Month March 2021

John Donne as a Metaphysical poet

John Done as a Metaphysical Poet The expression ‘Metaphysical Poetry’ refers to the works of a group of poets, chiefly of the 17th century, in whose poetry the intellectual faculty abstains an enormous supremacy over feeling and sentiment and emotions are shaped and expressed by logical reasoning. They give expression…
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Storm on the Island – Summary, Analysis, Solved Questions and Critical Appreciation

The poem ''Storm on the Island'' written in 1966 by an Irish poet Seamus Heaney is a dramatic monologue about storms and their effects from the perspective of a villager on a remote island, most likely in the Irish Atlantic. Heaney grew up in a farming community and wrote many poems about ordinary and everyday subjects. In his work, he employs a large number of agricultural and natural images as metaphors for human nature.
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Dear Mum poem by Brian Patten – Summary and Questions and Answers

Dear Mum' is a comic poem written by Brian Patten. It is actually a letter written by a child to his mom who wasn't at home and he spent the day alone. It reveals the child's inappropriate behaviour. He had broken the cup and vase brought from China by his mother's grandfather. However, the mischievous child claims that he has no idea how this happened. He claims that he did not turn on the water, but water began to overflow mysteriously.
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