Month December 2018

Summary and Question-Answers of The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

The poem “The Road Not Taken" has been written by a prolific writer "Robert Frost" in which the poet has used the symbolic logic to make the readers understand the importance of making right choices in life. The choices shape the future of the people by making them successful or unsuccessful. The choice which we make in life cannot be changed later. So, we must be careful while choosing things
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Success Mantra | How Can I be Successful in Life?

Everyone desires to be the successful person in his or her life. To be the successful I mean not the only materially rich in life but also the good human being. But to hold the dream only does not make one be successful. One has to act for the purpose and in order to act fruitfully, he or she has to know how to act? In other words, successful people perform their every action in the best possible way.
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How to Prepare for Exam: Tips and Tricks

There are various tricks and practices which can enhance your chances of scoring high in an exam. In this article I will help you in studying, preparing and solving exam question. All these savvy tricks and techniques are workable and will significantly help you to score high in the exam and you will definitely come out as flying colours.So read on!
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NCERT Solutions – Question Answers and Summary of The Ghat of The only World | Class 11th English | Snapshots | Chapter 6

Ghat is a Kashmiri word sometimes also used in Urdu. It implies the spot at a river bank from where the boats withdraw to another side. The ghat of the main world implies that after a man finishes his adventure in this world he feels at the entryway of the other world. In this manner, it has been used as a metaphor of death. It implies the point from where a man departs to a different universe what is commonly called hereafter
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