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In this section, readers can find lessons regarding grammatopics.

It is the knowledge of grammar that can teach us how to write correctly and speak correctly. Flowery expression or effective expression may not be grammatically correct. So grammar is the root and expression is the fruit. In this section you will find the posts that have been introduced to make the subject more comprehensive and grammar oriented

Interjections – Definition and Useful Examples

Interjections We have all learned different parts of speech like nouns, verbs,  adjectives etc. These are the common ones of the lot. Interjections are relatively lesser known. The term may sound unfamiliar to some but it is something that each one of us uses on a daily basis. Interjections are words which help a person to communicate…

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10 Most important Grammar Rules in English

Important Grammar Rules There are numerous Grammar rules in English. Most of the times remembering those rules get really difficult.   So instead of following many rules and making the construction of a proper statement more complicated than necessary, follow these ten important rules of grammar. These grammar rules will help you…

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Articles – Concept, Types, Uses and Examples

Articles Articles – An Introduction Articles are a special case of demonstrative determiners or demonstrative adjectives that assign specificity to a noun or pronoun. Like any other determiner or adjective, articles are used exclusively for nouns, and are influenced by them alone, save for some examples where an adjective precedes a noun. At the end of this…

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Adjectives – Definition, Types and Examples

Adjectives – Definition and Concept An adjective is defined as the part of speech that describes or modifies a noun or a pronoun. This is the longest flight of stairs I have ever seen. We wish that your time here be The video footage was dismissed as circumstantial The adjective longest describes the collective noun flight, the adjective productive describes the common noun time and…

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