Abou Ben Adhem by Leigh Hunt

1. What is the “it” of the poem’s fourth line?
The speaker is referring to his bedroom.
2. In the second line of this poem, the words “deep,” “dream,” and “peace” rhyme. What is the literary term for this repetition of interior vowel sounds within a short section?
The literary term is assonance.
3. In your own words, what question does Abou ask the angel in his room?
Abou asks the angel what it is writing in its book of gold.

Abou Ben Adhem by Leigh Hunt

4. What is the angel’s reply to Abou’s question? How does Abou react?
The angel tells Abou that he is writing the names of those who love the Lord, and reveals that Abou’s name was not on this list. Abou then asks the angel to write him down as one who “loves his fellow man.”
5. Why do you believe, at the end of this poem, Abou’s name “led all the rest” on the list of those who God had blest? What is Hunt trying to tell his reader by ending his poem this way?
Hunt seems to infer that God loves most not those who worship him best, but those who love and care for all men most.

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