Do you want to impress your favourite girl?

Does that girl ignore you in spite of your great efforts?

If you want to impress a girl you crave, the first and most important aspect is eye contact and the signals that the girl gives. This is the foundation to build your game upon.

But why does eye contact matter so much?

It is how we know the interest of a woman. Anything and everything you do in interacting with women are directly related to body language and eye contact. Any woman’s eye contact will tell you all you need to know. All body language is important, but eye contact and maybe a little smile will tell you what you really want to know. It tells you, “I’m interested in you and I’m available.”

Thousand Yard Stare

Alpha Male hunt with their eyes. They use them to search for their prey and to guard against all threats. It is possible to use the eyes to attract the girl across the room or to look down on any competition. As you scan for potential targets across the room, slowly move your eyes toward making eye contact with the target. Eye contact in the language game of the body is very important. It’s one of the things that allows you to show trust Without trust, women will see through you no matter how well you present yourself. Hold it for an extra second when you make eye contact, doing so will develop sexual chemistry.

Alpha Male’s hunt with their eyes. They use them to look for their prey and ward off all threats. The eyes can be used to attract the girl across the room or stare down any would be competition. As you scan across the room for potential targets, move your eyes slowly looking to make eye contact with the target. Eye contact is very important in the body language game. It is one of the things that allows you to display confidence Without confidence, women will see right through you no matter how well you present yourself.

When you make eye contact, hold it for an extra second, doing so develops sexual chemistry. Throw in a smile to show her that you are truthful, but it is also seen as a sign of trust. We don’t say to look at every cute girl you see until she looks in your direction, but as you look around, catch her eye and hold the contact, instead of looking away quickly. You’re likely to have very poor eye contact if you’re shy. Start practising with everyone you come in contact with, and when you talk to them, look them in the eye.

The eyes can be an extremely powerful weapon around other males also. When you see a potential threat or some other guy tries to move in on your girl, squint your eyes a little and stare at his forehead directly. Squinting your eyes allows you to focus on the threat and lower your eyebrows, leading to a threatening look. When we talk to them, we are all taught to look in the eyes at someone. It is regarded as a sign of respect. Looking at somebody is a sign of submission, another thing we don’t do as an Alpha Male. You’re saying by looking at their forehead, “I don’t respect you, I’m stronger than you, this is my territory!” It can be very intimidating for the person at the other end of the look.

How to Impress a Girl?

Body Language

The words you say account for only ten per cent of the total message in the face – to – face conversation. Thirty per cent of them is vocal, describing your voice and tone of inflexion. The remainder of the message is nonverbal. Sixty per cent of what you’re saying is done by non – verbal communication; body language. How much you attempt hard to hide your feelings towards a person, your body language will betray you and reveal the world how you really feel.
Thus, the body language is king in the pick-up game and in daily life. Remember that the message only contains ten per cent of what you say, the rest is body language. What you say is directly related to the language of your body. If you display confident body language, the dialogue will come out in a confident manner in your conversation. You’re not going to trip over your words. Apparently, the words will be meaningless. Rather than seeming generic or rehearsed, they will begin to flow out. You’ll be less concerned about what you’re saying and more fluid will be your conversations.


The first and foremost step in turning into an Alpha Male is to carry yourself in a confident way. This is something you can rehearse constantly. You don’t simply flip a switch when you get to the bar and turn into a confident guy. Young ladies will see directly through you. If you desire to be better with ladies, you have to roll out an improvement in your way of life. Begin carrying yourself in a confident manner. Regardless of whether you are a shy person if you demonstration confidence you will be confident. Have you heard the expression fake it till you make it? A similar theory applies here. Carry yourself in a sure way and you will end up being a confident person. In case you radiate confidence, you will be seen as a significantly more intriguing individual. This will assist you with your career, with your friends, family, everything, not simply with young girls. In case you are not kidding about getting better at collaborating and grabbing ladies, you have to make concerted effort to become an increasingly confident person. Girls will look you in a totally different light.

 How to Impress a Girl?

