Questions of Global Warming

Questions of Global Warming

Global Warming Questions and Answers Class 8th

The term global warming refers to the general increase in the average temperature of the earth caused by the presence of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, causing changes in climate patterns throughout the globe.

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Q.1 Why has the Earth’s average surface temperature increased?

Ans: One of the major reasons cited for the increase in the Earth’s average surface temperature is the increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases produced by human activities such as deforestration and burning of fossil fuels. The increase in the carbon footprint by the developed and the developing countries is one of the major causes of global warming.

Questions of global warming

Q. 2 Why is the Himalayan region called the Water Tower of Asia?

Ans: The Himalayan region is called the Water Tower of Asia because it has a glacial coverage of 33000 square kilometers and it provides around 8.6 million cubic meters of water per annum.

Q. 3 What are the main sources of water in the Kashmir Valley?

Ans: The main sources of drinking water and irrigation in the Kashmir Valley are glaciers.

Q. 4 Why is water the most precious natural resource?

Ans: All life forms in general and the human life in particular are not possible without water. Water sustains life besides presenting itself as one of the major energy resources in the formation of electricity.

Q. 5 How has Kashmir been influenced by global warming?

Ans: Due to global warming, the glaciers in Kashmir are receding at an alarming rate. We have lost 18% of the Kolhai glacier, and about 16% of the glaciers in Suru basin. Besides this Kashmir is witnessing reduction in snowfall, occurance of high velocity wind storms, and drastic changes in prespitation and seasonal changes.

Q. 6 How is global warming the largest threat to humanity?

Ans: Global warming is catastrophic because it is going to render earth barren. Global warming is going to bring droughts, heatwaves and heavy downpour which will have disastrous consequences on the agricultural yields and consequently lead to species extinction. According to Noam Chomsky, after nuclear bomb environmental degradation is the second largest threat faced by man.

Q.7 What do you think is the cause of decrease in snowfall in Kashmir?

Ans: The main cause behind the decrease in snowfall in Kashmir is global warming.

Q. 8 What has been the impact of global warming on J&K so far?

Ans: Due to global warming, the glaciers in J&K are receding at an alarming rate as compared to other glacial regions in the world. J&K has lost about 18% of the Kolhai glacier and about 16% of glaciers in Sure basin alone in the last forty years.

Q. 9 What role do scientists play in J&K to deal with the global warming?

Ans: In Jammu and Kashmir, The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI) has selected the Kolhai glacier as one of the index glaciers for long term monitoring. The scientific studies conducted on the glacier will last for five years after which TERI will recommend measures to bring down the glacier‘s recession rate.

Q.10 What do we as individuals need to do to deal with the problem of global warming?

Ans: Besides making people aware about the disastrous consequences of global warming, we should try our best to minimize our carbon footprint that can be done by late minimizing air pollution, encouraging afforestation etc.


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