Question AnswersCategory: Questionslist-the-objects-that-most-men-remember
list-the-objects-that-most-men-remember 1Syed Shiffa asked 6 months ago
1 Answers
list-the-objects-that-most-men-remember 2SmartEnglishNotes Staff answered 8 months ago

I don’t know What you want to know about . This question can be answered in multiple ways. Let me pick one. Significant, memorable, fun, unusual and unexpected experiences affect the way we generally remember things and feel about them. It’s the little things that differentiate one from the other and that influence you to choose one over the other. The things, the events, the memories that give your life an instant feeling of wonder, beatitude, love, warmth, spiritual highness, closeness to loved ones, victory over sadness, triumph over odds, and success usually remain in our memory.

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