Learning to claim your space is the second step in becoming an Alpha Male. You want to be seen, the focus of attention. So move to the centre of the room and start marking your territory when you’re looking for space to claim. Place your drink, put down a lighter, put down your jacket, or cover it. You send the signal out, “If you want this space, you’ll have to take it from me!” The greater your space, the larger your territory. The more territory you claim, the more you are going to be an Alpha Male. Wherever you go, go to the centre right away. It doesn’t matter if you sit on a couch, walk into the bar, enter a room. Make a straight line without hesitation. From the moment you walk into a room, if you are confident, all eyes will be on you. Walk tall, back of your shoulders, chest, relaxed, with your head up and smiling. When we tell you to walk in a confident way, this is what we mean. You may not notice people looking at you, but they will notice you definitely.

The women are going to think you’re intrigued in getting to know you. The guys are all going to be jealous because they know you are being paid attention, and the women find you interesting, not them. Take a moment to watch the girls not currently talking to any other guy when you’re at the bar next time. What do they do? They’re watching the door to see who’s going to come in next, to see if they’re the next guy who’s coming in. Take your time to get where you’re going, no rush, let the women see all you’ve got to offer. You’re going to carry confident body language. If you’ve got poor body language but a killer opener and you’re approaching a girl, whether she finds you attractive or not, she’ll soon become uninterested. It doesn’t matter what you say if you have a great body language, she’ll be interested. Now, of course, you don’t want to open her and stumble over her words, but if you just say the first genuine thing that pops up in your mind and has a random conversation, your trust will carry you.


One approach to indicate dominance is by being bigger than everyone. We are raised to trust that bigger is better. Large men seem all the more dominant and are appraised more alluring than smaller men. But that doesn’t mean you need to be a muscle-bound, coco diesel, ape. You simply need to figure out how to seem large in your very own casing. In case you are a large person, figure out how to move and stand in a manner that is large in stature, not fat. In case you are a short person utilizes certain procedures to seem larger.

Standing Tall
Tall men seem increasingly overwhelming, however for what reason is this? Consider a conference, everybody is sitting at the table, with the boss at the head of the table. When the boss talks, he is the one to the motion to everybody that he is in control. When police approach your car, you are staying there hanging tight for them to approach your window. When he arrives he is remaining over you. Those are the significant circumstances where the authority figure is showing strength. Presently consider when you eat out at a restaurant, the server will lean down, or take a seat by you while taking your request so they are at eye level with you. They would prefer not to rule since they need the customer to feel comfortable so they get better tips. The waiter will portray mediocrity.

How tall you show up, has little to do with how tall you really are. Clearly, it is difficult to shroud somebody who is 6′ 4″, yet that you are average height or littler doesn’t mean you can’t apply this standard. When you are out with your friends and they are sitting, stand up. You are the one guy, see, you are the Alpha Male of the gathering. Girls need to know what makes you so prevailing, and why you are superior to the rest of your companions. You should never slump, yet if you are a short individual it is critical to stand tall. Benefit from what you have. On the off chance that you are a bigger person, slumping will make you seem lethargic and messy.

Chest Out

Chest Out Alpha Males thrust their chest out to show off their powerful pectorals. “Look at me, I’m strong and I’m going to protect you!” And other men, I’m strong, so you couldn’t get in my way better! “By turning your body at an angle, you can exaggerate this move by showing off your chest profile. Women are doing this as well. To attract you, they accentuate their chest. Again, to show off your amazing pecs, you don’t have to put in hours at the gym. It stands in a way that touches women’s subconscious. It doesn’t matter how big your chest is, but you’re standing tall in a way that says you’re strong and can protect her.

Shoulders Back

Pulling the shoulders back sticks the chest out. Dropping the shoulders is an indication of apathy and poor stance. Poor stance makes you look powerless and disgraceful. Pulling the shoulders back additionally helps the shorter the man has all the earmarks of being taller. It enables the heavy man to give off an impression of being certain and agreeable in his skin.


The elbows can be utilized to influence us to seem bigger than we truly are. Much the same as a male flying creature will unsettle up his plumes to seem bigger, putting your hands on your hips and staying your elbows out will make you look greater, and extends the chest; another power show.

Shoulder Width Stance

Keeping your feet at a shoulder-width position enables you to consume up more room, influencing you to seem bigger. It leaves the groin open for assault. This is a flag that says you are open and congenial, versus cut off. By doing as such it tells the world that you are not terrified of any dangers. Shutting the legs shields the groin from the assault, appearing.

