Spring in Kashmir Essay

Spring in Kashmir

The queen of seasons and the blend of natural colour and costume; spring is welcomed everywhere. But in Kashmir, it has its own charm and elegance. It comes breaking the spell of chilly dull winter and infuses new life into everything.

Nature is in the prime of its youth during this season. It‘s a season of natural majesty, glamour, and colourfulness. The land of Kashmir seems to be a painting of colourful views. The fields and meadows look beautiful green carpets. Green grass covers hills and plains of the valley. Everywhere one observes plenty of blossoms.

With the increase in temperature first wild flowers bloom. Then comes the turn of mustered fields which present a charming sight. The cherry, almond and apricot trees bloom at a time to add to the beauty of the spring. It is followed by apple and pear blossoms. The blooming flowers fill the air with fragrance. The bare trees wear lush green leaves to present a soothing sight. Petals fly in air and dart about to create an eye-catching view.

Migratory birds (like Siberian cranes) from distant countries come to join the native ones to sing melodious tones in rapture. There is music everywhere. They add to the beauty of spring by their charming colours. One feels joyous to watch them flitting about.

The snow on mountains starts melting and the water level in the streams, springs, and rivers rises.

The murmuring sound of this water is quite sweet and charming.

Trade and other activities become brisk. The hustle and bustle start again. Farmers start sowing seeds and thus get engaged in their seasonal work. Visitors from all over the world visit Kashmir to enjoy the beauty of the paradise on earth. They spend a lot of money here. It gives an economic boost to people related to tourism. Picnics, excursions, and outings are a common phenomenon as the local people are also over-zealous in enjoying spring.

How can one resist the temptation of the perfect blend of colour and freshness called spring? According to Emperor Jahangir; ‗If a roasted bird is brought to Kashmir, it will come out with wings and feathers.



The axing down of the trees in an unprecedented ruthless manner has the end result as a change from a lush green land to a desert condition which can only partly be retrieved even after the investment of strenuous efforts.

Forests are one of the greatest blessings of nature. The beautiful earth would have been devoid of its charm in the absence of forests. It would have been bald, abominable and threatening.

Forests are of great advantage to humans, birds beasts, reptiles, and animals. They are primarily responsible for fore keeping the ecological balance intact the clean the atmosphere by absorbing harmful gases and keep a balance of oxygen with other gases. They make the air cool around them. This coolness makes the water vapor in the air heavier and causes clouds to rain down. The areas where there are no or few trees such as Sudan and Ethiopia, often go dry. They suck huge quantity of rainwater that in turn results in springing out of springs and wells. They prevent soil erosion and as a result, not only our hills and mountains and the top productive soil remain un-affected but floods are also prevented.

Forests provide us fuel and timber. They have been playing a tremendous and commendable role in our progress. They provide us with a bonanza of useful herbs and other medicinal plants. The leaves of some trees are used as fodder for animals. They provide us gums, and rubber, etc. Forests are the habitats of precious, useful beautiful and mighty wildlife. They provide shelter to pheasants, ferocious beasts and mammoth beautiful animals and birds.

Forests are a great blessing of Nature. They are really green gold. They must be conserved and preserved. We must shun the ruthless chopping down of forests.


Forests are one of the greatest blessings of nature. The beautiful earth would have been devoid of its charm in the absence of forests. Life on earth would have been dull and threatening. Forests are of great advantage to the humans, birds, beasts, reptiles and other animals. They are primarily responsible for maintaining ecological balance in tact. They clean the atmosphere by absorbing harmful gases and keep a balance of oxygen with other gases. They make the air cool around them. This coolness makes the water vapour in the air heavier and causes clouds to rain down. The areas where there are no or few trees such as Sudan and Ethiopia often go dry.

Trees suck huge quantity of rain water that in turn results in springing out of springs and wells. They prevent soil erosion and as a result not only our hills and mountains and the top productive soil remain unaffected but floods are also prevented.

Forests provide us fuel and timber. They have been playing a tremendous and praise worthy role in our progress. They provide us a lot of useful herbs and other medicinal plants. The leaves of some trees are used as fodder for animals. They provide us gums, and rubber etc. Forests are the habitats of precious, useful, beautiful and mighty wild life. They provide shelter to birds, beasts and many other beautiful animals.

Forests are a great wealth of nature. They are really green gold. They must be conserved and preserved. We must avoid the merciless cutting of forests.

A Visit To a Health Resort Essay

A Visit To A Health Resort In Kashmir


A Visit To Pahalgam

Kashmir is known as the paradise on the earth. The westerners call it the Switzerland of Asia. But those who have seen Switzerland find it more beautiful. It is a land of many splendors and surprises. Its scenic beauty, bracing climate, soothing atmosphere, clear cool waters, serpentine rivers, the babbling brooks, freshwater lakes, and snow-clad mountains, exercise a great charm on people.

Kashmir abounds in bewitching sights and idyllic scenes. There are many health resorts in Kashmir such as Gulmarg, Tangmarg, Yousmarg, Sonamarg, Kokernag, Verinag, etc and above all Pahalgam. It was 21 July 2009, when our school arranged for an excursion to Pahalgam we were informed beforehand and early in the morning, the next day we set out for Pahalgam. We reached Pahalgam at about 10 o‘clock. We went straight to the club and pitched a light tent in the park in front of the club. We were allowed a time period of one hour for strolling. I, with my two more friends, proceeded towards the river Liddar. We sat on its bank for about half an hour. The cool and refreshing air brought new life to us. The water was delightfully cool and clear, we were tempted by the cool water to have a quiet bath in the river. We then returned to our tent and had our lunch. We enjoyed the rare exotic delicacies prepared with extra care by our mothers at home.

After that, we moved towards the amusement park. We enjoyed a lot inside. Then we had a walk through the beautiful gardens around. We were simply charmed to see the beauty of the landscape. The gentle breeze refreshed us.

After that, we hired ponies and went to Baiseren. We saw nature in all her glory there. We passed through a thick jungle surrounded on three sides with snow-capped mountains. The ground below was carpeted with beautiful velvet-like green grass. Near the top, we picked snow, turned it into snowballs and threw at each other. After returning from the hills, we had cups of coffee and sweets We returned to our homes at about 6:30 p.m. The memorable scenes of Pahalgam still haunt my imagination.

