Cinema is a wonderful means of entertainment and instruction. It is a part and parcel of mass media. Nevertheless, it has got the negative aspect that unfortunately is awfully dominant now. Undoubtedly, cinema is the greatest source of entertainment. It is an effective medium of overcoming boredom and anxiety, especially in urban areas where life is dull and tenser. Children, as well as elders, are similarly fond of the cinema shows. Of course, they often remain glued to the idiot box in their houses.

The cinema (especially T.V channels) shows a multiplicity of programs. These programs reflex various themes social, economic, political, judicial, etc. It shapes the opinion and outlook of the masses to form a just social structure. It helps us to peep into the past with a right and judicious perspective.

It has a great educative value. However, it has now made a very negative shift from constructive to destructive. Prostitution, violence, dacoity, smuggling, quarreling, exploitation, sexy scenes which are often not related to the main topic, have become the hallmarks of the modern cinema. Consequently, it has gradually shrunk our social, cultural and moral fabric and replaced it by the hateful western immodesty. The nakedness and ultra-modern fashions are flooding and damaging our own values.

The craze for western culture and the blind imitation of their cultural values has pushed our youth off the modest righteous track. The evils, so far unknown to the East, are now rampant everywhere here. The cinema in itself is a boon if it is not used for evil purposes or promoting vices, nakedness, and immodesty. It should be used to promote our own cultural values and moral standards. It should raise our favourite social structure to the climax and not raze it to the dust.

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