Top Home Office Ideas to Make Your Space Actually Livable

Top Home Office Ideas to Make Your Space Actually Livable

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Thanks to the pandemic, home spaces are not just lodging and boarding spaces. They are the places wherein we spent the maximum time. Now even the burden of workspaces has come to our homes, and that means, our homes have to have a dedicated space for workstations too.

So when the house has so much to keep how can we make it more livable? If you ask me, I simply often ask for expert help online and pay to do my assignment while getting my home sorted.

But what if I say that you could just add or remove a few things and make your home office the best, beautiful, organized, and livable place?

Intrigued? Let’s see how can you do that.

1 Remove or reduce clutter

Clutter forms a non-essential part of the house. Clutter should be eradicated on a first-hand basis. People generally have the tendency to increase storage rather than remove items from the house.

Therefore try and make it a habit to remove things that are not used, needed, or are taking up unnecessary space in your home.

Remember your house needs breathing space too. And you are the one who will supply it air to breathe and start by de-cluttering!

2 Plant indoor plants

You need to enhance the appearance of your space, and this can be done by adding some indoor plants. Moreover, indoor plants that give out oxygen are the need of the hour.

Indoor plants liven up your working space too. Even a small plant on the desk makes a huge difference in the mood of the worker. Thus, making indoor plants a part of your decor will make your home and home office a happy place.


But ensure that you have plants that take up minimal place. You do not want your house to look like a garden, plus pests can create havoc.

3 Have a dedicated space for everything

You need to have a dedicated space for working, playing, and sleeping. But in these modern times, households can be cramped and it gets difficult to fit everything.

But still, you need to decide priority-wise and dedicate spaces. For example in a child’s room, you plan an area for playing and a study desk for activities, don’t you?

Similarly, you need that for the entire house. You must have dedicated space for working and doing other activities. And ensure that the working space is free from distractions and has a comfortable aura!

4 Keep your space clean

Believe it or not, but clean spaces have more scope for productivity.

When you clean your house and look at it, you have this amazing feeling of satisfaction, right? Well, this amazing feeling lets you get more productive in your work. So if you clean your house every week, try doing it on a regular basis to see the difference.

Also, when you clean up regularly, there is less work every day. Thus, you can enjoy the weekends doing something else. And even if you do not have time to clean the entire house every day, ensure to keep your workstation clean.

5 Put up things that motivate you

This should be implemented especially at your workstation. You should put up slogans or pictures that motivate you.

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These things should not only motivate you but you should feel good when you look at the stuff. When you are having a tedious day at work, these small things will ensure that “this too shall pass.”

But again, keep it sufficient and minimal. Do not overstuff with slogans that the important stuff of office gets overshadowed.

6 Have comfortable furniture

When it comes to buying furniture, go for comfort before you decide on the design. This is very important because your body will get tired if you sit, slouch or lie on the wrong furniture.

Moreover, it leads to unnecessary aches and pains. And the most important piece of furniture wherein you need to loosen your pockets are the bed and working chair.

The bed; because you really need a good night’s sleep to get through the entire day. And the working chair, because you spend the maximum time on it. In fact not only the chair, ensure that you buy a proper workstation for home office space.

To conclude,

These little things go a long way in making the home office a livable space.

When the home and office becomes one we tend to spend more hours working. So, ensure that you spend time with family, indulge in some hobbies and also give yourself some “me-time”.

Moreover, if you are a working student, you can simply avail best thesis writing services to get help with your assignments so as you can focus more on being productive at your office work.

Thus, we have given you some best ideas to make your home office a livable space. And the best part about our ideas is that they require little to no money!