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A Student’s Guide To Learning From Home

A Student’s Guide To Learning From Home For a past few weeks, the classwork of all the schools has been suspended to contain the spread of COVID-19. The closure of schools has stagnated the teaching-learning process. The students experience a significant loss. The teachers and parents are also grappling with…

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What Bugs Intelligent People?

With a high IQ, you will certainly have the opportunity to do well in some feared tasks: to do the unimaginable and to deal with everything, including extraordinary things. A strange number of drawbacks are attached to it. Read on and find out what really bugs super-smart people. 1. You…

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Success Mantra | How Can I be Successful in Life?

Everyone desires to be the successful person in his or her life. To be the successful I mean not the only materially rich in life but also the good human being. But to hold the dream only does not make one be successful. One has to act for the purpose and in order to act fruitfully, he or she has to know how to act? In other words, successful people perform their every action in the best possible way.
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How to Prepare for Exam: Tips and Tricks

There are various tricks and practices which can enhance your chances of scoring high in an exam. In this article I will help you in studying, preparing and solving exam question. All these savvy tricks and techniques are workable and will significantly help you to score high in the exam and you will definitely come out as flying colours.So read on!
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