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Toes Out

Pointing your toes outwards tells the room that you are open for correspondence. Once more, you are receptive. Pointing the toes in signs that you are shut off and feel threatened by your environment. You never need to seem, by all accounts, to be shut off or to have individual obstructions.


Studies have demonstrated that girls most loved male body part is separated into three groups, legs, butts, and the blend of the chest and arms. Shockingly the male butt is the best decision with 40%. Generally speaking, ladies are searching for athletic body shape.

Blend it with solid arms and a tight butt, you can’t turn out badly. Male bodies were worked to chase, pursue sustenance, wrestle creatures, and murder any potential danger. Indeed, even today ladies are still pulled in to a man who appears as though he can give these fundamental needs. We’re not saying you should be gigantic but rather you ought to be fit as a fiddle. If you are not fit as a fiddle, you have to begin doing some sort of action. For thin folks, begin doing a type of weight preparing. Regardless of whether it is minor, you will see significant outcomes.

If you are around a person, begin doing some sort of running or strolling. Once more, regardless of whether it’s solitary two times each week for ten to twenty minutes, it will help. Do what you can.

Broad Shoulders

Broad Shoulders taper to a narrow waist and create a V – Taper. This creates the most athletic appearance. Men who appear physically fit are classified by women as more attractive. If this does not describe you, do not stress it out. What we’re talking about is using and making the most of what you have yourself; putting yourself in the most attractive position possible.

Muscular Arms

Muscular arms show women that he is strong and can carry their kill over long distances. When walking around the bar, it also gives them something to hold on to. Big arms, not giant, make a woman feel safe. Wear something to show them off if you have big arms. Do not wear big baggy shirts if you have bean polearms. This is going to make your arms look even smaller. In fact, a tighter fitting shirt will make small arms appear larger. You can also choose a long sleeve down button.

 How to Impress a Girl?

Tight Butt

A nice butt is a women’s favourite everywhere. In a soccer game, you ask any woman what was her favourite part of the game, and ninety per cent will say the uniforms. The reason women find it so appealing is because it takes a tight, muscular back to make the sex drive. A strong thrusting motion will make sperm transfer more successful. Wear pants that flatter your specific type of body.

Muscular Legs

Muscular legs are symbols of masculine power and endurance. They allowed our ancestors to run quickly over long distances to chase and hunt game.


The Alpha Male’s attitude is what this swagger gives us. The look in our eye, the thunder in our voice, is prominent in our walk. It’s the thing that women can’t put their finger on when they ask, “Why am I so attracted to this guy?” If you’re right, you’re going to have the right confidence.

Chin Up

Keeping the chin up means that the eyes do not look down. Looking down is a sign of being submitted. Holding your chin high makes it easier for women to see your face profile. The Alpha Male does not hide what it has, it shows proudly what it has. You make yourself vulnerable to attack by sticking out your chin, while simultaneously signalling comers, “Take your best shot, you can’t knock me out!” Holding your head high also helps you stand high and hold back your shoulders.

Shaking Hands

A simple handshake determines who’s done wanting to reach out for a handshake, you can extend your hand one of three ways. With the palm up, you can stretch the hand, showing submission. You can extend straight up and down with your hand, showing you consider the other person your equal, or you can show your dominance by stretching out your hand with the palm facing down. If another male tries to show his dominance when shaking your hand, when reaching for his hand, you can counteract this by pushing your left foot forward. This will cause him to pull back his hand to make room for your progress, turning his palm upright. This will bring you to a mutually respectful handshake.

Adjusting the Crotch

If his junk is uncomfortable, a man will adjust his crotch. Usually, this is done without much thinking. To do this openly, however, is both a power display and a sex display, “My dick is greater than yours!” Or, “Ladies! Have a look at my cock! “It sounds funny and dumb, but it can be subtly done on the subconscious of a woman.

Hands at Your Sides

Keep your hands at all times on your sides facing your palms. Doing so is a sign of openness, you invite a target to come and talk to you. What do you remember about this pose? Jesus. Ninety per cent of all images displays Jesus with open arms, exposed palms. This is inviting people into it. Folding your arms across your chest will show you how close you are. Guys holding their hands do this as a comforting act, showing that they are uncomfortable holding their hands in front of their crotch of fear. Many guys will be holding up their drinks at chest level in the bars. Even this creates a barrier for the mother. Set your drink, show the world that in your surroundings you are comfortable. Remember, it’s open and accessible.


