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William Caxton – Literary Life

William Caxton (c1422-1491) Before Henry VIII became king there had already been devised on the continent the most powerful instrument of all for common enlightenment–the printing press. It was to make cheap and accessible the means of nurture by which the world was to grow. The art of printing was…

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Ben Jonson – Biography| Literary Life

Author Feature: Ben Jonson Of the new doctrine of drama after Elizabeth I’s death, the great apostle was Ben Jonson. Burly, big-featured, out of sturdy common stock of the Scotch border, once a bricklayer, through solid literary achievement and force of personality he rose, still in his thirties, to be…

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Short Biography of Sophocles in English

Sophocles (Greek: Sophokles) was an Athenian dramatist and politician who lived from 496 BC to 406 BC. He is considered the second of the three great Greek tragedians, preceded by Aeschylus and followed by Euripides. Sophocles is himself at a young age: at the Athenian victory celebration at Salamis (480…

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