Day 26 August 2020

Third Thoughts: Summary and Question Answers

The essayist claims that when one's mind is taken over by selfishness, there is no end to consider and reconsider. The narrator rightly admits that the story principle lies in dealing with his own soul. The essay also discusses the realistic human psychology that rules the world of business, where the seller and the buyer are trying to find themselves
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The Roots of Honour Summary , Explanations and Questions and Answers

In this topic, you will learn about some issues relating to England's political economy. Ruskin talks about some ethical values, human emotions, the motivating factors of soul as against the dry, mechanical relationships supposed to exist between the master and his subordinates. He also addresses the "justice balance" Therefore, in a political-economic sense based on the ideals of covetousness, Ruskin brings in both human and spiritual perspectives.
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