Need to make a statement? Clothes matter. Your personal image and the way you carry yourself through body language and the Alpha Male attitude determine whether people take you seriously or not. Whether you are trying to pick up women or go to a job interview, the first impression you make matters. If they say clothes make the man, then make the man you want to be.

What to Wear
Not everyone looks good in everything. Your body type will determine what clothes you should wear.

Skinny Guys

If you are really skinny you don’t want to wear something that makes you look even smaller. Vertical stripes are slimming, stay away from vertical stripes. I personally wouldn’t wear horizontal stripes and would not recommend that, but if you are going to wear stripes wear horizontal. I would go with solid coloured shirts. Layering clothing is also a good idea. Wear a long-sleeved shirt or thermal. Layer that with a vintage type t-shirt or a button up. If you go with the button up roll the sleeves up to the elbow. Long sleeves may make you appear even skinnier. You could go with a button-up with a t-shirt over the top. Pull out the collar and roll up the sleeves. Stay away from baggy clothes. Big sweatshirts will look stupid. Wear smaller t-shirts. Short sleeve shirts that are too big will make your arms look even smaller. If the shirt is snug, not tight, you will actually appear to be bigger.

Any kind of jeans is okay. I like pants with designed holes in them, but that’s just me, Nick likes to keep it looking good, without any holes. If you go someplace nice you need nice jeans or some kind of slacks.
The big thing with your pants is to make sure they fit. Don’t get tight jeans and then tuck your shirt in. Both have slimming effects.

Big Guys

You know you’re big, and so does everyone else. What you wear isn’t as important as how you stand and position yourself. Remember your body language will carry you. If you are comfortable with you so will everyone else. Vertical stripes are slimming.

Wear a t-shirt and a button up with small vertical stripes. Wear a shirt that fits. No baggy clothing for you. You can add a sports coat/evening jacket if you want I would. Any kind of jeans or slacks will do. Again, wear pants that fit. If they are too small your belly will look bigger. If you sag them, or they are too baggy, you will look like a fat gangster. That’s not what you are going for.

Average or Athletic Guys
You are the lucky ones if most clothes will look good on you. Since all clothes look good on you, style is most important. Wear clothes that are the right size. If
you don’t know what that means ask the girl working in the store, “Does this look too big, or does this look too tight?” For a top option, any of the things we mentioned above will work. Be creative. Because of your body type, you should wear jeans that will show off your ass. All that means is pants that fit and wear them up around your waist. Wear shirts that are short. They should end one or two inches below the waistline of your pants.

  • To Look Taller and Thinner:
  • Wear clothes that fit well
  • Wear solid colours from head to toe.
  • Wear your pants at the waist.
  • Avoid too many accessories.
  • Wear vertical stripes.
  • Avoid patterns with a lot of detail

To Look Shorter and/or Heavier
Wear contrasting colours
Accent with bold colours.
Wear patch pockets or styling details
Wear layers.
Select a top coat in a thick fabric
Limit using the same colour from head to toe.


“Peacocking” is a term used to describe a certain type of style. The term is used to reflect how a peacock bushes out their tail as big as possible, showing all the colours and design when attracting a mate. The more colours, the more beautiful. The more bold and flashy of design, the better. Some people will wear outrageous clothing or accessories to draw more attention to themselves. This is referred to as peacocking. You have to dress within your personality so if you are not over the top, you can peacock conservatively with maybe one or two accessories such as a hat or sports coat. You could also, wear a shirt that says something really crazy. The brighter and bolder your personality so will be your clothing. Just keep in mind, you will get more attention the more outrageous your clothing and accessories, so you better be ready to handle that.

Go with the types of shirts described above. When I go out I wear button ups over t-shirts or long-sleeved shirts or button-ups under some kind of stylish jacket. Sometimes I will go more casual with a crazy t-shirt under a jacket or t-shirt over a long sleeved shirt. If I’m feeling crazy I may wear a button up with a tie, tied loosely, sometimes with a jacket, sometimes without. Or maybe I will wear a t-shirt over a button up.

