastes have not developed. Nor do they know about the relative merits of books. To an average reader, one good book is as good as the other. The help of a librarian is required here.
It has been rightly said that the choice of books is as important as the choice of friends. One may quarrel with a friend and may part with him. But books have great patience than a man. There are few chances of a man brushing off the ideas that he has gleaned from a book. Written words have sanctity about them. It is very difficult to shake off their influence.
Books are good, great; bad and undesirable. Some books are dry as dust while others are quite interesting. The reader of an average intelligence leans towards interesting books. But it is not true to say that all the interesting books are good books. Some books which are actually dry have great intellectual appeal whereas interesting books tend to make us superficial and shallow.

It may not be possible to study all the books on a particular subject. The best thing would be to read the best books on that subject. We should be anxious to keep ourselves agrees with the general march of knowledge. A well-educated man must be well read in classics of a language, both in prose and verse. There was a time when young people were advised not to touch novels even with a pair of tongs. But now things have changed. It is considered useful to read novels, short stories and plays etc.
It is difficult to lay down any hard and fast rules that may be applied to the choice of books. Even the best public libraries have failed to evolve any clear formula for selecting the right kind of books. The broad principle is that we should choose to read widely in the department or discipline that most suits our tastes, or helps in our vocation or gives us the greatest profit.

Good books to read

Or consult your learned elders and buy some good books for you. You can also approach your school /college librarian, he will issue you a good book. He has experience in the right book for you. It is far better to study such books than sit idle at home.

Main Highlights of this post:

1. How to choose the right book to read?

2. Books as our companions.

3. Importance of books reading.

Travelling as a Part of Education


Bacon has aptly put it, that ‘travel in the younger sort is a part of education, in the elder a part of experience’. Sages has recommended travelling because it improves understanding through interaction and affords considerable pleasure to the mind as well.

Most of us have a desire to see a new place. Travelling may be regarded as a man’s desire for adventure and experience. It has great educational value as well. It is the means by which we can get knowledge at first hand. We usually never forget such knowledge. The value of travel is increasingly realised by schools and colleges. That is the reason schools and colleges send their students on your to places of historical and scientific interest.

Travelling as a part of EducationA visit abroad can be a source of more knowledge and instruction than any number of classroom lectures. Books and lectures need to be supplemented by travel. Travel is a very advantageous medium for education. Education is not confined to schools and colleges alone. The whole world is a big school. Travel brings us into contact with people of different shades of opinion. It takes us to places of beauty and charm.

Travel sharpens our observation. When we see new places, we come to know more about these places. Our curiosity about the unvisited places is the greatest. It is but natural that we are wide awake when we see a new sight. We are very receptive to new impressions.
Knowledge is a vast affair. It has to be acquired from every nook and corner of the world. Travel can make this possible. A person who travels undergoes a sort of moral and mental discipline. He grows kind, affectionate, tolerant and sympathetic. Moreover develops the mind, sharpens the senses and cultivates many good qualities. It enables us to have a broad outlook.
Travel enables one to see new countries, new people, and new ways of living. It is delightful to find ourselves in the midst of the people who speak different languages, who wear different clothes and who have different patterns of life. By going to different parts of the world we can come to know whether we are more advanced than others or backward. Travel gives opportunities to get first-hand information about every aspect of the life of different races.

Travel refreshes us a lot. It provides a good escape from the sameness of our routine lives. It brings a healthy and cheerful change to our minds and relaxes our bodies.

Travel takes us to places of historical and religious importance. An actual visit to the Taj Mahal is far better than a thousand descriptions of it in poetic prose. In the same way, a visit to the Pyramids of Egypt, to St. Paul’s Cathedral, London can be a more thrilling experience than reading about these monuments in books.
Moreover, a traveller sees nature in all its variety. He can see the ancient mountains with peaks almost touching the sky. The traveller can also feast his eyes on the beauty, charm and grandeur of nature as it shows itself in different parts of the world. Travel brings Life, Art, Nature – all within the horizon of the human mind.
The Government of India is fully conscious of the importance of travelling. A tourist department has been started with a view to encouraging tourism in India. Tourist guides are provided at all places of tourist importance. Rest houses for tourist are also built in many places.

World travel is a thrilling adventure. It is interesting as well as instructive. Travel takes us away at least for the time being from the monotony of daily life. It brings us into touch with the world at large.

