Category Literary Terms

Literary terms are words used in, and having specific meaning in discussion, review, criticism and classification of literary works such as stories, poetry, drama, and essays. There is no authorized list of such words. Words that are used frequently for the purposes described above come to be recognized as literary terms. Literary terms are words such as personification, simile, hyperbole, metaphor, and so on.

Characteristics of Metaphysical Poets

Characteristics of Metaphysical Poets Metaphysical poets belonged to the 17th century. The works of the metaphysical poets are marked by philosophical exploration, colloquial diction, ingenious conceits, irony and metrically flexible lines. They wrote poems on love, religion and mortality. The metaphysical poets described these topics through unusual comparisons, frequently employing…

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Characteristics of a Short Story

A short story is prose, which is distinct from longer narratives such as epic, novels, and romance. It is essentially concerned with a single effect conveyed in a single episode or scene and involves a limited number of characters. A short story can have even one character and in more avant-garde examples, there need not be even a plot or a character.
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