UAN provides a dedicated education service ERP for educational consultant which automates an agent’s student recruitment process from counseling to post enrollments with the relevant educator’s as their key deliverables. The application is designed to support and promote a consortium of globally top-ranked universities that are signing up for our support functions on a regular basis. Depending on their subscriptions, the agents can also customize their promotional tools according to the degree of reach and the targets they need in any global ground. It also accustoms the agents with a set of business tool kits like the newsletters, proposals, agreements, and custom contracts that they wish to use as and when demanded under different circumstances. The module automates the business for an agent, from the moment they subscribe and select the universities they wish to work with. This way it’s a onetime contract to multiple universities. This user-friendly system integrates agent’s intricate activities including pre-assessment, find courses and Universities, admission application, processing, feedbacks, refunds, agent commercials and a lot more. This way we ensure that everybody is transparent with everything they need to know under the contract that passes through different patrons under a recruitment process. All this happens through this elaborate agent ERP.

An international student recruitment consultant will be often representing more than two hundred institutions that cover a wide range of their education service portfolio. This will be typically focused toward a set of qualified candidates in the target market. Hypothetically, if you happen to be a low ranked institution or an upcoming education institution, it is highly likely that your organization won’t make it into the top priority recruitment list of the agents. The reason for the same being set out by the recruiters is the fact that everyone in the service industry is looking out for efficient resource management options. If an agent considers using the programs offered by such an upcoming educator in the market, it will be an additional expense from his valet to educate his resources with the essential knowledge and training, about the institution, their programs and the ways by which they can make the client pitch with them, etc. It consumes time, money, pain, and hard work. At times these kinds of schools are also neglected with relevance to the commission slabs offered, their work culture, history, etc. Another reason put across by the agents while contracting with such institutions is the fact that they are not geared up to handle international recruitments. This is because of their incapacity to make things run smoothly under the surveillance of a 24/7 support system. The time zone differences and the lack of a support system with the institutes always cause miss communications and loss of information’s, which can often agitate the agents and may cause severe damages to their contracts. The above-mentioned notes pose a lot of risk from the agent perspective while performing recruitment activities for a targeted intake.

Consultants who make the right use of these technologies are always in the business forefront. This even makes international student recruitment a borderless business. UA-Networks are an international student recruitment platform that has envisioned these technologies as a major people engagement tool to enhance the business opportunity in the education sector. This has actually given rise to the sharing of knowledge and information with prospective candidates. It’s not just the agents or the educators who have updated information or technology, but the students or the prospective candidates demands the same in this era. For the same, we ensure that UAN which is a Europe student recruitment platform keeps in track of following factors while rendering the essential services. Whatever be the issue, we have dedicated ourselves to find coherent solutions which will help you in your endeavor. We believe in the strength of growing together, not apart. Join us to explore the unexcavated sites in international education, to decipher the best possible solutions to existing concerns, to develop a new perspective and even more.

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