Europe is one of the oldest continents, each country is quite unique, steeped in history, and there is always something new and interesting to discover, regardless of the study destination you will choose. Latvia or Lithuania? Greece or Italy? The choice is endless – from highly ranked research universities to smaller, specialized European colleges. European courses will open your eyes to new opportunities – and give you an education that employers around the world will really value and respect.

No matter where you choose to study, you’ll only be a short train ride or flight away from other countries and cultures. Studying in Europe allows you to explore the world – while you study and when you finish your Degree in Europe.

Europe has developed a quality assurance scheme, covering all European higher education courses. You’ll find European degrees are great value for money – tuition fees and living expenses are very reasonable, international scholarships are widely available, and education is highly valued in all countries.

Many countries from Europe are home to some of the top-ranked universities worldwide. Students benefit from a highly supportive and multicultural academic environment and you can find a plethora of English-taught programs. In some cases, you don’t even have to pay tuition fees. But which are the best countries for studying abroad in Europe?

Study in Latvia

Located along the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, Latvia is considered a geographic hotspot for its role as a crossroad between the East, West, North, and South. Due to its unique location, it has been influenced by the varied traditions of its neighboring countries, thus offering a multi-cultural experience for students taking up an education in Latvia. Those pursuing study abroad in Latvia will also notice that the nation’s openness to outside influences is evident in its education system, as Latvian higher education institutions are active members of international organizations in various fields of study. Foreigners taking up an education in Latvia are not an uncommon sight either, as the Latvian education system had more than 5,400 international enrollees, with the number growing steadily every year.

Study in Lithuania

With its colorful history and its important geographic location, Lithuania is the bustling connecting hub between Western and Eastern Europe. The small nation with a population of just about 2.8 million has been an EU member since 2004 and, in 2015, adopted the Euro as its official currency. Over the past two decades, Lithuania’s education system has seen exciting reforms. Today, there are hundreds of interesting English-taught study options available to international students.

Study in Greece

Greece does have quite reasons to commend itself for the international student experience. Especially if you are a history buff or interested in archaeology. What you will find in Greece are amazing monuments and well-preserved items of one of the most important birthplaces of today’s western civilization.

Study in the Czech Republic

The high quality and tradition of the Czech education and research are widely recognized, especially when it comes to studying Science, Engineering or Medicine in the Czech Republic.

Study in Italy

Italy is good for studies; you will get admission in Top-ranked universities with low tuition fees. With a varied selection of courses and disciplines, international students in Italy can take advantage of all this country has to offer, while pursuing credits in their designated field of interest.

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