Question Answerswhy-did-chihun-got-angry-of-moti-guj
why-did-chihun-got-angry-of-moti-guj 1Mohammad Musaddiq asked 2 months ago
1 Answers
why-did-chihun-got-angry-of-moti-guj 2Gk Questions answered 2 months ago

Moti Guj loved his master Deesa very much . Deesa had went away for ten days promising the elephant that he will return back after ten days. When he did not return back on the pledged time, Moti Guj was madly annoyed. He could not bear his master’s seperation anymore.So he become violent and rebelled. He did not allow other animals to work in plantation. He also ruined everthing whatever came in his way. That is why Chuhan got angry with Moti Guj.

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