Day: 23 August 2020

Ode on Intimations of Immortality Appreciation and Explanations

Wordsworth’s celebrated Ode on Immortality has been widely praised by critics. Emerson, the American critic, for example, regards it as, “the high watermark of poetry in the 19th century.” Wordsworth himself attached great importance to it. He positioned it at the end of his collected poems as if it were the roof and crown of his works and his last word on the central problems of his creative life.

Tintern Abbey By Wordsworth Summary and Explanations

The poem is considered to be Wordsworth’s noblest utterance. It was
written soon before the departure of Wordsworth and his sister for Germany.

Dejection: an Ode – Summary, Critical Appreciation and Question Andwers

“Dejection: An Ode” by Coleridge is originally a poem about the depressed state the poet finds himself in. The work is not merely a poem, but a reflection of the poet, who was as well-known for his rise as for his fall. “Dejection” is thought to be the result of the despair of Coleridge born of his miserable marriage and his vain love of Sara Hutchinson; after all, the poem was first written as a letter to his beloved Sara.

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