Depending on what I’m wearing up top and where I’m going will determine my pants. I mainly wear jeans but when the occasion calls for it, I will wear dress pants. Most of my Jeans have designed holes in them because that’s my style, it’s a subtle form of peacocking. If I am going to a high-end club or a nice restaurant I will wear nice jeans or dress pants

You can use belts in a variety of ways. With a big flashy belt/belt buckle you can use that as a form of peacocking. A small stylish belt is used for just that and to hold your pants up where they belong. I wear smaller stylish belts. You need a few belts to match the rest of your clothing. This is very important to a woman. It is also imperative that your belt matches your shoes.

Shoes are extremely important. Shoes are sometimes the first thing a woman will notice. If it’s not the first, it is definitely within the first few seconds of noticing you. Not only is it important as to what type of shoes you are wearing, but it is also important that they match the rest of your outfit, belt included. I don’t know shit about shoes, but the cute girls that work at the department stores that sell men’s and women’s clothing and shoes do (Nordstrom… etc). I do not hesitate to walk up to the best-looking one and ask her, “Can you help me pick out some shoes. I don’t know anything about shoes.

I out something that girls will think are hot. What would you want to see me wearing in a club if I had on…” You can say anything from there. All you need to know is what colour you need. You probably need black and a couple of shades of brown. The girls will tell you what you need To do you also notice that this is a perfect way to build up sexual chemistry in a non-threatening manner?
You are essentially roleplaying out a real-life scenario. You can take it as far as you want. Walk in and tell her, “I need all new shoes and I need help. I have no style at all, you are cute you could probably pick out some shoes that will….” Whatever you want from there, “that will get me laid, that will make girls notice me in a good
way, that girls will see and think that guy is hot, he’s got the style.”

Using accessories is really just a way for guys to look our best, to peacock. I have earrings, some flashy, all types of necklaces, bracelets, three of which I never take off, rings, belts, sunglasses, I have even worn an ankle bracelet for an extended period of time.

Sports/evening jackets are accessories. I will wear any combination of these at any time to achieve the desired look. It all depends on my mood that night and what will go well with the clothes I am wearing.
Just like with shoes, you can ask any girl in any department store for help with clothes. Yea you get to have a non-threatening interaction with a girl, but you really do need help with your style. Just be honest with her. And don’t be a chicken shit and ask a guy or an ugly girl. The guy probably got his style from those same hot girls that work there and the ugly girl is not the kind of girl you want to impress so her opinion doesn’t mean shit. Simply walk up to a cute girl and say, “I need a new wardrobe and my style sucks. You are cute so you probably know what is in. Can you help I pick out….” and continue with whatever you are planning on buying, whether its a shirt and pair of pants, or ten shirts, five pairs of pants, and two jackets? One trick I have learned with accessories is how easy it is for a girl to make a connection with a particular item of yours. You know how they love to sleep in our shirts or boxers. Each time I go out I wear a cheap ring or necklace that has little meaning to me so I don’t care if I still have that item at the end of the night. When I meet a girl I make a connection with I will tell her, “Wow, I really think we have something going here, I want you to take my ring to remember me by.” I give her my ring, get her number and move on. To me, it was no big thing, but to the girl it’s huge. Every time she looks at the ring she is reminded of me, all night long and each day after until I decide to call her up. Anything will do, even a ring out of a quarter machine will work.

 How to Impress a Girl?

Grooming is an act that has been incorporated over thousands of years. It is important that we put our the best foot forward, and we must groom ourselves. It is okay, for guys to be man pretty.

Keep your eyebrows in check. There are men out there with a unibrow but are too macho to do anything about it. No women out there find this attractive. Same with bushy eyebrows, grab some tweezers and go to work.

How to Impress a Girl?

Only children bite their nails. Keep your nails trimmed short. This applies to toenails as well. Some women like rough hands but I find more of them prefer soft hands. If you have a big ass, rough calluses on your hands get rid of them.

Facial Hair
There are studies that suggest men who shave every day have more sex than men who don’t. That means that more women prefer cleanly shaven to anything else. If you want facial hair, by all means, have it.
Just keep it in check. You can be clean cut with facial hair. If you like the rugged look, then get a trimmer and use it every day. Keep your shit looking good.

Most men don’t get haircuts often enough, once a month is fine for most men. If you like it long, still go in once a month to clean it up. If you use gel or other products in your hair, wash your forehead after you are done. Most products will leave a shiny film on your head making your forehead light up. As with facial hair, keep the hair on top of your head clean cut. By clean cut I mean to keep it looking good. Any messed up, spiky type style is good. Women like it when your hair looks like you spent ten seconds on it. For most of you, you probably do spend ten seconds on it. The truth is, it takes time to make it look that way. Learn how to do it. If you are losing your hair, once you go from thinking to power alleys and a bald spot in the back, it’s time to just shave it off.

