Effects Of Junk Food on Health Essay

First let’s know what junk food is.

Actually, junk food is not made of garbage as the compound word ‘ junk food’ may make you infer. People use the term junk food to describe a food that has few of nutrients that our body requires but the worrying thing is that it has plenty of fat, sugar and salt that our body can easily get too much of. Chips of potato, candy and soft drinks are often referred to as junk food. If you like these snack foods, eating them in small portions is the trick to keep you getting the nutrients you need every day.

Effects of junk food on child's health

Fast-food is easily available. It is served commercially which do not take much time to assemble. It is palatable and affordable. But an attempt to meet taste requirements at a low price, several nutritional compromises are made. It has harmful effects on our health especially on childs’ health who are very fond of junk foods.

Fast food puts us at greater risk of diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, cancer and obesity as fast food are high in cholesterol, sugar, sodium,additives and preservatives, each of which has been linked to development of chronic disorders. Junk food is further low in protective components like fibre and anti-oxide. Many fast foods further have a wide variety of chemical additives etc. used to preserve emulsification, colour to enhance the products, to ensure uniformity, taste and profitability. These may pose health risk. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is often used as a flavour enhancer and can lead to headache, tightness in the chest and burning sensation in the forearms and back of the neck.

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The fat used by fast food restaurants in India is hydrogenated vegetable oil. It is deleterious to health in more than one way. It is not abolished by the body like natural fat. It is causing an increasing blood cholesterol levels and clogging of arteries.Most eating places heat the same oil again and again thereby creating several harmful carcinogenic substances. Largely, due to increased consumption of fast and processed food in the past 80 years our fat intake has increased about 20 percent and sugar consumption has gone up by 40 percent.

Effects of junk food on children's health

Consuming more calories from fat or refined sugar also displaces fresh fruits and vegetables, milk and other nutrient packed foods from our diet. We lose out on the fibre, vitamins, minerals, and other protective food. We need to protect us against heart attacks, cancers, diabetes and of library. They were also told how to locate on the shelves a book of their choice. Each visitors was also told how books on different subjects are catalogued and arranged. Some of the visitors were so impressed that they donated a number of useful oils for the library. A short cultural programme was organised on the concluding day.

Consuming more calories from fat or refined sugar also displaces fresh fruits and vegetables, milk and other nutrient packed foods from our diet. We lose out on the fibre, vitamins, minerals, and other protective food. We need to protect us against heart attacks, cancers, diabetes and other degenerative disorders.

Warning: Junk food have harmful effects on child health

Effects of junk food on health

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People Asked:

Q. What is difference between fast food and junk food?

There is some overlap between two terms.The two terms are usually used synonyms but they can not always be used interchangeably. There is some difference between the two terms. The difference lies in different aspects of food.These two aspects are:

➡ Quality

➡ Preparation time

Fast food is served in a fast food restaurant, such as McDonalds, etc., while junk food could be served as fast food, such as chips, pop, etc. In essence, the adjective: “fast” modifies the noun “food” in describing how long it takes for the consumer to get the food ready to be eaten, which is the food will be ready very soon. The “junk” adjective describes the quality of food and its nutritional value. Here “junk” is regarded as something that can not be used, i.e. garbage.

Therefore, fast food is the process of assembly.It is usually obtained in a restaurant, where the entire restaurant is designed in a matter of a few minutes to get customers their food. The classic example is the hamburger of the McDonald.

Effects of junk food on health essay

Unlike fast food, Junk food is the nutritional value of the food. Typically, junk food is processed, containing high amounts of sodium, calories, and/or fat, with low nutritional value, such as Doritos chips bag, or a candy bar.

There is some confusion. If a hamburger is put together in a fast food restaurant using, say, 70% lean beef, lots of salt, and a cheap bun made of bleached flour, that burger could be considered both fast food and junk food. Not all fast food is junk food, however, and not all junk food is fast food. Many fast-food restaurants have made healthier choices on their menus in recent years, responding to criticism of health concerns and obesity issues.

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Effects of junk food on health paragraph

Convenience food is a closely related term. However, convenience food is generally not sold in restaurants, but in supermarkets. It is prepared to be ready or consumed easily. Again, junk food and convenience food overlap a lot, but the two are not necessarily synonymous. For example, pre – peeled and pre – washed baby carrots could be considered a convenience food, but not junk food.

What we learn:

  1. What is junk food?
  2. What is difference between junk food and fast food?
  3. Harmful effects of junk food on health
  4. Effects of junk food on child health

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