My Hobby Essay

My Hobby

The word “hobby” literally means an activity that is undertaken for the sake of engagement and pleasure during free time. Man has a willingness to keep himself engaged even in his free time to escape the dullness of idleness and to have some recreation. Such an activity is called a hobby. It is a good means to have (diversion) detachment from the worldly affairs. It provides a sort of peace to tired minds. In the present age, most people have selected their hobbies according to their tastes and temperaments. Stamp collecting, photography, reading books, listening to the radio, watching T.V., coin collecting, gardening, etc are some of the most common hobbies.

I, too, have selected a hobby for myself and it is gardening. I have a natural desire to spend my rare free hours in the company of sympathetic nature. I have a small plot of land at the back of my house. I have turned it into a beautiful garden.

I have planted evergreen plants and fruit trees around it.

I have grown in it multicolored flowers and vegetables of different varieties. I feel pleased, relaxed and refreshed by the fragrance of its flowers, and musical sound of the leaves and the greenery of the lush green turf patches.

Almost every day I spend my leisure time in my garden. I water the plants and remove the unwanted weeds from the beds. I trim the plants and broom the garden from dirt and dust.

Both the flower beds and the vegetable beds are equally cared, reared and nurtured. I take proper care of the plants and make use of adequate fertilizers and pesticides in my garden. This has helped my garden to (grow) healthy and fresh vegetables and a variety of colorful flowers. Thus, I am able to satisfy some timely needs from my garden.

My hobby gives me a lot of fun and delight. It is really health-giving. I would like to pursue it all my life ―What is life if there is no time to stand and stare!

Insurance: Definition, Types, Functions and Importance


Insurance is a way or mechanism of transferring the insurable risk to an insurance company for a price called premium such that in the event of a loss, the insurance company will compensate the policyholder (individual or company) as per the terms set out in the insurance contract.

• Insurance works by creating a pool of homogenous risks from which the losses of the unlucky few are paid for by the premiums of the pool of risks from different policyholders.

• In the pool, each policyholder is charged a price that is equal to the level of risk that their property brings to that pool.

• Insurance as an industry is important to individuals, organizations and society as a whole.

Functions of Insurance

This refers to how insurance operates to manage the risks. The risks are transferred to the insurer by various individuals or organizations that are willing to pay up premium. The insurer has the responsibility of creating a financial pool out of which the few who suffer losses are compensated. There are three main functions of insurance and these are:

Risk transfer

It is a mechanism by which the financial consequences of an event are shifted from one party to another. Take an example of a property owner (landlord) asking a tenant to sign a tenancy agreement that holds the tenant responsible for any losses arising from the building catching fire.

Creation of a common pool
Insurance operates on the premise of large numbers where the insurer takes contributions in the form of premiums from individuals, corporate companies, government agencies/departments, non-government organizations, and business entities exposed to similar or homogeneous risks and creates a common pool/fund from which the insurer pays the few who suffer losses.

As in the example above, the insurance company would create a pool of residential house owners since they are exposed to similar or homogenous risks like theft, escape of water from its normal confines (tap and sink).

Equitable premium

It is a fair premium collected from members of a common pool that reflects the risk exposure that each of their risks brings to the pool. For example, a person proposing to insure a grass-thatched house would be charged a higher premium than that of a person proposing to insure an iron-roofed house.

Equitable premium should take into consideration the risk profile (frequency and severity of the risk) being passed onto the pool.

Each of the house owners in the example above would be charged premiums depending on a number of factors that include the location of the house, security systems installed, nature of the contents inside the house, etc. such that a house in upmarket Kololo and Naguru hills will be charged fairly lower on the factor of high security as compared to a house in the neighborhood of Bwaise where the chance of theft or burglary is close to 100% in a period of one year.

Importance of Insurance to an individual

• Insurance provides security and safety. For instance, where cover is taken for the assets of the business, the sole proprietor is guaranteed compensation in the event that they caught fire and that indemnification would safeguard the existence and continuity of the business.

• Insurance affords peace of mind. The major objective of any insurance cover is to provide peace of mind in the assurance that your losses have been taken care of by the insurance company and you will not need to deep into your pocket to cater for any expenses resulting thereof from the insured event

• Insurance protects mortgaged property. Where the individual uses the owned assets as collateral in a bank, the insurance company will have to state the interest of the specific bank/lender such that in the event of loss of the property through say accidental fire, then the insurance company will compensate the bank.

• Insurance eliminates dependency. This is better demonstrated for health funeral, and life insurance covers. For example in the event of a terminal illness, the insured will be compensated up to a limit that would help fend for his family without necessarily burdening the other family members

• Life assurance encourages savings profitable investment since premiums are usually paid on a monthly basis and that pool of money can then be used to invest in profitable ventures for higher returns.

Importance of Insurance to a Business/Company

• Uncertainty of business losses is reduced

• Business efficiency is increased since insurance compensation provides the necessary funds for business continuity

• Keyman indemnification In a company that has key employees with exceptional leadership, managerial and technical skills, the business will take up Keyman insurance such that in the event that it loses him/her to death, then the compensation shall be used to hire another of similar or related skills without having to incur extra costs say in recruitment.

• Enhancement of credit since the insurance policy can act as collateral for loans.

Importance of insurance to the economy

• The wealth of society is protected; e.g., the loss/damage of property by fire or accident can be well indemnified by property insurance.

• Insurance contributes to the economic growth of a country when, for instance, the pooled funds are deposited with commercial banks are accessed by borrowers to invest in the economy.

• The insurance industry creates jobs for insurance professionals.

The various types of risk

The various types of risk which we are exposed to are dynamic risk, static risk, fundamental risk, particular risk, pure risk, and speculative risk and there are life and general insurance available to cover us from such risks. Different types of insurance organizations have been formed to protect us from different kinds of risks. In this lecture, we will study the different types of Insurance organizations as well as the need and purpose of insurance.


Let us continue this topic with the discussion on different types of insurance organizations. With the advancement in insurance practices, different forms of insurance organizations emerged and these different forms of insurance organizations are self-insurance, individual insurer, partnership, joint stock companies, mutual companies, cooperative insurance organizations, Lloyd’s associations and state insurance.

Let us proceed our discussion with self-insurance, In the words of M.N Mishra-

In case of self-insurance, the person saves some fund periodically to meet the risk.

Though it is termed as insurance but it is not insurance because the burden of payment at the time of loss is not distributed amongst number of individuals. In this case, the insured becomes his own insurer but self-insurance may be good in case of operating several properties like house, factories, machines, motor vehicle, etc. It is good where risks are greater at one place and lesser at the other place. Self-insurance is better for ship owners but it is not ideal where risk can be easily estimated. The next type of insurance organization is individual insurer; an individual like other business can perform the job of insurer if he has adequate resources and talent to conduct the insurance business, such insurers are rarely found. The next type of insurance organization is partnership, in order to earn profit; partnership firms can carry out the insurance business.