Grooming is something that some of you will have a real problem with. It is a concept that some aren’t willing to accept. You don’t have to believe in it, but just take it as fact and do something about it. Go into a salon, put the fate of your new look in their hands, and tell them you need a makeover in the hair department. Tell them you want something that is trendy and in. Then tell them to teach you how to style it.

Just as our body language says what we are really thinking, the colours we wear also send out a certain message. Colours enhance our appearance and influence our behaviour. For instance, the colour pink is known to have a calming effect on people, therefore it has been used in jail cells and in the locker rooms of a visiting sports team. A lot of restaurants use red, or-
range, and yellow to attract customers, but these colours are designed to encourage you not to stay long making room for more customers and more sales.

The colour red increases your appetite causing you to eat more. Colours can affect the size of a room, your sense of temperature, and most importantly, how women see you.

Black is the colour of authority, elegance, sophistication, and seduction. It is a slimming colour and makes people appear thinner. Black can also imply submission such as a woman who is wearing black panties implies she wants the man to see her in her underwear.

White symbolises innocence and purity, which is why the wedding dress is white. Doctors wear a white coat to imply sterility and cleanliness.

The colour of dominance, power, and sexual energy, the colour red attracts attention. It is also the colour of love.

One of the most popular colours, blue represents knowledge, authority, and loyalty. Blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals so it is often used in bed-
rooms. The colour blue shows loyalty, it is a popular colour to wear at a job interview.

Green represents compassion, prosperity, money, and vitality. It is a relaxing colour. Many TV studios have a “green room” for people to sit in to relax before they go on the air.

Yellow is another attention getter. While it is considered an optimistic colour, symbolising enthusiasm and playfulness, the colour yellow is very difficult for the human eye to take in and can be overpowering.

Purple is the colour of royalty. It represents luxury, wealth, and sophistication. It is also feminine and romantic and rarely found in nature.

Old reliable brown. Brown shows stability. It is the colour of earth and a favourite of most men.

Cold Reading

Women love men that are both mysterious and entertaining. Cold reading is a technique used to convince another person that you know much more about them than you actually do. With enough practice, you can quickly obtain a lot of information about a woman by carefully observing her body language, clothing, fashion, hairstyle, religion, race, education, and speech. Much like a detective will create a profile of his assailant, you too can find out personal details in a matter of minutes.

This process begins with basic observations and knowledge of current trends. You open with a generalized statement that would apply to just about anyone like, “Sometimes you are insecure around people you don’t know very well.” From there you move on to more specific details like, “You often put other’s needs before your own, especially those close to you.” By reading the woman’s reactions, you can confirm or deny how close to the truth you actually are.

Personality Types
As much as we like to think that we are all different, people can be simplified into four basic types of personality, knowledge searching, identity-searching, sensation searching, and security searching
Also, each type of personality falls into one of two attitudes, introverted or extroverted, in which an introvert is quiet, reserved, and self – interested, while an extrovert is outgoing, loud, and the focus.

Knowledge seeking personalities account for 5% to 7% of the population. They are technically minded problem solvers. They have a rational basis for everything they do. Systematic and logical, they have a hunger for learning and achievement. They tend to be interested in the sciences.

Identity seeking personalities represent 8% to 10% of the population. They try to give meaning to their lives and strive to have a positive effect on the lives of those closest to them. They describe their lives as a constant fight between good and evil. They are known to be sympathetic, enthusiastic, intuitive, insightful, and subjective.

Sensation seeking personalities enjoy life and all its shortcomings. They are easy going and open to trying new things. They never miss a chance to indulge themselves in activities that they find pleasurable. They are open-minded, tolerant, artistic, and athletic. They will compromise and are determined to get what they want. Sensation seeking personalities account for 35% to 40% of the population.

At 40% to 45%, security seeking personalities are the largest and most common group. Hardworking, conservative, detailed, and stable. Security seeking personalities seek order and routine in their daily lives.

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They instil traditional values and seek memberships to clubs and organizations.