Travelling as a part of Education

But travelling is very expensive. One is finding it very difficult to make both ends meet in these days of rising prices. A poor man cannot think of travelling for pleasure and profit. He has to look for a square meal in this country.

Travelling bestows the opportunity to observe the multiple customs, cultures and manners of different countries. In this way, we learn to appreciate good things of others and the prejudices and bias against them disappear. It gives a better understanding of other people besides make us able to have an objective and detached view of our own accomplishments. We are not only able to see ourselves but others as well in the real spirit of the word. Above all, we get encouragement and inspiration when we witness the advancement and progress made by others.

Those who remain confined within the four walls of the home are unable to keep themselves abreast with the movements and trends of world thoughts. Travelling boasts the spirit of enterprise, action and adventure. The people who never travel remain isolated, ignorant and lag behind others in the march of civilization. History is the witness that ignorant and coward people have been dominated and exploited by the enterprising and daring nations. The same is true for India too that our slavery was largely due to our ignorance, and isolation and superstitions. Travelling is an immense source of joy and pleasure.

Travelling as a part of Education

Science and technology have made travelling very easy, swift and comfortable. If variety is the spice of life travelling bestows us that variety. We experience multiple scenes of nature, various places, different types of men and women, and social and political institutions. The splendour and colourful beauty of nature have an ennobling impact upon us. Mountains covered in snow, dancing streams of water, a vast expanse of green wood, the sweet melody birds etc make us feel pleasure and admiration. They make us forget our meekness and elevate and purify our minds and souls.

Travelling as a part of Education

The magnetic beauties of nature have the power to deeply touch man and make him feel the wonders of the vast universe. Pit Travelling has great educational value for the youth. It teaches the lessons of joy, patience, and courage in confronting life’s discomforts and inconveniences. It also imparts the lesson of self – help and self – confidence. Travelling teaches sociability value and good humour. We are becoming tolerant, modest, self – confident. The freer relationship with others tends to make us broad-minded, accommodating, and truly smart.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones


Not so much time before, the mobile phone was considered a luxury thing and a commodity for the rich. Very few people could be seen talking on a mobile phone, perhaps one out of thousands the common people could not afford it. But now mobile phones are so common that they are hardly noticed by anyone. They can be seen in both young and old hands. Even boys and girls who go to school can be seen carrying in their hands mobile phones. These mobile phones have led to a communications revolution. They are one of modern science’s greatest blessings. But how we use this blessing — in a good or bad way — is in our own hands.


It is almost impossible to imagine our everyday lives without smartphones in today’s fast-moving and globalised world. It is one of the 20th century’s most successful inventions which has become a convenient means of communication. Modern smartphones perform so many other functions. They are the most beautiful and easy substitutes for devices like music players, video player, cameras, watches, calendars, reminders, organizers and what not. Most of them also provide Internet access and texting. This has brought revolution in the field of learning, research and entertainment. According to U.N. Telecom, the world had nearly 6 billion mobile phone users, with nearly 86 gadgets per 100 people.

It is a fact that modern people need smartphones in all circles of their lives – expert and individual. But, we don’t see how much we rely upon smartphones and what impacts they are overuse may bring.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone

There are some harmful impacts of mobile phones as well, which may be brought about by the radical use of smartphones. As per recent research, the most threatening issue is the association between mobile phones and cancer. Despite the fact that the information stays dubious, most researchers concur that there is a sure danger from utilizing smartphones excessively. It is accounted for, that people who talk or chat on the smartphones for a few hours daily are half bound to develop brain cancer. The explanation behind this is the radio waves produced by phones. It is determined, that consistently the human brain gets around 220 electromagnetic motivations, which are not really hurtful, yet which certainly influence the mind in instances of a delayed effect. Ongoing researches report two sorts of brain cancer may happen – glioma and acoustic neuroma. Aside from malignant growth chance, mobile phones badly impact our nervous system.