It is to be noted that partnership firm is not a distinct entity than its partners composing it so the liability of the partners may be unlimited. It was popular before the joint stock companies came into existence.


So students, let us continue our discussion on the different types of insurance organizations, the next type of insurance organization is joint stock companies
The shareholders are the real owners of the joint stock companies. Shareholders subscribe necessary capital to start the business and then they share the profit mutually. The management of the company is the responsibility of the board of directors elected by the shareholders amongst themselves; there is a memorandum of association and article of association framed by the members. The joint stock companies can operate insurance business but the policyholders have nothing to do with the management of the joint stock companies. But in case of life insurance policy, the policyholders may share some portion of the profit of the company in the form of bonus.

The next type of insurance organization is mutual companies. In the words of M.N. Mishra, “the mutual companies with cooperative associations formed for the purpose of effecting insurance on the property of its members.”

The policyholders were also the shareholders and each member was both insurers as well as insured, the expenses were less because they considered it as their own company, the members participated in the management and shared the profit. If the income was more than the expenses, then it was used as saving and the premium was reduced in that case. The other type of insurance organization is the cooperative insurance organization, these are the concerns which are incorporated or registered under the Indian cooperative society’s act 1938. This act provides special provisions to these concerns but after nationalization, the societies were seized.

These concerns are also known as cooperative insurance society. Unlike mutual companies, these concerns are also not for profit organizations, the main aim of mutual companies is to provide insurance and protect its members at the lowest cost. The next type of insurance organization is Lloyd’s association, it was named after coffee house of Edward Lloyd, where underwriters assembled to transact business and to pick up news. It is the oldest form of insurance organization, the individual insurers, in this case, are known as underwriters or syndicates, if an individual wants to be a member of Lloyd’s association, then he has to deposit a particular amount of fee as security for regular payment of his liabilities. The association is merely a guiding and controlling body.

The other types of insurance organization is state insurance. In this case, the government owns and runs the insurance business and it does so for the benefit and welfare of the society. Particularly the life insurance is in control of the government, in India the life insurance business was nationalized in the year 1956 and the general insurance was nationalized in the year 1971. The insurance business in India is under the control of the central government through different types of insurance organizations.

Insurance need and importance


Now let us discuss the various insurance organizations in India. Departmental organizations, corporations, and government companies are mainly the three types of organizations that are active in the insurance business in India.

Let us discuss the departmental organizations, departmental insurances are prevalent in the different departments of the central and state governments, for example, the state government of different states in India may provide life insurance to their respective employees. It may also provide sickness, maternity, disability, medical and pension insurance to its respective employees.

The other type of organization is corporations, there are basically four different types of corporations which are dealing in insurance business in India and these are Life insurance Corporation of India or the LIC, the general insurance corporation of India, the employee’s state insurance corporation and the deposit insurance corporation. Life Insurance Corporation was established under the Life Insurance Corporation of India act of 1956; all the Life insurance businesses including the annuities in India are owned by LIC. The next category is the General Insurance Corporation of India, it was established under the general insurance corporation of India act 1972, it is composed of 4 companies and these 4 companies are National Insurance Companies limited, New India Insurance Companies Limited, Oriental Fire and General Insurance Companies Limited, United India Fire and General Insurance Companies limited. These companies work separately in their area of business but are owned and controlled by the general insurance corporation of India. The next category of insurance organization in India is employee’s state insurance corporation, it was established in the year 1948, it provides social insurance to the laborers of factories who get less than Rs. 400 per month as wages. They are provided assistance in sickness, disability, maternity, medical expenses and assistance to their dependents is also provided.

The next category of insurance organizations in India is Deposit Insurance Corporation; it was established in the year 1962 and it provides protection to the depositors of the banks, in case if the bank fails, then the depositors can get their deposits back up to Rs. 10,000. The last category of insurance organizations in India is government companies, such companies were established by the government as per the provision of the company’s act, Export Risk Insurance Corporation was established to ensure against the export risk in the year 1957, later in the year 1964, its name was converted into export credit and guarantee corporation, so these were the various insurance organizations available in India.

Insurance types, benefits, purpose,


We need insurance because we are exposed to various kinds of risks and the purpose of insurance is to protect us from the loss caused due to those risks. Insurance plays a significant role in the development of the nation’s economy by providing the capital and it converts the uncertainty into certainty and thus brings mental peace to the individuals. Insurance companies evaluate the amount of loss and provide the amount to the insured to recover from the loss, the need and purpose of insurance can be understood through the different viewpoints, these different viewpoints are individual’s viewpoint, viewpoint of business and industry and the viewpoint of the society.

Let us begin with the need and purpose of insurance from the individual’s point of view, the various points included in this category are insurance provides safety and security to the individuals, insurance provide peace of mind, insurance protects the mortgaged property, insurance eliminates dependency, saving is encouraged through life insurance, profitable investment is encouraged by life insurance and the needs of the individual are fulfilled by life insurance. Let us discuss these points in detail, the first point is insurance provides safety and security, insurance provides safety and security to the individual against the loss caused due to the happening of a certain event for which he was insured.

In the case of life insurance, individual as well as his family are protected by the insurance company. The insured gets the amount of insurance at the time of expiry of the policy or due to premature death of the earning member of the family, the insured get the amount of insurance at the time of expiry of the policy or due to his premature death, his family members get insurance amount and this provides safety and security to the insured as well as his family members at the time of loss. Similarly, if the property is insured, then the insured gets the amount of insurance if the property catches fire or is damaged due to any loss or risk, again in this case, the insurance provides safety and security to the insured as well as its dependents.

The next point is insurance provides peace of mind, an individual purchases insurance policy with the primary aim of security, if the individual keep worrying about his life, his dependence, and his property, then he will not be able to concentrate on his mind in the constructive activities and will not be able to work properly. Insurance provides a great deal of security to the insured and leaves him tension free about his life, his dependents, and his property because, in case of loss, insurance company promises the insured to cover all the losses. The risks are uncertain and the insurance policy converts the uncertainty into certainty and thus brings peace of mind to the individual.

