How to Complete an Essay?

How to Complete an Essay?

There is no doubt that in the period of your study life, sometimes you are asked by teachers to submit an essay related to your subject, and you are puzzled and do not know how to start your work.

The student may resort to his mother or father or friends to help him in the preparation for his research, and he must be aware that his research’s terms and specific points must be arranged in order to be done properly and successfully. School essays are considered to be the easiest type of essays in our academic life because there is university research and dissertations, master’s and doctoral research and other advanced scientific research, all of which need to be diligent, have sufficient correct information and prepared according to a plan and specific style.

Simple research to help students rely on themselves to gather information and train on the preparation of it in a simplified manner fit to the student’s age, so that the student can then collect the information himself and gives attention to the research and developing of school knowledge in a correct manner, and must teach the student how to rely on himself in the preparation of it in a correct way, also to take useful information from books and references other than textbooks because it will expand his knowledge and make it more active and superior.

There are steps that must be followed by students to prepare their research properly:

Choice of research topic.

Selection of books and references that you want to be looking out for.

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Now we begin to write the research.

We start writing the research and divided it into several chapters if long, preferably well-coordinated and put each subject in its own chapter to make it easier for the teacher to read in an orderly fashion.

If quoted information from certain books you should reference the writer who you quoted from.

After you finished gathering information and writing research must be sure that the order of paragraphs correctly provided to the end and make sure there is no mistake in writing the words.

In the end, we should write references and books that we used in the research and documentation of any quotation.

Things to be observed in any research done by the student are:

  • Search in more than a reference to choose appropriate subjects for the research that we do, and keep it relevant.
  • Attention to writing with correct spelling and make sure there are no spelling mistakes in the research and review more than once.
  • Be sure to write down the numbers correctly on the research pages.
  • Place the important points in the research at the beginning or middle, do not include in the end of your essay.
  • When you write documentation for anything borrowed from any writer or scientist, you do not reduce the value of your research, but its importance increases, because some people believe that taking quotes from others is considered theft or that you should not mention it in your research, on the contrary, this way of thinking is wrong and you must be honest in your research.
  • You must rely on yourself in research and information gathering in order to educate yourself and become more experienced and successful.
  • The large interest in research and gaining access to information from other sources will differentiate you from among other students.
  • Take care of the smallest notes you are given by the teacher on the subject of research so that you can collect information correctly and get information relevant to your subject.
  • Always try to collect information from more than one source of information. By doing so you will develop your talent in research and develop your mental abilities.
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Continuous research makes you always cultured and increases your intelligence and your experience in all areas of scientific life, which is useful then to complete the educational career of superiority.

Elements of any search must contain the following basic elements:

1. Essay title.

2. the reason for choosing the subject and its importance.

3. The aim of the research.

4. paper and components divisions. [View chapters or sections search or its parts.

5. The method of treatment of the subject under discussion

6. noted observations reached through research.

7. Previous studies concise manner.

8. Important conclusions reached.

9. To provide general thanks to all those who contributed to the success of this research

Terms and conditions for choosing the subject of your research:

Clarity of purpose.

A correlation between search points and specialized studies

Provide references and sources on the subject matter

Suitable time required to accomplish it.

The definitions in the Essay:

If The research includes several definitions then you must take into account the following,

must define all of the definitions to be an exhaustive.

do define all the words and terms used, especially if they include many meanings.


Where Conclusion contains the results that have been reached, and include all of the following:

1. Find the titles of chapters and sections.

2. Provide the results that have been reached in clear sequences.

3. Analyze the reasons for those results that have been reached and the statement of its relationship with different variables.

4. Compare the outcome of your research with other similar research results.

5. Develop proposals and recommendations to complete the subject or the completion of its branches or at the hands of another researcher.