1. When did John Keats die?

A. 11 May 1838

B. 12 March 1833

C. 23 February 1821

D. 19 August 1825

2. When was John Keats born?

A. 25 December 1767

B. 30 April 1789

C. 31 October 1795

D. 22 November1756

3. What was the profession of Thomas Hammond under whom John Keats joined for apprenticeship?

A. teacher

B. surgeon

C. banker

D. lawyer

4. Which is the first extant poem of John Keats, which is written in the year 1814 when when was 19 years of age?

A. La Belle Dame Sans Mercy

B. Ode on a Grecian Urn

C. Ode to a Skylark

D. An Imitation of Spenser

5. In which school did John Keats study?

A. John Clarke’s school

B. King’s Grammar School

C. Harrow

D. Eton

6. Which period of John Keats is called “the most placid time in Keats’s life” by Cowden Clarke, a close friend of Keats?

A. His visit to Lake District

B. Keats’ lodging in the attic above the

surgery at 7 Church Street

C. Keats stay in Italy

D. Keats’ travel to Alps

7. In which hospital John Keats registered as a medical student after finishing his apprenticeship with Hammond?

A. Queen’s Chamber

B. Guy’s Hospital

C. New Chapman Hospital

D. Trinity Hospital

1. C 2. C 3. B 4. D 5. A 6. B 7. B