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In this section, you will find the amazing short stories that own the power to change your behaviour in a positive direction.

A Phone Call to a Daughter

A phone call to a daughter (A short story) ======================================= It was a cold January evening. The environment in the hospital was like the silence before a cyclone. As a nurse, I stood in the nurses’ station on the 7th floor and looked at the clock. It was 9:00 P.M.…

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The Secret to Survive

Ask Your Question? The Secret to Survive (A True story) ===================================== There was a Jew in Crown Brooklyn, New York. His name was Yankel. He had a bakery there. Once upon a time, he was a victim of cruel Nazi camps of Hitler. He frequently tells his story to other…

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How to Poison Your Mother-in-law?

Poisoning Mother-in-law (A Chinese story)==================================This is a beautiful story of a girl and her mother-in-law.The girl named Li-Li lived in China a long time ago. She got married and went to live with her husband and mother-in-law. Li-Li found in a very short time that she couldn’t live with her…

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A Secret of Happiness  (A small story)

A Secret of Happiness (A small story) ====================================== Sharon was a lovely, rich and expensively dressed lady. She felt she was empty and worthless throughout her life. After her husband died, it had no meaning. In the big house, she became alone. All her cars, her house, her expensive furniture,…

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Some Bricks are Soft

Some Bricks are Soft ( A short story ) ==================================== Mr John is very happy. Because today he is going to his office by his newly bought costly car. He is very enthusiastic to show his new car to his office friends. He started the car and going on the…

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How are you building your life?

How are you building your life? (A short story) ===================================== An elderly carpenter was ready to retire. He has a student who has been learning carpentry at him for a long time. One day the carpenter called his student and told him “I’m going to stop my profession. Till today…

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