Time is Money Essay

“Time is money” is a much easier way to explain the concept of making the the best use of time because time is money.

“What of all things in the world is the longest and shortest, the swiftest, the slowest without which nothing can be done, which devour all that is little and enlivens all that is great? ” The answer must obviously read “Time”.

Time is Money Essay 1

That is indeed man’s most precious asset, his richest legacy. Men waste it, regret the loss of it extends to infinity and it immortalises such actions as are truly great.

Even while writing this down, one is reminded of the innumerable men of yore who had realized the value of this great factor time. Time is like money, “the less we have of it to spare the further we make it go. “
This valuable maxim, indeed, illustrates our point beautifully, one of the most coveted possessions. If spent wisely, it brings great dividends to the investor. If just squandered away, it turns out to be a loss. Time is more than money. That is why it is said that we must catch time by the forelock.
However, isn’t it rather ironical and tragic that a handful of people make use of this invaluable asset? Indeed, “make use of it if you love eternity, yesterday cannot be recalled, tomorrow cannot be assured, only today is yours, which if you procrastinate, you lose, and which if lost is lost forever. One today is worth several tomorrows.”Let us, therefore, observe method in the distribution of our time. Every hour will then know its proper employment and no time will be lost. Idleness will be out at every avenue and with it the numerous bogies of vices that make up its train. This is one of the great truths on earth and the wise have always acknowledged it. It would, therefore, be in the fitness of things to close up this account with a quote from the Atharva Veda. “Time -all-pervading, omniscient, the creator and destroyer of all beings in the eternal house which pulls the chariot of the vast universe to carry the creatures to their destination.”

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