They may cause headaches, diminished attention, shortness of temper, sleep issues and above all depression generally among youngsters. It has been found that texting and playing games on smartphones are also harmful to eyes. Playing games on smartphones sometimes cause irritability and aggressiveness, especially among children and teenagers. Radio waves are obviously not the only reasons behind such manifestations. It is the tragic reality, that these days numerous individuals, particularly youth, experience absence of human contact, and they attempt to remunerate it by smartphones communication, which isn’t a fit substitute for personal intercourse. Adolescence isn’t a simple time of life, and around then a youngster is particularly vulnerable. In instances of unnecessary smartphone use, there is plausibility of getting to be dependent on the telephone; this present reality appears to blur at the cost of hours-long chats and hundreds of messages. These aspects cause mental issues, as people begin to feel uncomfortable in personal correspondence.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone

The world of today is a world of technology and inventions, and there are many tools that make our lives much easier. Smartphones play an important role in the progress and development of human civilization, but their excessive use brings with it serious problems. To reduce their harmful effects, it is important to remember that the smartphone is a friend, not a master and that it should never be used too much.

Often the people are seen using their mobile while driving. It is very dangerous to do so and many serious accidents have taken place as a result of this. A law has been made to prevent the use of mobile while driving. But this law is more often disobeyed than obeyed. The statistics provided by the traffic police clearly show that danger posed by the use of mobile has not come down in spite of the measures taken by the police. The mobile users themselves will have to realize the difficulties and dangers they cause not only to others but also to themselves. And those who break the law should be given a deterrent punishment so that it can serve as a lesson for others.

Thus, mobile phones have both advantages and disadvantages. It is in our hands how to use them. They can be used to benefit us or they can be used in the way that is harmful.

Time is Money Essay


“Time is money” is a much easier way to explain the concept of making the the best use of time because time is money.

“What of all things in the world is the longest and shortest, the swiftest, the slowest without which nothing can be done, which devour all that is little and enlivens all that is great? ” The answer must obviously read “Time”.

That is indeed man’s most precious asset, his richest legacy. Men waste it, regret the loss of it extends to infinity and it immortalises such actions as are truly great.

Even while writing this down, one is reminded of the innumerable men of yore who had realized the value of this great factor time. Time is like money, “the less we have of it to spare the further we make it go. “
This valuable maxim, indeed, illustrates our point beautifully, one of the most coveted possessions. If spent wisely, it brings great dividends to the investor. If just squandered away, it turns out to be a loss. Time is more than money. That is why it is said that we must catch time by the forelock.
However, isn’t it rather ironical and tragic that a handful of people make use of this invaluable asset? Indeed, “make use of it if you love eternity, yesterday cannot be recalled, tomorrow cannot be assured, only today is yours, which if you procrastinate, you lose, and which if lost is lost forever. One today is worth several tomorrows.”Let us, therefore, observe method in the distribution of our time. Every hour will then know its proper employment and no time will be lost. Idleness will be out at every avenue and with it the numerous bogies of vices that make up its train. This is one of the great truths on earth and the wise have always acknowledged it. It would, therefore, be in the fitness of things to close up this account with a quote from the Atharva Veda. “Time -all-pervading, omniscient, the creator and destroyer of all beings in the eternal house which pulls the chariot of the vast universe to carry the creatures to their destination.”

There is a famous and genuine saying that “Time and Tide waits for none” which implies time never sits tight for anybody. One needs to run with time side by side. Time is free of expense for everything except one can never offer it or purchase. It is unbounded means nobody can constrain the time to any boundation. It is the time which makes everybody move around. Nothing in this world can crush it or win from it. Time is called as the most powerful thing in this world which can make or mare anyone.

Time is exceptionally incredible; one can stoop down before it however never rout it. We are not able to quantify its potential because at some point just a single minute is sufficient to win though at some point it takes an entire life to win. One can be the richest in a moment and one can be poor in a minute. Just a single minute is sufficient to make a contrast between life and death. Every single minute brings bunches of brilliant opportunities to us, we simply need to comprehend the sign of time and use it.

Each minute is a major storage facility of the new shots in life. Thus, we never let go of such valuable time and make full use of it. In the event that we do late in understanding the worth and indication of time, we may lose both the golden chances and most valuable time from our life. It is the most essential truth of the life that we ought to never enable our golden time to pass far from us superfluously. We ought to use time decidedly and productively to go to our goal. The most ideal approach to use time in a valuable way, we should make a time table to do to everything at the proper time.

Time once lost cannot be recalled. We in India, according to Aldous Huxley, have not lost the fine of doing nothing. Like passive and unprotesting people, we wait for things to happen as we want them to. We do not make use of time. The is why we remain one of the poorest countries of the world.