The next point is insurance protects the mortgaged property, if the owner of the mortgaged property expires, then at the time of his death, his property is taken over by the lender and the dependents of the deceased person are deprived of the uses of the property, but if the mortgagee gets the mortgaged property insured, then in case of loss or damage to the property, he will get the amount from the insurance company to recover from the losses. Similarly, if the mortgagee dies, then the insurance company provides the insurance amount to his dependents so that they may pay off the loan taken on the mortgaged property.


Let us continue this topic with the need and purpose of insurance from the viewpoint of the individual, the next point here is insurance eliminates dependency, at the time of death of the income earning member of the family, his family members or his dependents lose their economic freedom and they suffer the agony of losing the income earning person as well as losing their financial freedom. So they are forced to ask for monitory help from the friends and relatives and their situation becomes pitiable, but if the income earning member is insured, then at the time of his death, the insurance company will take care of his dependents and will financially assist them and make them financially independent.

The next point is saving is encourage through life insurance, life insurance provides both protection and investment to the insured but in case of property insurance, only the element of protection is present, in some of the life insurance policies, the element of saving and investment is dominating, such policies encourage systematic saving against the timely and regular payment of premium by the insured. In insurance premium, amount cannot be withdrawn so the savings remain with the insured to be enjoyed over a longer period of time, the insurance company provide full insurance amount irrespective of the premium deposited like in case of premature death of the insured, full amount is provided to his dependents, in insurance insured is bound to pay the premium so he makes an investment and this will help him in the long run.

The next point is profitable investment is encouraged through life insurance, individuals through life insurance policies unwillingly or unable to handle their funds get a good option to invest. These different forms of investment are endowment policy, multipurpose policies and deferred annuities. Such investment has an element of regular saving, capital formation and return on capital, in India insured is exempt from income tax, wealth tax, and gift tax.

Next point is needs of individual are fulfilled by life insurance policy, the need of individual like family needs, old age needs, readjustment needs, special needs and clean up needs get fulfill through life insurance, let us understand how. It is certain that every individual who is born in this world will die someday or the other but the time of death is uncertain, so the time of sufferings and financial problems is also uncertain, in case of insurance policy purchased by the deceased person, assistance is provided to his dependents so that they become financially independent.

Similarly, the provision of old age need is required when the person is surviving more than his earning period, different types of insurance policies are available which provide the amount to the insured to fulfill his old age needs so that he does not have to become a burden on his family members. Reduction in income of an individual may be due to unemployment, disability or death and this requires adjustment in the standard of life of the individual, life insurance policy provides the platform for the insured as well as his dependents to adjust to this change and it does so through endowment policy, anticipated endowment policy and guaranteed triple benefit policies. There are certain special needs like need for education, marriage, and need for settlement of the children for which the earning member of the family is responsible and if these needs are not fulfilled, then the family suffers a lot.

There are certain insurance policies and annuities available which are useful for the education of the children irrespective of the death or survival of the income earning person or the insured. The insurance policy provides funds for the marriage of the daughter of the insured irrespective of his survival, similarly insurance provides for the settlement of the children of the insured when they are done with their education. After the death of the insured, the ritual ceremonies, payment of income and wealth tax is taken care of by the insurance company, so these were the special needs and for the fulfillment of these special needs, multipurpose policies, education, and marriage policy and capital redemption policies are available.


Now let us talk about the need and purpose of insurance from the viewpoint of business and industry, the various points included in this category are insurance reduces the uncertainty of business losses, insurance increases the efficiency of the business, insurance provides key man indemnification, insurance enhances credit, insurance helps in continuation of business, insurance encourages welfare of the employees. Let us continue this lecture with the first point that is insurance reduces the uncertainty of business losses, in business property is employed and if there is negligence towards the property, then it may turn into ashes. Accident may cause loss to the individual, property as well as the third party, reconstruction cost may be higher, in such case if the property is insured then the insured can claim the amount of loss from the insurance company and in this way, he feels secure about the business as well as his dependents.

The next point is insurance increases the efficiency of the business, insurance provides mental peace to the individual and in this case, the insured is relieved from the worry and he can devote more time to the business and can find out more ethical ways to maximize his profit. Insurance converts uncertainty into certainty by providing the insurance amount at the time of loss. The next point of need and purpose of insurance from the viewpoint of business and industry is insurance provides key man indemnification, key man is the particular man who has the expertise, experience as well as the management skills that makes him the asset for the business, in case if the life of such a person is lost, then the business will lose an asset and at the same time, training and employing a new person in his place will be expensive for the business. The dependents of the key man also require special provisions and financial assistance if his life is lost on duty. In such situation, term insurance policy or convertible term insurance policy fulfill such purpose for the business.

The next point is insurance enhances credit, business can obtain loan by pledging the insurance policy as the collateral for the loan. Insured get more amount of loan due to certainty of payment at the time of his death. In case of death of the insured, the cash value obtained from the insurance company can be utilized in repayment of loan along with the interest. If the insured is unable to repay the amount, then the lender can surrender the insurance policy and get the loan repaid along with the interest. The next point is insurance helps in continuation of the business, in the partnership business, the business may discontinue due to the death of one partner and there may be financial problems to the firm as well. If each partner in the insurance firm is insured, then the insurance company will pay the amount at the time of his death.

In this way, business, as well as the dependents of the deceased person, will not suffer financially and the same is the case with the property insurance. The next point is insurance encourages the welfare of the employees; the welfare of employees is the responsibility of the employer because the employees work for the employer. The employer must provide the provision for the death, disability or old age of the employees, life insurance, accidental insurance, sickness benefits, and pension are provided by general insurance, premium for group insurance is paid by the employer, this plan is cheap, reliable and secured, such policies help in maintaining good relationship between the employer and the employees.


So dear readers, let us continue this topic with the need and purpose of insurance from the viewpoint of the society, the various points included in this category are insurance protects the wealth of the society, insurance encourages economic growth, insurance reduces inflation.

Let us discuss the first point that is insurance protects the wealth of the society, individuals make the society and insurance provides the life insurance policy to the individuals, this not only helps in compensating the loss of the skillful and talented human beings but provides financial assistance to the dependents of the deceased person. Various types of insurance like cattle insurance, crop insurance, and property insurance are available and such insurances promote security, this security is about the life and property, this makes the individual tension free and promotes mental peace in the society, insurance promotes education and advancement and helps the society grow by providing security to the people in the society against the various types of risk which they are exposed to.

