The Proposal by Anton Chekhov 2

The Proposal by Anton Chekhov

Main Highlights and Attractions of The Proposal by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

In this post you you learn:
➡ The theme of The Proposal.
➡ Summary of the Proposal.
➡ The proposal as a farce.
➡The Character analysis of the proposal.
➡ The title of the proposal.
➡ The first quarrel in The Proposal.
➡The Second quarrel in The Proposal.
➡ Why is the marriage proposal important to all the characters in the drama, “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov?

The Proposal was originally titled as “A Marriage Proposal”.It is a one-act play, a farce, by the Russian short story essayist and writer, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. The proposal is short play and has just three characters as under:

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Chuikov: His physical looks like 60 years of age. He is a caring man and considerate, for example with his neighbour.

Natalya: She needs to get everything that she wants. She is enamoured, egad, she resembles a love-sick cat.

Lomov: He is 35 years of age, a critical age. In the event that he gets apprehensive, his heart is palpitating horrendously, particularly when he faces with Natalya. He doesn’t have a fearless heart before the lady.

The setting of The Proposal

Place: The occurs in Chubunkov’s house, precisely at the drawing room.

Time: The place takes place at night, at around 7 p.m.

Scene: Lomov has put on a nightdress, gloves, cap, etc. Chubunkov is astonished however feels so happy when meeting him. Lomov says that he needs to propose Natalya, Chuikov’s little girl. Chubunkov is extremely cheerful when hears that and specifically acknowledges the proposal. Lomov fears he isn’t an appropriate man to Natalya. It is the ideal time for Lomov to ask Natalya for marriage.

➡ The first quarrel starts over the ownership of Oxen Meadows

In the first place, they are discussing the weather. Then when Lomov talks about Oxen meadow is his own, Natalya ends up furious and differs him. Natalya mortifies Lomov, she says that she felt Lemon is a decent neighbour but he is only a Land-grabber. Lomov can’t control his emotional sense and shout at Natalya. Natalya grumbles to her father and asks him that he express that Meadows is Chubukov’s or our own. Lomov blames Chubukov has taken the Meadows from Lomov’s family. He feels that the Lomov’s are decent people.

➡ Chubukov disclose to Natalya that Lomov has come to propose her

After Lomov leaves them, Chubukov tells his girl that he forgot to state that actually Lemov has come to propose her. Natalya will recognize that Oxen Meadows is Lomov’s land. She additionally asks about forgiving on bantering previously. Chubukov is incredibly amazed by the modification of his little girl feeling.

➡ Natalya and Lomov quarrel over their breed of dogs

Lomov contends that Guess is the best dog. However, Natalya differs it, the squeezer is superior to Guess. They do it once more, mortifying one another. They now criticise each other’s dogs and say the ugliness. All of a sudden, Lomov feels numb and collapse. Natalya screams to her dad, Lomov has died. Chubukov is terrified and takes a drink to make Lomov conscious. Suddenly, Lomov becomes mindful, and Chubukov asks them wed as soon as possible. They kiss one another, and Natalya said that Lomov needs to concede Guess is worse than Squeezer. Lomov can’t help contradicting it and contends that Guess is the best.

The farce explores the process of getting hitched and could be perused as a satire on the upper middle class and courtship. The play points out the struggle to balance the monetary necessities of marriage and what the characters themselves actually want. It demonstrates the characters’ distress for marriage as hilarious. Chekhov’s Russian marriage was a method for monetary stability for the vast majority. They wedded to pick up riches and belonging or to fulfil social weight.

The parody is passed on effectively by accentuating the couple’s absurd contentions over little things. The primary contentions in the play spin around The Oxen Meadows and two dogs called Ugadi and Otkatai.

The Proposal Character Sketches

Character Sketch of Natalya

Natalya is the only grown-up daughter of a Russian landowner named Chubukov. She is twenty-five years old but not married yet. She has a tremendous hunger for having a love affair. She is, however, very quarrelsome and makes a hill out of a mole. She is not beautiful but she is quite stout. Natalya has very softness towards her neighbour, Lomov whom she wants to court. One evening Lomov visits Natalya’s house in a dashing dress to propose Natalya. Natalya gets very impressed with his dress and asks him if he plans to go to some night club. Her father, however, understands the plans of the youth. He leaves the duo alone to go ahead with the proposal. Lomov finds no courage to initiate and baffles. Finally, he picks the thread and makes the mention of his oxen meadows. The word ‘his’ makes Natalya outrageous.She warns Lomov against claiming oxen meadows. Lomov feels unpleased and a quarrel takes place.
Natalya gets emotional and asks her father to urge Lomov back to her room.

Lomov is again brought to the fore but he fails once more to deliver. He makes the mention of the breed of their family dogs and finds again himself in deep waters.He claims that his dog is of a high breed, while as Natalya loses her temper once more and falls serious on Lomov..She descends to indecency that is retaliated by Lomov.

Chubukou sees the opportunity to take Natalya’s side. Lomov fails to make his point and is knocked down unconscious. Natalya and her father make efforts to bring him to wits, but they fail. As a last resort, Chubukov takes Natalya by her hand and puts her hand in Lomov’s hand. He shouts in the ears of Lomov that Natalya is ready to take him as her husband. Life returns to Lomov’s body again, and the duo hugs each other and exchange kisses to their hearts’ fill. To Lomov Natalya is an excellent house-keeper, not at all bad looking and well educated.[lockercat]

Character Sketch Of Lomov

Lomov is the most important character of the play. He is the hero of the play. He is a bachelor of twenty-five. He is a big landowner. He is much attracted towards Natalya and wants to propose her as early as possible. Lomov is already thirty-five and does not want any further delay in his marriage. He is, however, too shy to propose Natalya. One evening he gathers the courage and drops in Natalya’s house. His dress impresses Natalya very much. He finds Natalya in isolation. What a chance to propose the girl! But he loses the track. Instead of proposing the girl straightway, he chooses the topic of his inherited land. He makes the mention of his oxen meadows which brings him a great trouble.Natalya is displeased by Lomov’s claim on her oxen meadows.


Answer: Yes, Natalya is in love. This is clear in her behaviour once she is aware of that Lomov came to propose to her. When she is aware of it, she starts weeping; she calls her father to bring him back promptly. He has gone out after the quarrel. She becomes hysteric.[/lockercat]

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