This category includes NCERT Solutions for class 11th English based on JK BOSE CBSE syllabus

Where The Mind is Without Fear by Rabindranath Tagore|Summary and Questions and Answers

Rabindranath Tagore is one of the best Indian writers. The poem "Where the mind is without fear" was written during the time when India was struggling to free itself from British rule. In this poem, he expresses his love for his country and prays to the Almighty for his well-being. The poem was written in one sentence. Metaphor and personification have been used in different parts of the poem.
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A Photograph By Shirley Toulson – Summary, Explanation, Analysis and Solved Questions | Class 11 English Hornbill | CBSE / JK BOSE

A Photograph By Shirley Toulson Introduction: When you look at an old photograph it brings back memories of past events, experiences, joys, sorrows, etc. People become older with the passage of time, they might become unrecognisable due to wrinkles, posture or greying hair. You may laugh at the photograph nostalgically,…

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