The next point is insurance encourages economic growth, insurance provides security of life as well as property and provides capital to generate more money. Machine, cattle and crop insurance protects against the different types of losses, employee insurance and other types of insurance related to business provide confidence to the parties related to the business and the business itself. Thus insurance helps in economic growth of the country, the next point is insurance reduces inflation, insurances help in narrowing down the inflation gap by collecting the premium and investing the same. It helps in making the funds available when required, the main cause of inflation is increased money in supply and decreased production, this is controlled by insurance, so students, this was the need and purpose of insurance and we also discussed the various types of insurance organizations in this lecture, in the next lecture we will talk about the insurance contract, thank you students.


Insurance companies are essential for the stability of financial systems mainly because they are huge investors in financial markets because there are growing links between insurers and banks and because insurers are safeguarding the financial stability of households and firms by insuring their risks.

This special feature discusses the main reasons why insurance companies can be important for the stability of the financial system. It also highlights the special role of reinsurers in the insurance sector and discusses some of the key differences between insurers and banks from a financial stability point of view.

Traditionally, the insurance sector has been seen as a comparatively stable segment of the financial system. This is mainly because most insurers’ balance sheets, unlike those of banks’, are composed of relatively illiquid liabilities that protect insurers against the risk of rapid liquidity shortages that can and do confront banks. In addition, insurers are not generally seen to be a significant potential source of systemic risk. One of the main reasons for this view is that insurers are not interlinked to the same extent as banks are, for instance, in interbank markets and payment systems.

The insurance sector can, however, be a source of vulnerability for the financial system, and the failure of an insurer – an event that has occurred from time to time – can create financial instability. In addition, the traditional view that insurers pose a limited systemic risk can be challenged, however, because it does not take account of the fact that interaction between insurers, financial markets, banks, and other financial intermediaries have been growing. It is

important, however, to recognize that insurance companies, given their role as mitigators of risk and their often long-term investment horizons, often also support financial stability.


There are three main reasons why insurers are important for the stability of the financial system.
1. First, insurers are large investors in financial markets.
2. Second, insurers often have close links to banks and other financial institutions, and problems confronting an insurer can, therefore, spread to the banking sector.

3. Third, insurers contribute to the safeguarding of the stability of household and firm balance sheets by insuring their risks.


Banks have a special role in the financial system on account of their central role in the transmission of monetary policy and their participation in payments systems.
The interconnections between banks in interbank markets and payment systems can also cause problems faced by one bank to spread to others. Banks are therefore of particular importance for financial system stability. This importance is exacerbated by the fact that banks’ assets (such as customer loans) are mostly long-term in character, whereas their liabilities (such as deposits) are of shorter-term duration. This leaves the banks vulnerable to depositor runs that can result in liquidity shortages.
Insurers on the other hand, unlike banks, generally, have liabilities with a longer maturity than their assets, which makes them less vulnerable to customer runs. In addition, insurers’ liabilities are usually less liquid than bank deposits, as the possibility of withdrawing savings is restricted in most insurance contracts and is also more costly for customers.

As discussed above, the insurance sector can be of considerable importance to financial system stability, but insurers do not pose the same systemic risk for the financial system as banks. This is because insurers are not as closely interconnected as banks are since they do not directly participate in payments systems. This does not necessarily, however, mean that simultaneous defaults are less likely to occur in the insurance sector than in the the banking sector, at least not during periods of financial turmoil.

The traditional view that insurers pose less systemic risk than banks did not take into account the growing interaction between insurers, financial markets, banks, and other financial intermediaries. As insurers are increasingly more involved in financial transactions with other financial intermediaries, such as banks, the potential for problems confronting an insurer to spread in the financial system has increased. In addition, insurance-linked securities market (with instruments such as catastrophe bonds) has created direct links between insurers as they sometimes buy such securities to diversify their own risk exposure, while benefiting from investment in instruments linked to their area of expertise.

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Essay on Holiday

Essay on Holiday

Holiday is a magical moment in the course of a year, and each holiday represents a brief period of freedom in a long life of serious labor, expanding responsibilities, and increasingly heavy obligations. It is no wonder when a student expresses happiness when a holiday arrives. All students anxiously wait for holidays.

Holidays bring joy to the students because holidays give them entertainment and rest. Holidays evacuate the seriousness of study and examination from the delicate minds of the students. Generally, we sit back by visiting our friends, by reading stories visiting film, theater, and bazaar, and so on.

About a month or so before the summer holidays arrive, young people, tend to begin thinking a lot about how they are going to spend their free time after classes finish in late July. University students are especially interested in the upcoming vacation time because they are usually so busy with new ideas, homework assignments and complex concepts from their academic courses that they seldom can find time during the semester to do anything else besides studying, doing part-time work and practicing special skills. Such activities strengthen our soul for further examination. Hence, holidays are significant.

There are various types of holidays. Sunday is a customary occasion following six days of work. There are different occasions, for example, Independence Day, Republic Day, and so on. Eidh, Holi and Diwali are festive holidays. Dussehra, Christmas and Summer get-aways are long holidays.
We may engage ourselves in building up our hobbies. We may play games, may gather special photos and make an album or may play on musical instruments.

Students from the farmers’ family should stretch out their help and assistance to their parents in agricultural work. This is the best utilization of holidays for them. A few students go to English speking course, dance and music classes in long vacations. Vacations are paramount for us. Be that as it may, we, students, should not squander our holidays in useless works.

My Ambition in Life Essay

My Ambition In Life

Man is the crown of the creation on the earth. He is ever eager and ambitious to achieve new heights. Since humans are created with insurmountable and inherent individual differences, their aims and ambitions too differ. However, we can‘t lead a purposeful life if we don‘t have an aim to pursue. A man without an aim is like a traveler without any destination.

Therefore, everyone has some ambition in life. Some people want to be wealthy overnight. They use shortcut methods. They choose such aspirations that they believe can satisfy their dreams in their desired manner. Some people want to be leaders to acquire authority and respect. However, there are others who want to be scientists. Few people are led by a spirit of adventure. In the modern era, boys and girls prefer to go overseas for better jobs. Their aim is to amass a lot of wealth in a short period of time and without too much exertion.

My ambition is simple enough. It is the service of the poor and the oppressed. Since my childhood, it has been my desire to help those who are in wretched condition. Most of the time I have left my work at the neighbors’ sobbing. I have put in a long stretch of time together to remove the reason for their distress. My heart is sobbing at seeing the people in poor condition. I do my level best to help them. I feel joyful when I find myself in the service of others. It bestows me a sort of peace of mind.
Choosing the profession that is best suited to you is the advice of wise people. So, we should choose a profession after due care, caution, and consultation. So far as I am concerned, since my childhood, I have always imagined myself as a doctor who is devoted to his work and has enough money. I would look upon it, not as a profession but as a mission. It is a noble and respectable job. If sincere and devoted, a doctor can do a lot of good to humanity. He is one of the most important servants of society. He has a special privilege to give his patients a new lease of life. He can rescue them from the jaws of death.