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An Ideal Teacher Paragraph


An Ideal Teacher Paragraph

An ideal teacher is the most important member of the society. He is the real nation builder. He is expected to give correct guidance to the young folk. Above all a teacher should be a man of character, a man with good habits and manners as he serves as a model for his students. Simple living, high thinking and noble acting should be his watch word. An ideal teacher has an enviable personality. He is loving, cheerful and healthy. He spreads waves of affection and fine ideas around him. He seldom loses his temper. He wins the respect of his students by virtue of his fragrant personality. An ideal teacher knows something of everything and everything of something. He has an ample information about general affairs and he is a master of his own subject. He does not live from hand to mouth in academic matters. However, he prepares his lesson daily. If students come to him with their doubts he tries to satisfy them off. It is not enough for a good teacher to be master of the subject but he be master of the technique of teaching. He teaches through love rather than force or fear. He inspires the students with love for his subject and creates thirst for knowledge. He makes new knowledge interesting and purposeful. He must appeal to their sense of reason and discourage blindfold cram. His slogan is knowledge for the sake of knowledge and character building and not only for service or certificate.

An Ideal Teacher Paragraph

An Ideal Teacher

An ideal teacher is an asset to his educational institution, his state and his country. He is a true patriot. At the call of the country, he is prepared to sacrifice his life. An ideal teacher moulds an ideal student into an ideal citizen and an asset to the country. He can change the fate of the country. The future of the country is very bright in the hands of ideal teachers. There is a moral crisis in our country. Our leaders and administrative officers are corrupt. The country can be purged of such bad manners only if hard-working, honest and intelligent what are called ideal teachers come forward and produce ideal citizens. Under them the nation can attain the peak of greatness and glory. The future of the country definitely depends upon ideal teachers.

An Ideal Teacher Paragraph

With his polished manners and speech, he wins the heart of all. He has a good moral character. He is dependable person. He is honest and sincere. He removes bad manners that he finds in his students. He has an optimistic outlook on life. He does not waste his time in idle gossip. He is true gentleman. He never loses temper. He never punishes his students. He has always smile on his face. He teaches students with love and care. He is fair and square in his dealings with others too. He is always eager to help others. It is his to do a good turn to his students and others. India badly needs ideal teachers and they are very rare.

An Ideal Teacher Essay

An Ideal Student Essay


An Ideal Student Essay

An ideal student is the one who is an all-rounder. By all-rounder we mean one who is good at studies, play, and at home tasks. Discipline, obedience, respect for elders and hard work are his guiding principles. An ideal student rises early in the morning. He refreshes his body by going out for morning walk regularly. He understands that only a sound body can harbour a sound mind. He is not a mere bookworm but exposes himself to various plays and games. He is a adventure lover and this makes him enterprising. He never puts off any work for tomorrow because he believes in today. He values friendship and relationships. His good behaviour is a hallmark of his personality.He loves everyone and tries to be helpful to everyone. He goes to the library regularly and adds to his knowledge. He keeps a hobby and is interested in fine arts such at painting, music, sculpture and literature. He has a thirst for knowledge that he wants to quench by reading different books, thereby enriching his imagination. He is an embodiment of hard work, commitment and humility.

An Ideal Student Essay

Student age is the best part of life. He is quite carefree and enjoys life thoroughly, but this is also the period of training. A student should develop his all round personality and enjoy life as well. He should carefree but not careless. Finally, a student should pick up good manners. He is compared to blotting-paper. He tries to learn good things from every person.

Let him respect others so that they may love him and impart to him their knowledge.He learns from his teachers but believes more in self help. He takes a lot of help from libraries. He is eager to learn something of everything and everything of something. A good student maintains a fine circle of friends. He believes in simple living and high thinking. He does not waste his time and money in cinemas and hotels. He visits the playground regularly. An ideal student avoids anti-social and time killing activities. He abstains from drinking and smoking. He does not conspire with other students for strike or group fights. He does take part in some cultural activities like music, speeches and dramas. He passes his life according to set timetable.

An Ideal Student

An ideal student is source of delight to his parents. He does not waste the hard earned money of his parents. He is respectful to his teachers as well. He considers his teachers his true guides. He is full conscious that his teachers have his welfare at heart. The teachers are proud of an ideal student. He is the hope of the nation. He is the future leader of the nation.

