Notice Writing

A notice is an effective and easy means of formal communication. It is used to announce or display some important information regarding some issue or event that is going to happen or be organized.

A notice is targeted to communicate the information to a specific group of people for immediate attention or participation. Notices usually reach to a large group of people in a shorter period of time.

Notices are usually put on notice boards of the schools or organizations. They are also pinned up in public places. In modern times, most of the notices issued by the government or any other big organizations appear in newspapers.

Why do we write notice?

The purpose of the notice is to disseminate or convey information in a comprehensive manner to a large group of people in a shorter period of time. It is usually an advance information about:

  • A happening
  • General instruction
  • An event
  • A function
  • An inauguration
  • A programme
  • An important thing that you have lost or found

Important Points To Remember About Notice Writing

A notice is written by a single person, a group or an organization to attract the attention of a particular group of people for consideration.

All required information should be given in a simple, concise and attractive manner. The information should be to the point. No irrelevant or unimportant information shall be included. The word limit of a notice is 50 to 60 words.

A notice should answer 5 W’s. These are What, Where, When, Who and Whom. These are detailed as below :

What is going to happen? It means the information regarding the event or programme shall be given.

Where it is going to happen. It means the information about the place where the event or programme will take place.

When it will take place. It means the information regarding the date and time of the event or programme.

Who can apply? The information about who is eligible to participate in the event or programme must be included in the notice.

Whom to contact. The information about the issuing authority much is also mentioned in the notice.

Any other detail that is essential shall be also mentioned in the notice.

The sentence should be short, simple and grammatically correct.


A notice should include the following components in the given order:

  1. The name of the organization issuing the notice.
  2. The title “NOTICE” in bold form.
  3. Heading of the notice.
  4. The date on which the notice is issued.
  5. The body/ subject matter of the notice.
  6. The writer signature and designation.

Notice Samples

Image created by smartenglishnotes
Image created by smartenglishnotes

Some More Sample Notices

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