I feel extremely upset to see people suffer from varied ailments. Their moans and sobs pierce through my heart like poisonous arrows. It can‘t put up with all these pangs of misery I feel on ambers to see it. I wish I could come to their rescue and assistance. But I can’t ; doctors do it.

Besides giving you a chance to serve humanity, this profession commands a lot of respect and brings along wealth also. So as a doctor I could be able to satisfy many of my need and dreams.

Motivated by such ideas and ideals I have decided to go for this profession. Besides I want to serve in rural areas where most of the doctors are reluctant to work and set an example that a doctor’s aim should not be to earn and exploit but to serve and suffer. I am sure that with the grace of Allah, my untiring enthusiasm and good wishes of so many people, I will be able to achieve this long-standing ambition of mine.

This being the case I have chosen once for all to invest the rest of my life in administering the suffering people. My ambition is to become a reasonable doctor. For this purpose, in the aftermath of passing Pre-medical Examination, I decided to enter a good medical institution. I am determined to be an special doctor. I am going to be a specialist, not quite the same as the one who grows fat at the expense of others. I am never going to be alert to fresh cases. I vow not to pluder the wealth of my patients. I am sorry to know that doctors are betraying their brothers who have been sick. After all, the service of the doctor is administrative and I am determined to do it as such.

As a professional, I will charge only reasonable money for the medicine or prescriptions given to my clients I would rather not collect any wealth for myself. I need money for my basic requirements. I am most probable to have this money by getting a good practice. I am going to buckle down. I’m going to gain recognition as a good all-round doctor. It is evident from what I have composed that my witticism will be the administration of humanity. I am m not going to follow riches. I am m going to reliably assist the rich and the needy. May God assist me to achieve it!

It is obvious from what I have composed that administration of mankind will be my motto. I will not pursue wealth. I will dependably support poor people and the destitute. May God help me to accomplish it !



Morning is the best time of the day. At this time the air is pure, cool and fresh. A walk, at this time, therefore, is refreshing and medicine for health. It is like a shield which cures us from numerous diseases. It is found to be beneficial for patients with many health diseases like high blood pressure, fatty liver, and obesity.

To take care of our health is an obligation that we owe to ourselves. We must avail every opportunity to keep our body trim and healthy. Exercise is one of the essentials to keep our body fit. A walk being a kind of light exercise is very useful in keeping our body fit and fresh. It also releases us from the worries and anxieties. Whether you had a good sleep during the night or not, getting up early for a morning walk is ensured to enable you to begin the day with a new mind. Morning sun and cool air will support your mind-set and keep worries from settling in before all the worries of the day disturb you.

A morning walk brings us in contact with the charming beauty of nature in its pure form. Cool and pleasant breezes welcome us. The plants with multi-colored flowers and green leaves covered with dew drops prove a healing touch. With the first ray of the rising sun, the drops shine like pearls all along the green grass. The cool and fragrant breezes are really refreshing. Beautiful colours and scents present a charming atmosphere.

Morning Walk Benefits essay
Birds greet us on the way, with their melodious sweet notes. It leaves one spellbound. A romantic atmosphere is created that one does not want to part with. Nature is at its best and in full glow. Sunrise behind a hill-top or a mountain peak is worth watching. Its dignity and glamour are amazing to the human eye.

The sight and touch of the cool water of streams and rivers are very amazing. Their murmuring sounds in the calm mornings are so beautiful, that one feels in the lap of Paradise.

One of the best advantages of a morning walk is weight loss. It diminishes weight incredibly if take a morning walk regularly.
Brisk walking in the morning is an elixir to the body, especially to the heart. You can consume extra calories by having an energetic walk. If you want better outcomes you should challenge yourself by walking faster daily. You will not only burn your fat but also lessen your glucose level and cholesterol which can shield you from perilous diseases, for example, diabetes, heart disease, liver diseases, and stroke.
It refreshes our mind and purifies the blood. Every limb of our body seems to get new strength. However, you should not forget eating a balanced diet and keeping up a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, the morning walk has mental and emotional benefits. These benefits include decreasing stress by increasing blood circulation and producing a “feel better” hormone in the body. To achieve this attempt to walk faster until you sweat.
The physical effort helps in numerous ways. It discharges some valuable chemicals from the brain that help to decrease the nervousness — an effect that is superior to all pills that other people may take.

Thus, the morning walk removes many ailments and makes one feel younger and happier. The old people commonly suffer from dementia. Studies showed that this problem can be largely reduced through regular exercise such as walking. Thus, the morning walk helps to preserve your brain function as your ages.

It prepares us for the day‘s work. We must make a morning walk a routine of our daily life. Everyone who goes to a morning walk regularly says it’s a great way to begin the day. Whether you go to your office or do some homework, waking up early and starting your day with a morning walk will surely stimulate you and get you into the temperament to start the day. So, the next time you start the day ahead of schedule with an easy morning walk instead of bouncing out of bed and hustling off to work.

At last, one of the significant advantages of a morning walk is that it encourages you to get a decent night’s rest. Truly, it causes you to begin the day right and end it right too. Walking practices the body while relaxing the mind. With an appropriately working circulatory system, strong muscles and a positive attitude, it is not too much difficult to perceive any reason why you will get a decent sleep every night.

Importance of Games and Sports

1. Importance of Games and Sports In Education

It is well put that a sound mind dwells in a sound body. For the creation of healthy and active human beings, physical exercise and psychological training is very essential. Games and sports are the best means of such exercise and training. They not only bestow us a sound physical build up but help to develop a sound mind also.

Games and sports are of vital importance in the all round development of our personality. True sportsmanship, worthy friendship and ideal citizenship are the sweet fruits of games and sports. In the absence of games and sports, we can‘t expect disciplined individuals and nations. They shape our character and behavior. Courage, tolerance, discipline, team spirit honesty and leadership are the guiding principles of a player. What does education aim at else? Games and sports, therefore, pave the way for education to attain its lofty ideals.

Modern games are essentially competitive in nature. They, therefore, infuse (inculcate) a sense of competition in the players and masses.

Sports create a bridge between the nations of the world and bring them closer to develop love, affinity, tolerance and sense of oneness. Pulling out of narrow national and regional spheres, they make people international. They help shun prejudice, intolerance and narrow mindedness.