An ideal student has a fixed goal in life. He works regularly towards the achievement of his aim. He does not work by fits and starts. Difficulties of life do not dampen his spirit. He takes all the inconveniences in his stride. He is quite aware of the fact that he will be able to achieve anything in life by hard-work, patience and perseverance.

Good Readability Tips: Readability Checker, Readability score, Test



Your visitors love readable texts. The same is true for Google also. People visit your site for some solution or to gain insight about something. But when they find it hard to read and understand, they leave the page to some other site that meets his need in an easier way. It may look impressive with hard words and long phrases but it will not impress Google or your visitors. So, the question of what does make the reading text easy. In this post, I gonna to discuss some important things which should be kept in mind while writing the text. After writing your copy you should check its readability by using appropriate Readability Checker and find the readability score.

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Readability Checker

Readability Matters

Why Readable Text

It is paramount to create compelling content that your visitors can easily understand. Many studies have shown you have less than 30 seconds to impress new vision to solve their questions and meet their needs.

If the reader can not understand the text you have written, he or she will end up with an unsatisfied visitor. There are chances that he will bounce back to Google to search for better text. That is why the readability test is must.

Nowadays everything is changing. The Google algorithm is now trying to read text like a human being and the day is not far when this will happen. As soon as Google becomes more efficient of understanding and searching texts in a human-like manner, the importance on the readability of text also grows.

The voice searches are growing bigger. Therefore, Google prefers the text which is easily understandable. As we know Google directs the search results and the algorithm, we have to make sure to go with it. Above all, it is a nice thing. The readable text is a blessing for the people.

Let’s explain this briefly. If you write a long paragraph comprised of difficult sentences and containing many intricate words that are read out loud, will it be easily possible for Google to understand it? The voice result would become almost impossible to understand. Google doesn’t like the text like that, neither in voice results nor in test results. Can you still say why you should use Readability Checker to find the readability scores of your written copy. There are many readability checkers available online and many of them are free. Here is one for you. Check your readability and find your readability score.

Check Readability of Your Text

Use Simple Word

Walt Whitman has rightly put it “Simplicity is the glory of expression”. If you will write your content in simple words, the readers cannot find it hard to understand. They will enjoy reading. Not only this they will become returning visitors of you site. However, if you will write your text in difficult words, the readers will find it hard to understand, with the result he will leave to other site. The reason is simple.There is a great choice of information available online about everything. The reader will definitely select the one which is more readable and easier. For example,I have rewritten the current paragraph in fairly difficult text as follows.Check readability of both paragraphs. Which one will you prefer?

Readability score

Readability score

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Walt Whitman has rightly put it “Simplicity is the glory of expression”. On the off chance that you will compose your substance in basic words, the perusers can not discover hard to get it. They will appreciate perusing. Not just this they will visit your site or read your books over and over. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you will compose your content in troublesome words, the perusers think that it’s difficult to appreciate with the outcome they will lean toward other sites on the grounds that there is a great deal of data accessible about everything without exception. It implies there are incredible choices and the perusers will choose the one which is progressively discernible and less demanding.

Readability Test

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Prefer Short Sentences

Why to write the text using a lot of conjunctions coordinating or subordinating which create trouble for readers to read it? If you can write your text in short sentences, you should avoid using too many complex sentences. However, it doesn’t mean you should not use them at all. They are there in language and why they are there is simply because they add some beauty to language. They help in providing a lively description and deep elaboration. So you should prefer to write your text in short sentences and wherever necessary you should not hesitate to use long sentences.

The Impact of Short Sentences. When you write the text in short sentences, it creates punch and forceful impact on the readers of the text. There is a sort of natural relief after a sentence. The quick pause gives the reader time in which to think what is said. Using another short sentence gives the reader more time to pause and consider what is being said, creating an incredible impact. It is so. Believe me!

Use of Transitional Words

The use of transition wordsis very important to make the text greatly readable and add in its clearness. You should arrange your text properly. There must be a logical sequence of thought throughout and each sentence must lead on smoothly to the next. For that purpose, every sentence of the text should be closely connected. This largely depends upon the way in which words and phrases are used. Transitional words like however, although, but, next, etc contribute the unity and coherence of the text. They increase the logical arrangement of the text and readability by enhancing the connection between thoughts. They indicate the relations within the text in a sentence, paragraph or article. In this way, they help the readers to read the text more smoothly and simultaneously makes the reader flow more smoothly from one point to the next.



