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Out Of Bussiness | Summary

The protagonist of this story, Rama Rao, inherited money and invested it in a gramophone company to become a Malgudi agent. His business went well for five years, and he earned a lot of money to live a decent and comfortable life with his wife and children. However, things are not turning as well as we always expect. Suddenly, a stock market crash led his company to the point of extinction. This news appeared to him like a blue bolt. Several circumstances in the world of banking, commerce, trade, politics and the unexpected death of a Bombay financial institution have led to his financial disaster. Some doubted that the financial person’s death was a suicide case because his wife and his cashier are unlawful and immoral.

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Rama Rao did not initially feel the disaster ‘s impact. His savings were reduced over the course of several months. His condition gradually became compassionate and pathetic. But the calm and composed of his wife was very cool. She was not only sensitive and friendly. She tried to alleviate her husband’s burden by releasing the cook and servant, taking her children from a prestigious and luxurious school into ordinary primary school and moving on to the common house from a comfortable bungalow. Rama Rao was a hard worker, he hadn’t gone to yawning and gaping for his time. His best effort was to get a job from one plant to another, but he was disappointed everywhere. At night his wife and children were looking forward to good news for him. Rama Rao came back with a dull face as usual. Their only hope was the money they received from their bungalow ‘s rent.

Rama Rao found one day a four-page newspaper called ” The Captain.” The four pages were dedicated to puzzles of the crossword. Every week a prize of 4,000 rupees was offered. He thought that by solving those crosswords, he could earn money now. Since then, in the hope of the first prize, he had sent the answers. In anguish, he used to wait for the sender’s name. But his hopes were broken every time. His frustration and disappointment were shown on his face. ” The face is the index of one’s hearts.” He became scary and fought his wife on a slim and insignificant ground. His wife by being cool and composed attempted to appease her husband by remaining silent.

Anyway, 8000 rupees were declared a special prize one day. One more opportunity, one more hope. Rama Rao was trying again to try his luck. He insisted that his wife give him Rs5 by registered post to send his reply. He decided to send four different entries, as he couldn’t be sure of four variations in one part. He hoped for hope and dreamed that a castle with prize money would be built on the air. But fortune goddess had yet to smile and her hopes were crumbled this time as well. ” Hope is the bread of a poor man,” he didn’t win the prize. He, therefore, decided there was no justification for conducting such a measurable life and decided to commit suicide. He walked to the railways and waited for the train there. But God seemed to rescue him this time. He was waiting, waiting, but the train was still coming. He was finally tired of lying there, got up and walked to the station. He came there to know that a freight train has derailed and that all planned trains are three hours late.

He chose to return home. Then he decided. His wife was anxious and eager for the unreasonable delay of Rama Rao. But she shone and sighed at his sight with relief. Then he sat down to eat after a relaxation. His wife told him that in the evening the tenants came and asked him to sell his bungalow in the weather. They’d offer a good deal. He thought it was a very good idea and expressed his thoughts. His wife wanted to know whether he’d invest his money again in a crossword. Rama Rao felt depressed and said no calmly. He was going to go to Madras to look at profitable work there, to get them out of their misery. If they get four and a half for their home, he would have to keep five hundred and give away the rest to his wife.

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Out of Bussiness Summary

Out of Bussiness


Narayan may also be exploring the theme of desperation. Rama spends a lot of his time doing crosswords puzzles hoping that he will win some money. He becomes so preoccupied with the crossword puzzles that he spends his time at the newsagents’ checking to see if he has won. This may be important as it suggests that due to his circumstances Rama has become desperate. He is putting all his faith in the hope that he might win a prize from the crossword puzzles. It is as though the only hope that Rama feels he has, is winning on the crossword puzzles.

Narayan could also be investigating the theme of desperation and edginess. Rama has been spending a lot of his time doing crossword puzzles in the desire for picking up huge cash. He is so preoccupied that he invests his energy and time checking the newsagents to see whether he has won. This might be vital on the grounds that Rama has turned out to be frantic due to the conditions. He puts all his confidence and faith with the expectation that from crossword puzzles he could win a prize. It is just as Rama ‘s just expectation is to win the crossword puzzle.

Rama Roa ‘s preoccupation with the crossword puzzle most importantly affects the family life. Rama ‘s distraction is disastrous to the extent that family cash is spent on crossword puzzles. It seems as if Rama blindly drives himself into an alternative unreal world. Rama and his family’s conditions are awful but still, he continuously burns through cash on the crossword puzzles that he doesn’t have. Once again, the reader understands the desperation of Rama.

There is no uncertainty that Rama ‘s continual disappointments in crossword puzzles lead him to despondency. Rama is so discouraged that he considers suicide. No other choice is obvious to him. He burned through cash he could not afford in spending on crossword puzzles. It seems Rama considers his life a failure. Rama ‘s spirits can’t be lifted even by the reasons of his family. Rama also possibly has lost his identity since he lost his job. He no longer sure of who he is, what is his identity which can help the depression that he feels.

For Rama, ” all-out extinction” is the most vital thing. The things do not go as made planned for Rama. A three-hour delay was caused by a train’s derailment. This might be critical because Rama gets another lease of life as of now. It resembles that he has an epiphany or a moment of realisation. It’s an incorrect way to live to see that he carried on with his life( doing crossword puzzles). He starts to understand that there is something different worth living for and that something is his family.

The closure of the story is equally fascinating as Rama and his family feel joined together. The is a sense of unity in the family. Rama never again wants to spend cash he doesn’t have on crossword puzzles. With the money, he will get from the sale of his home Rama Roa rather expects to work in Madras. Presently he understands that his family is the most important thing in his life where recently he had lost his core interest. The closeout of Rama ‘s house has brought a new feeling of hope in his life. It is also evident that Rama is for the first time at one with himself for a long time.

It seems as though he reviews his priorities and his obligations. There was something missing when Rama burned through cash on the crossword puzzles. That cash he ought not to spend fundamentally. At the end of the story, the reader cannot help but rather feel that the life of Rama and his family is moving forward. In spite of the fact that Rama has purchased the crossword puzzles for favourable luck, it is nevertheless the closeout of his home that allowed him to get him back on his feet.

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Out of Bussiness Summary


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