Apart from building a healthy body and a moral character (which is among the aims of education today), games are also a very good source of amusement and refreshment. They provide a temporary escape from the worries of life. People have always sought rescue in games and sports to escape dullness and monotony.

Games and sports are a part and parcel of education. They should be made compulsory for all students. “All work and no play make a Jack and dull boy”. However, we must not play games at the cost of our studies.

Importance of Games and Sports

2. The value of Games and Sports

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”

It is recognised by all educationists that true education should aim at the physical and scholarly development of a student. Physical and mental education should go hand in hand. In the current age, the significance of games has been completely realised. For this purpose different games colleges and coaching, institutions have been opened. No instructive set up can bear to disregard the wellness and development of the recognized.
Games and sports are necessary to keep the body fit and fine. Physical fitness and freedom from diseases are the basic ambitions of every human being. In fact, good health is an inevitable condition for happiness in life. Both sophisticated games like cricket, volleyball, hockey, and football and rustic games like kabcentersrskho-Kho provide exercise to the body and keep it fit.
Recreation should refresh the human mind and body and provide an opportunity to escape from the drudgery of our professional pursuits. While playing games we forget all anxieties and worries of life. Games sharpen us mentally also as they require a skill. This skill comes into play when we are playing games like cricket, hockey, and football. They are not just as a matter of physical stamina.
Man is said to be a social animal. Education teaches a man how to live in society. Games which are part and parcel of education help man in becoming a useful member of society. Every game is played according to certain rules. Non- compliance with rules means foul play and every foul step means penalty. In other words, games develop in players the habit of fair play. A sportsman because of his love of fair play, live honesty, and justice which are moral qualities.

A true sportsman plays for the sake of playing. He does not play for the sake of winning a colour and distinction. He accepts defeat with a smiling face. At the same time, his defeat on the sports field drives him to greater effort in the future. Such a lesson can help him in all affairs of his future life. Victory and defeat in the field of sports make a man strong enough to face life with courage. Games teach certain other qualities such as team spirit and mutual cooperation. Obedience of the captain’s order on the playground makes a sportsman disciplined. Games and sports bring us in contact with others especially strangers. They broaden our social cosmos. International athletic events like the world Olympics bring players of different nationalities and countries together. Players thus act as angels of goodwill, friendship, and culture.
Games enable us to live a healthy and happy life. Time spent on games is not a bad investment. Games can make use of the surplus energy of our youth in a good manner. It is a pity that some elderly people look at games as harmful and time-wasting media. In certain schools, games and sports are ignored. They specialize in making their students book worms. In this matter, we should follow the example of countries some developed countries like America, China, Russia, and England which give due place to games in education. But too much emphasis on games is also not good. They should not be played at the cost of studies. It has been appropriately stated above that physical and mental education should go hand in hand.

Value of games and sports

Environmental Pollution Essay


Environment includes all the natural surroundings such as the earth‘s atmosphere, pure air, and drinkable water. It also incudes wildlife and other natural resources.

Our earth is the only planet in the universe which has an environment suitable for life. Nature has gifted us everything in its pure form so that it doesn‘t harm us in any way. But man has been polluting the environment in a number of ways in the name of modern advancement and development.

In fact, pollution is one of the most dangerous problems that the modern world is facing. It has affected the whole bio-world. No man, animal, bird, beast, reptile, or insect is safe from its evil influences. It has endangered the entire plant world. It is hanging like a naked sword over our head.

Air pollution is the greatest threat. The whole atmosphere has become poisonous. Man‘s craze for industrialization is the main cause of this trouble. The nuclear experiments have damaged the protective ozone layer beyond repairs. Many respiratory diseases are the direct outcome of air pollution.

Water pollution, too, is spreading at an alarming pace. It is the main cause of many diseases – Jaundice, diarrhea, dysentery, etc. Besides man, the whole zoological and botanical world is under the threat of water pollution. The vast spread of water life is terribly facing the threat of water pollution. Many rivers and water bodies are biologically dead.

Soil pollution is not a lesser threat. It is affecting agriculture. Lands have started going barren. It will result in famines and people will starve to death. The earth will be bald and the species will perish.
Noise pollution has deprived us of peace. It had added to our tense life. Many mental diseases – tension, depression, stress, etc. have their roots in noise pollution. It has led to many heart ailments.

We live in environment. We breathe in it and grow within it. So our life depends upon it. It has become the most vital topic of discussion these days. Its prime reason is that it is getting polluted extremely and so affecting our life badly. We must take steps to check this demon of pollution from growing out of control as it is the fruit of our own irresponsible deeds. Either we have to end pollution or pollution is going to end us.

Wonders of Science Essay

Wonders of Science Essay in English


Science As Blessing Or Curse

“Society lives by faith and develops by science” –Amiel

It is rightly said that the dreams of yesterday had been made possible by the various inventions of science. Today we can fly like birds in the air and swim like fish in the sea with the help of great inventions made by science. We travel a lot of distance of years in days and that of days in minutes by the various inventions of science. We can live in warm and comfortable rooms in the severe winter and in cool and pleasant rooms in the hot summer with the help fascinating inventions of science. Science has really brought miraculous changes in every aspect of life. The wonders of science are more fascinating than Alladin’s miraculous lamp, Shah Jahan’s dream marble and the Great Wall of China.

Science is the key which unlocks for mankind the storehouses of nature” –Samuel

Wonders or blessings of science.

The inventions of science have led to the development of fast means of transport. Railway, ships, and aerplanes have enabled us to travel from one place to another in the shortest possible time. Time and space have been destroyed and the world has become a smaller unit. Space travel has become a possibility and the brave astronauts have landed on the moon. That day is not far when a regular space ship service from the earth to moon and back would become reality.
Electricity is one of the greatest wonders of science. It works like Alladin’s lamp. It turns darkness into brightness. It not only removes darkness but also runs our machines and enables us to send messages to different parts of the world by wireless waves. Science has enabled the modern man to have a sweet talk with his relatives, friends and beloved on the mobile phone. The refrigerators, washing machines, the cooking gas, and the electric kettle have reduced the housewife’s work. Nuclear power is being used to launch rockets and missiles which can send a man into space.

Horrors of science

Science had given us multiple means of entertainment. Radio, transistor, smartphone, cinema, and television provide us good entertainment. They save from feeling bored. Science has also enabled us to conquer Nature. The sea has been measured. Rivers have been tamed and many powerful dams have been made across them.

