Studies have revealed that intelligence is innate but it can be groomed. This means if a person is less intelligent he can be polished into a more intelligent one if he is provided with the rich environment and proper guidance. While as if a person is more intelligent than the first one but is not benefitted with the proper environment and guidance, he can turn into a dull one. Thus, a less intelligent person if properly educated can do wonders than a person who is innately more intelligent but is not properly refined. In this post, I will discuss ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do’ that can help a person to grow his brain cells and become super smart. Read the complete post and discover the world of the brain.

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Human intelligence is man’s intellectual power, characterized by complex cognitive features and high levels of motivation and self – consciousness. Intelligence allows people to remember and use descriptions of things in future behaviours. It’s a process of cognition.It gives people the ability to learn, to formulate concepts, to understand and to reason, including the ability to recognize patterns, to understand ideas, to plan, to solve problems and to communicate with language. Intelligence makes it possible for people to experience and think.

Top 10 easy daily habits to get smarter

Everyone is longing for intelligence. We want it, like anything of perceived value. Intelligence is the most admired and most useful tool available for all our personality traits. Most of us want to become clever. Society celebrates clever people and rightly so: good decisions depend on our survival. Brilliant moments change the course of history. Clever people who open the door to new understanding receive the highest imaginable praise. We all want to stand up and say, ” I have the answer.”

In addition to the dreams of raising mankind to a golden age–and credit for everything–intelligence makes life easier. It seems easier to smart people. Intelligence makes it possible to solve problems more quickly, make more money and work less. How can you become smarter? First, as mentioned above forget about people being cleverly born. Science shows that neuroplasticity exists: brain cells can grow and become more intelligent. It’s just a question of how this can be done? Everyone can be wondering?

➡ How can I make my brain think faster?

➡ How can I make my brain sharp and fast?

➡ How can I learn quickly?

➡ How can I train my mind to be stronger?

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➡ How can I make my brain more active and sharp?

➡ How can I increase my brain power naturally?

➡ How can I exercise my brain?

➡ Can the brain heal itself?

➡ What foods increase brainpower?

Here are the top ten simple habits which will make you smarter and savvier
if you implement them in your lives. So read about how to get more intelligent:

All these points, discussed here, will diversify your day. Please spend time on a number of tasks. For one task spend 30 minutes and move to another. Not only do you stay away from boredom, but you also allow your brain to recover from a critical rest period.

The trick is to know “what” and “how” to learn. Many people who are supposed to be “not that smart” just have not been exposed to a very attentively rich environment, so they have not developed the habit of curiosity. Why would they be curious if there was nothing interesting? So you develop your muscle of brain. Some ways here:

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1. Read a Bit Every Day and Discover Joy in Reading

Does reading make you intelligent? Yes, irrespective of content, reading increases your understanding. Anne E Cunningham in his paper says children who read become intelligent adults. Cunningham interestingly suggests that the actual reading material plays little role in the outcome. Instead, the act of reading increases understanding and produces more smartness.

Reading provides an atmosphere of reflection and analysis. You pause and take into account what you read. The reading practice calls for attention. You simply stimulate your mind and increase your brainpower by concentrating.

As an adult, of course, you benefit more by absorbing interesting or difficult materials. Digesting harder texts places a healthy burden on your mind. Books dealing with topical or socially relevant topics make you think critically.

In the meantime, fiction increases your ability to understand the human condition and increases your emotional understanding. You also read your brain jams with lots of knowledge and vocabulary. Try to collect a good book and read daily. It’s fun, relaxing, informative and your brain exercises.Daily Habits to Become More Intelligent 1

Tag: Daily Habits to Become More Intelligent

2. Review Learned Information

Review it once you learn a piece of information. If you don’t remember, you can’t learn. Memory performs better with repetition. When you repeat a fact, you put memory wheels back into motion. The process of cumulative information checking helps to keep your knowledge. Experiences persist in the external cortex of the brain before transforming into hippocampus memories

Unfortunately, they often displace themselves in the hodge-podge of information. As you drop your keys in a crowded nightclub, memories disappear in chaos and confusion of thought. Everyone is forgetting. Take this inevitability into account when planning to review everything you want to remember. Repetitive learning increases knowledge retention.

3. Go on adventures in Google.

This works amazingly like this: you choose something interesting. Perhaps a Smart answer indicates something you didn’t know. Google it, begin reading. Look for other phrases you can search and explore when you read. If it seems to be… exploring! Remember, you’re here, not looking specifically for information that applies to a task. Dark, oddball, useless things… This is the ticket! Before you find a gem, look at some rocks, right?

Consider it to create your own TV show or video game. Instead of someone else ‘s fed it into your head.

There’s a renowned teacher who said, ” Genius is as common as dirt. ” It’s the schools that train people to think rather than to think, which makes people ” stupid”.
Critical thinking skills are a great part of being’ intelligent. ‘ Hey, they are skills, not incredible talents. Skills can be learned. On your Google adventures, you can practice these skills.Daily Habits to Become More Intelligent 2

Tag: Daily Habits to Become More Intelligent

4. Manage Your Time Wisely

It’s easy to get distracted in the online age. You just wanted to check your email and suddenly you’re four pages deep in a ” Breaking Bad ” forum. Well spent time. Don’t let your wonderings improve online. Make your priorities a list. In order of importance, tackle them. Put time into your projects, but don’t get out of the hammer when you hit a brick wall. Relax and take a break instead.

Spend time to disconnect from work. If your phone is locked to your hip all through the day, your colleagues and boss will try to contact you. Stand up and turn your phone off during nights and weekends. If you receive any backlash, argue like Volkswagen. The German car giant has adopted a strong policy of never contacting off-workers. The rational societies know the importance of separating work and home life–in fact, it increases the productivity and morality of workers.
Turn your phone off, don’t get lost online, list and pause. You’ll better manage your time and become much smarter much faster.Daily Habits to Become More Intelligent 3

5. Study a Second Language

It is easier said than done, but learning a second language is one of the best things to make you more intelligent. Studying a language is difficult for most people. It takes years of work in a foreign language to gain fluency. Lucky for you, it doesn’t matter to master a language. Like a kung – fu student carrying water buckets up a steep staircase, through the task you gain strength.
Language acquisition initiates a complete workout in your brain. When you read, hear and talk in a language, your senses hurl into hyperdrive. This multi-sensory explosion triggers processes that turn your brain’s crucial areas. The stronger your brain struggles to deal with and react to information. The chain of events works like this: when speech enters your ears, your auditory cortex converts it into audio information.

The data flows into the area of Wernicke, which extracts words and sentences. The area of Broca stimulates your engine planning and makes you ready to respond. Your ready utterance then enters the motor cortex that your mouth operates. Language learning not only overloads these vital areas of your brain but also uses analytical reasoning and memory. All these factors can help to ensure that bilingual speakers better master multiple tasks than monolingual people.


Add these 10 daily habits to your lifestyle and you will see a change. Intelligence is a gradual transformation. Your brain takes time to adapt, but when it does, you’re gonna to have the skills to live a happier, more intelligent life. Best Wishes.

Daily Habits to Become More Intelligent


Sharing knowledge has helped humanity to survive and evolve into the smart and productive species that it is today.A Candle loses nothing by lighting another candle."Margaret Fuller says, "If you have the knowledge, let others light their candles with it."


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