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Summary of The Poet by Ralph Emerson

Introduction Background to the Essay “The Poet” Emerson’s essay “The Poet” originally published in the 1844 edition of Essays, discusses what makes a poet and what that person’s position in society should be. He contends that the poet is a seer who uncovers the mysteries of the universe and articulates…

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Plot Summary of Sleeping Beauty

Summary of Sleeping Beauty In this post, we will summarise and analyse Charles Perrault’s ‘The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood’ . This 1697 version of the well-known fairytale begins similarly to the story that is still recounted to children today, but then takes a darker turn. PLOT We can deduce…

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Summary of The Map of Love

Summary of The Map of Love A “Map” is a graphical representation that emphasises the links between pieces of a given thing. The title “the Map of Love” implies that love does not exist in a single location, but rather in numerous parts of the world. Thus, the title refers…

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