An Ideal Student Essay

An ideal student is the one who is an all-rounder. By all-rounder we mean one who is good at studies, play, and at home tasks. Discipline, obedience, respect for elders and hard work are his guiding principles. An ideal student rises early in the morning. He refreshes his body by going out for morning walk regularly. He understands that only a sound body can harbour a sound mind. He is not a mere bookworm but exposes himself to various plays and games. He is a adventure lover and this makes him enterprising. He never puts off any work for tomorrow because he believes in today. He values friendship and relationships. His good behaviour is a hallmark of his personality.He loves everyone and tries to be helpful to everyone. He goes to the library regularly and adds to his knowledge. He keeps a hobby and is interested in fine arts such at painting, music, sculpture and literature. He has a thirst for knowledge that he wants to quench by reading different books, thereby enriching his imagination. He is an embodiment of hard work, commitment and humility.

An Ideal Student Essay

Student age is the best part of life. He is quite carefree and enjoys life thoroughly, but this is also the period of training. A student should develop his all round personality and enjoy life as well. He should carefree but not careless. Finally, a student should pick up good manners. He is compared to blotting-paper. He tries to learn good things from every person.

Let him respect others so that they may love him and impart to him their knowledge.He learns from his teachers but believes more in self help. He takes a lot of help from libraries. He is eager to learn something of everything and everything of something. A good student maintains a fine circle of friends. He believes in simple living and high thinking. He does not waste his time and money in cinemas and hotels. He visits the playground regularly. An ideal student avoids anti-social and time killing activities. He abstains from drinking and smoking. He does not conspire with other students for strike or group fights. He does take part in some cultural activities like music, speeches and dramas. He passes his life according to set timetable.

An Ideal Student

An ideal student is source of delight to his parents. He does not waste the hard earned money of his parents. He is respectful to his teachers as well. He considers his teachers his true guides. He is full conscious that his teachers have his welfare at heart. The teachers are proud of an ideal student. He is the hope of the nation. He is the future leader of the nation.

An ideal student has a fixed goal in life. He works regularly towards the achievement of his aim. He does not work by fits and starts. Difficulties of life do not dampen his spirit. He takes all the inconveniences in his stride. He is quite aware of the fact that he will be able to achieve anything in life by hard-work, patience and perseverance.

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