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Science has worked wonders in the field of disease. Now even the most dangerous diseases are cured. With the help of X-rays, it has become very easy to locate the injury or the fracture of the patient. The inventions of penicillin, antibiotics, and radium have proved very useful. Operations are performed in a painless manner. Many dangerous diseases like T.B. and cancer are no longer considered dangerous. Plastic surgery enables an ugly woman to become a beautiful belle. The discoveries of science can give us a new heart. Dr. Bernard of South Africa made history when he transplanted the heart of a dead person into the body of a living person. An Indian born scientist Dr. Har Gobind Khorana has made the gene, the smallest unit of life in the laboratory. This is an amazing achievement in science. It has the production of the test tube baby.
Science has revolutionized the world of existing machines. Computers and smartphones are doing the work calculations of thousands of clerks. There are thinking machines which can do brain work, and which can handle records. The invention of tractors, threshers, and harvesters has made the task of agriculture a pleasant one. Scientific research in agriculture had improved the quality of seeds, cattle, and manure. Better fertilizers are available. They have increased food production many times more than before.

Science has also brought remarkable improvement in the sanitary condition of towns and cities. Underground sewerage, better roads, and flush system are the achievements of science. Insecticides, pesticides, and disinfectants which are the products of science, have eliminated the harm done by locusts and pests to crops.

“Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so” –Shakespeare

This it is clear that science had brought many blessings to mankind. If science is used in a proper manner, it can reduce the suffering of man. Though science has brought countless blessings to mankind yet the question is raised whether it is curse also. It makes life comfortable but it is also the devil. It can reduce the whole into ashes in no time. No doubt atomic energy has brought a revolution in human civilization, but at the same time, nuclear weapons can destroy the whole world in no time. The example of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is before us. Science has produced many deadlier weapons which made wars very horrible. The man was never so insecure as he is today.

Science as blessing or curse

Science has also polluted our atmosphere. Our seas, river, and lakes are dead and dying. There are no values and morality. The advanced countries and exploiting poor countries. Man has developed materially but he has made no moral progress.

In reality, there is nothing wrong with science, it is up to man to the knowledge either for development or destruction. The fault does not lie with the science but with the user. Main has misused science for his selfish gains. So, it is up to man to use the enormous power of science for the promotion of peace and happiness of mankind. It should never be used for a negative or evil purpose. The wonders of science ought to be used for the welfare of mankind.

Science in the Service of Humanity


Wonders of Science
Science has emerged as the most reverent and influential figure of the twentieth century. Its influence and contribution can be felt in every walk of life. Innumerable are indeed its services rendered to and blessings showered upon humanity.

Science has revolutionized our outlook ad transformed our thought and approach. Narrow mindedness, superstitions, and shortsightedness, all have been thrown to winds. It has dispelled ignorance and illiteracy. It has enabled man, who once upon a time was the caveman, to conquer the universe that was a mystery for him otherwise.

Science has done wonders in every sphere. Electricity, a gift of science, has changed the face of the world. Modern life is unimaginable in the absence of electricity. It has speeded up many processes and has given birth to many labor saving devices. Cooking devices, refrigerators, heaters, radio, television, telegraphy, computers and much more, all owe their working to electricity.

Science has considerably improved the means of communication and modes of transport. The inventions like computer, the internet, mobile phone, radio, television, printing press, etc. are landmarks in the field of communication. Modern means of transport have (reduced) shrunk the world to a global village. Aeroplanes, spaceships, trains, etc. have brought people of the world close to each other. Air traffic is becoming more and more popular. The spaceships are going to the other planets. Soon interplanetary traffic shall be possible.

Wonderful life-saving drugs, vaccines, surgeries, x – rays, USG, transplantation of organs, etc. are miraculous achievements of science. They have lessened man‘s sufferings and have made human life safer and longer. Science is on way to cure cancer and AIDS.

Space exploration and magnificent advancement in agriculture have boosted man‘s self-confidence up. The invention of atomic energy is another wonder of science. If it is put to constructive use, it will be a boon to humanity.

Really science is a blessing in absolute service of man if used towards positive ends.

Essay On Student Unrest

Student Unrest Essay

“A hot temper leaps o’er a cold decree” – Shakespeare

The phrase student unrest usually refers to demonstrations, the occupation of campus buildings and even some minor riots by students. It is shown in schools in the form of riots, demonstrations, protests, costs, harassment, etc. Sometimes it becomes a disturbing trend in the socio-political life of the society. It is essential that the unrest of students be checked before it reaches an alarming level and it poses a great threat to our social development. Student unrest is not a peculiar problem, it also occurs in Europe and America. However, in Advanced Countries, the unrest of students is not conducted in a violent manner. Students protest using means such as display posters, peaceful rallies and letters to parliament. Students in Ghana need to learn how to protest in a non-violent manner. Students must be free to exercise their rights, but they must not take things too far. Students are our leaders of tomorrow, So they must be disciplined so that they will continue on that path when they grow.

Student Unrest

The universal unrest among youth in general and students, in particular, is becoming one of the most striking features of modern society. The strikes and agitations, processions and demonstrations, gheraos and defiance of authority are actually the expressions of the unrest in the minds of students.
Unrest among the youth is a thing which is neither unnatural not undesirable. Youth, by virtue of its mental and emotional makeup, is impulsive and excitable, restive and impatient. Shakespeare considered youth as hot, bold and wild.

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There is nothing dangerous in unrest by itself. In fact, unrest paves the way for progress. It stands for dynamism. It is the unrest in the minds of men that have generated revolutions in the world. It gives birth to new ideas and ideals which have a permanent impression on the minds of the people. As such students unrest should be welcome to us as teachers, parents, and statesmen. However, the unrest among students today has assumed a dangerous proportion. The students defy law and order and disobey even their parents. The damage and destroy public property. They burn buses and government buildings and detain railway trains. The appeals of teachers, the lathis teargas and even the bullets of the police do not frighten them. As a result, colleges and universities are closed for an indefinite period.

The student unrest is a problem of great magnitude. There are scholars who believe that the unrest in the student community is a part of the general unrest in the country and the world. Today, India is passing through a period of great stress and strain, reconstruction and transformation. The old order and values have collapsed and a new order is taking its place. Standing between two worlds, one dead and other yet to be born, the students view and review the various developments in the country. The modern student is not a weak, docile and submissive creature. He scrutinizes everything with a critical mind. He feels unhappy and discontented in a setup where crooks and dishonest people thrive. All these things create unrest in the minds of students.

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