As we grow older, and learn from our experiences, our views and beliefs about life change with the times. Age eighteen to twenty-two is considered the breaking away period, where a young adult breaks away from their parents and sets out on a life of their own.

This can be done by going off to college, joining the military, or moving out of the house into their own place.

They tend to follow the latest fads that conflict with the values of their parents. They surround themselves with friends who share the same views as their own, which serve as a temporary family element.

From ages twenty-two to thirty, people change their focus from trying to break free from their parents, to realising their own personal goals. They may latch onto others to define their roles or look to mentors. One of the biggest fears of this group is that the decisions they make today will affect them in the future.

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During this period people will make one of two choices. To start building a firm foundation, marriage, family, and security, or run away from all commitments and live a life of exploration, risk-taking, and life experience. Either path they take, they almost always look back and wonder, what it would have been like if they took the other choice.

The thirties is a period of self-evaluation and settling. They question their career and relationship choices. If they don’t have a family, now is the time they start considering getting married, buying a home, even having children. They shift their focus to their careers and other opportunities for advancement.

From the forties, people feel the effects of ageing and their youth diminish. They go through the typical mid-life crisis due to the fact that they no longer can do what they were once able to do in their youth. They reach out more to friends and find a renewed sense of life through new hobbies and activities. The kids are off to start their own lives and they are finally able to let them go.

One Minute Profile

A few key observations to various aspects about a woman can tell you everything you need to know, even if you observe the most basic of facts before going in.

Height and Weight

The average height and weight for a woman is

5’3”, 135 pounds.

Body Reflection

How does she hold herself in the group? Is she comfortable in her surroundings or is she closed off and watchful? Is she the centre of attention and displaying dominant features or she keeping to herself and playing a submissive role.


The face shows the most prevalent signs of ageing. As we get older our skin becomes less elastic. Look for wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, and forehead. People who are overweight, smoke, and drink heavily, age faster than those who do not.


The more articulate the target is, the higher the education level, or amount of wealth that a person has. Listen for an accent and to the words they use. Every place has its own local vocabulary. Are they consistent with their locality or do they seem out of context?


We all know that a diamond ring on a girl’s left-hand means she is married, but jewellery can tell us so much more than that. Women without a lot of money, but an extrovert personality will often wear cheap jewellery to show off their own personal style. A necklace may show us a religious preference and signs of wealth.

Look at the size and quality of the stones in the rings, necklaces, and earrings. The bigger and better quality of the stone, the more wealth that person has, or they can be gifts from past relationships and it shows the type of guys she normally dates. A pin or ribbon is normally worn in support of a belief or cause they feel strongly about. If the target is not wearing any jewellery, she is generally an introvert who does not want to conform to pressures of society. She will think of herself as highly intelligent.

Clothing and Appearance

Name brand and designer clothing show a sign of wealth. Formal or business casual dress shows the target most likely works in an office or similar professional setting. Casual wear is for comfort, but the brand and style will match the targets income level. Are they expensive and name brand, or last years style and worn out. Look at her shoes, again are they the latest fashion and well kept?

The target’s personal grooming habits tell the world how they want to be perceived and what they think of themselves. Is her hair styled and well kept?

Does she get her nails done professionally or does she do them herself?

Good grooming habits are a sign of success and achievement. They think highly of themselves and want the world to know the same. Poor habits show signs of laziness, little wealth, and that they don’t care what others have to think about them


A target’s attractiveness is a personal call. We all have different tastes but we all know what an attractive woman looks like. The really attractive women have their own set of concerns. Most men find them intimidating, and they are a threat to most other women. Others do not recognize their intelligence or other special skills, and they find that most men step over the line in their advances.

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Putting it All Together

So how do we go about this? I tend to use this technique about five to ten minutes into the conversation after the initial banter is over with and I can tell the conversation really isn’t going anywhere other than small talk. Turn to your target and say, “Do you believe in a Sixth Sense? This is strange but I’m feeling a strong connection with you. Ever since I was little I’ve been able to sense things about people upon meeting them for the first time. Do you mind if I do a reading on you?”

Now that you have her interest, grab her by the hands and close your eyes for a few seconds. Much of the success of a cold reading depends on your ability to sell the act. The more convincing you are, the more she will believe the things you are saying about her.

By now you should have made several observations about your target by using the one minute profile.