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Prefer Active Voice

If you want to make your text more powerful, more direct, you should prefer active voice. The passive voice conceals the identity of the doer of the action, makes the sentence a little longer, can be vague and lead to a tangle of prepositional expressions. Experts are of the view that you should use less than twenty per cent of passive voice if needed. I don’t know why but the passive voice is often maligned by Grammarly as a bad writing habit. Keeping all things aside, I believe that the passive voice exists there for some purpose, in fact, for many purposes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It is a correct grammatical structure that is perfectly acceptable in all varieties of English. Thus, using passive voice is sometimes a good idea and you should not hesitate to use them. There are sometimes good reasons to use the passive voice.

1. When you want to emphasize the action rather than the actor:
After the threadbare discussion, the proposal was endorsed by the committee.

2. When you want to hide the name of the actor or when you don’t know the actor.

The facts were misinterpreted.

He was diagnosed as having cancer.

3. When you want to create an authoritative tone.

Nobody cans permitted tan o to enter the premises.

4. When the recipient of action is the point of focus.

The telephone was invented by Bell.

Use The Narrow Compass of Words

“As when the rays of sun are collected into the focus of a burning glass, the smaller they spot is, which receives them, compared with their surface of the glass, the greater is splendour; so, in exhibiting our sentiments by speech, the narrower the compass of words is ,wherein the thought is comprised, the more energetic is the Impressions.” – Campbell

All of us know that economy is exalted above extravagance in all spheres of life. Keeping aside other spheres for a moment, economy of verbal expression is considered as one of the great virtues of great writing as it bestows precision, conciseness, intensity and effectiveness. It also at the same time eliminates all wastefulness and diffusion. When one word or phrase serves the purpose at hand, why stretch out you statement unnecessarily with wasteful and tedious use of words. You should have the knowledge of those words which are epitomised symbols of elaborative and expanded statements. English abounds in such words. The word ‘sinecure’ contains the idea which took a score of words and expressions. From the following examples,you can yourself decide which is is better way to impress the readers:

Audience Or Assembly of hearers
Annually: Happening every year
Accessible Or Capable of being approached
Aggregate Or Collect in one body
Abrogate Or Repeal of law
Auction Or Public sale by bidding
Assent Or to give on consent
Bankrupt Or one who can not pay off his debts
Bureaucracy Or Government by officials
Colleagues Or Men working in the same department
Coerce: Forcefully make a person to do something.

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Write the Text Appealing to More Senses

The text should be presented in a very convincing manner. You should try to appeal as many of reader’s sense as possible- hearing, seeing, smell, touch and taste. If for example, you are describing your visit to Kashmir, you should try to convey the natural scenery, the fragrant calm of Mughal gardens, and the various emotions experienced by you.

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How to Write a Paragraph

How to Write a Paragraph: A step-by-step guide

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A well-developed academic paragraph can be hard to write. The following is a recipe for drafting, extending, improving and describing your ideas so that you can write clearly, well-developed paragraphs and discussion posts.

How to Write a Paragraph

How to Write a Paragraph

Step 1: Decision on your paragraph topic

You should know what you are writing before you start writing. First of all, look immediately at the assigned topic or writing prompt. Note all key terms or repeated phrases as soon as you see them because you want to use them in your response. Then ask yourself:

• What topic have I to write about?

• What do I already know about this topic?

• If I do not know how to answer this assignment, where can I go to find some answers?

• What does this prompt mean to me? How am I related to it?

After looking at the topic and following some extra reading and research, you should better understand your assignment and what you need to talk.

Step 2: Development of a subject sentence

Before writing the paragraph, first of all, it is necessary to think about the topic and then what you want to say about this topic. Most often, the topic is simple, but the question turns into what you want to say about the topic. This concept is sometimes called controlling idea.

Strong paragraphs are usually about one important idea or topic, which is often described clearly in a subject sentence. Good topics always have both
(1) a topic and
(2) a controlling idea.

The Topic -The paragraph contains a major theme or idea that is discussed in the paragraph

Controlling idea – This idea focuses on the theme by providing direction to the paragraph.