With this in mind, we will come out with a few flattering remarks about them. The following list is how the average woman will describe herself.

  • Friendly = Fun to be around
  • Bright = Good Natured
  • Loyal = Family oriented
  • Independent = Problem solver
  • Honest = Excellent people skills
  • Unappreciated Puts = others before them
  • Perceptive = Natural intuition

Ready to try? Tell her the following,

“I can see that you are an independent woman, who often puts other’s needs before your own, especially those close to you. You are a loyal friend, and your natural intuition about others has helped out friends and family in the past…” You can continue on from here, but one or two statements are generally enough.

Next, we will try to get the target to open up and provide us with all the answers. We will use a Barnum statement or a Rainbow Ruse such as, “Most of the time you are positive and cheerful, but there has been a time in the past where you were very upset.” Another good one is, “There is a woman in your life that you do not get along with.” Sit back and wait for the target to search their thoughts, and provide you with the answers. Say nothing, just listen. Add another couple of statements. Watch their body language; you should be able to tell when you are close, and when you are way off target.

By now you should have some good information about your target. All you have to do now is sum everything up, and repeat back to her everything she just told you. She will be so wrapped up in the reading that she will forget that she was the one that supplied all the answers. Give her a final open-ended statement about the future and you’re done. A good closing statement I use is, “I see a new relationship starting in your near future, it will most likely be someone you just met, who has spiked your interest in a way no other has before. He will be good looking, with dark features,” describe yourself. If she picks up that you are describing yourself she will think it’s cute. If she doesn’t, and trust me a lot of times she won’t, you will have just talked her into the idea of being with you through suggestion.

If you bomb terribly and mess everything up, don’t worry. Look her in the eye and say, “What? You really didn’t believe I was physic did you?” And laugh it off. If nothing she will be entertained by your act and you accomplished many of the things we have been talking about. You were able to break the touch barrier by grabbing her hands. You demonstrated value. You were different and interesting. In the long run, those things can do more for you than a successful cold reading.

Some situations

You have a natural gift for understanding others, and because of that, you have a friend that is almost like a sister to you. You get good grades in the classes that you like, but you don’t fully apply yourself in the classes you are forced to take to meet core requirements. You love your parents but they still see you as a child and are overprotective at times. You are trying to break free and become your own person, but you feel as though they are trying to live out their goals and aspirations through you.

You are intent on finding your soul mate but you are not about to compromise your principals to do so. You are tired of the bar scene and the men you meet are either the wrong type or too old who do not fit your criteria. Your family wants to know when you will settle down and that makes you upset. There was a relationship in your past that did not work out. You have remained friends but want more then he has to offer. When you do meet the man you will marry you will know it at once, you will feel it instantly.

You learn from the past and grow stronger with each new experience, while other women you know continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. You love to travel when given the opportunity, and through these travels, you have developed an appreciation for the finer things in life. You have developed a strong intuition about whether a man is worthwhile or not upon meeting him for the first time. While you are still able to attract your targets much younger then you, they do not display the type of character you are looking for in a soul mate.

Current Trends

By staying current with your surroundings, you gain an upper hand in being able to read your target and know what she is thinking. There are plenty of sites on the internet that will give you the latest charts and graphs of almost any statistic you can think of. It all depends on how in depth you want to be able to go.

From the most popular girls names from each decade to popular pet names, anyone can find any type of data that may come up during reading.

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What a Drink Says

A woman’s drink of choice can say a lot about her. Study the list and next time you spot that cutie in the bar, teach her a little something about herself that she did not know before.

• Beer: Charmer likes to be in charge.

• Cocktail: Sensible, reserved, elegant.

• Cognac: Thinker, reserved, isolated.

• Rum: Idealistic, determined, perfectionist.

• Tequila: Crazy, wild, spontaneous.

• Whiskey: Powerful, dominant, challenging.

• Wine Cooler: Generous, good friend.

• Wine: Elegant and secure.

Final Words

What is the number one secret to being a successful cold reader? To listen. More often then not, the target will do most of the talking and fill in the voids. All you need to do is repeat back to them what they are saying, and they will be amazed. In most cases, the target will forget that they were the ones who told you. Have fun with it. Understand that if you make a great number of predictions, that the ones that are not true will soon be forgotten and they will only remember what you were right about. And no you don’t really have physic powers; this is nothing more than a fancy party trick.

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