Read the following topic sentences. All of them contain a topic and a controlling idea. When your paragraph contains a clearly described topic like one of the following, your readers will know what is expected and, therefore, understand your thoughts better.

Examples of topical sentences

• There are many benefits of online education.

• Effective leadership needs specific features that anyone can develop.
• People can avoid smoking by taking some precautions.

Step 3: Demonstration of Your Point

After describing your topic sentence, you need to provide information and description to explain, and/or clarify your viewpoint.

Ask yourself:

• What best examples can I use to support my point?

• What information can I provide to explain my thoughts?

• How can I support my view with specific data, experiences, or other realistic content?

• What information does the reader need to know to see my point?

Here is a list of the kinds of information you can add to your paragraph:

• Facts, subtleties, reasons, examples

• Information from the readings or class talks

• Paraphrases or short citations

• Statistics, surveys, rates, information from research studies.

• Personal experience, stories, accounts, models from your life Sometimes, including transitional or introductory expressions like: for instance, for example, first, second, or last can help direct the reader. Likewise, ensure you are referring to your sources properly.

Step 4: Give Your Paragraph Meaning

After you have given the reader enough data to see and comprehend your point, you have to clarify why this data is applicable, important, or interesting.
Ask yourself:

• What does the given data mean?

• How can it relate with your general point, contention, or postulation?

• Why is this data critical/noteworthy/significant?

• How does this data relate with the assignment or course I am taking?

Stage 5: Concluding the Paragraph

After describing your point with pertinent data, include a concluding sentence. Concluding sentences connect one section to the following and provide another tool for helping you guarantee your passage is bound together. While not all sections incorporate a closing sentence, you should always think about one which is suitable.

Concluding sentences have two critical jobs in paragraph writing:
➡ First, they draw together the data you have introduced to expound your controlling idea by
• Summarizing the point(s) you have made.
• Repeating words or expressions from the topic sentence.
• Using linking words that demonstrate that ends are being drawn (e.g., therefore, consequently, resulting).

➡ Second, they frequently connect the present paragraph to the following passage. They may foresee the topic sentence of the following passage by:
• Introducing a word/expression or new idea which will at that point be gotten in the topic sentence of the following section.
• Using words or expressions that point ahead (e.g., the following, another, other).

Step 6: Look Over and Proofread

The last important step in the great paragraph is editing and correction. Before you present your composition, investigate your work at least one more time. Read your passage aloud so anyone can hear to ensure it makes sense well. Moreover, put forth these questions to yourself:

• Does my passage answer the prompt and bolster my assignment?

• Does it bode well? Does it use the appropriate scholarly voice?

Proofreading And Editing Strategies

Many students do not realize that the final stages of the writing process are proofreading and editing. Every task– a discussion board post, essay, proposal, etc. – should be reviewed and edited before it is submitted to the instructor. There are some revision and editing strategies that work well to guide you in this process:

➡ Take a break.

Allow yourself some time to read and write. Even a five- minute break can be productive because it allows you to distance yourself from what you wrote so that you can return to your paper with a fresh eye and mind.

➡ Read out loud.

When you read aloud what you have written by yourself, you can catch both grammatical errors and awkward organization or ideas.

➡ Involve other people.

If you ask a friend or family member to read your paper, you will have a different view of your writing. A new reader can also help you to catch errors you may have overlooked.

➡ Run the check of the spell.

The Microsoft Word Spell Check function can help you quickly detect spelling and grammar errors in the Word document. You can also use Grammarly to discover your mistakes.

Sample Paragraph

Afforestation and its Uses

Afforestation means planting more and more trees. Trees are very important. They give us many amenities. If we want to live happily, we have to preserve our forests. It is time to remind ourselves of our dependence on the forest. Where would be the modern man without wood? Even the most cursory look at your surroundings in enough to show its importance. Most of the furniture, homes and offices are more or less made up of wood. Many tools like boxes, vessels, bridges and other implements are made up of wood. The benefits of trees are unlimited. Can you imagine life without paper? The life would be halted without paper which is also obtained from the trees. Not only this there are so many other useful things like medicines, rubber and wax which are a few out of limitless blessings obtained from the trees. Trees further bestow us firewood which is called the best friend of the poor. Above all, trees also protect our environment and make it beautiful. They maintain environmental balance and decorate our surroundings with lush greenery and keep it afresh.

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