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 An Excellent Father

An Excellent Father is an extract from Jane Austen’s famous novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’. The main theme of the play is marriage. The novel shows how women marry men they are not in love with simply in order to gain financial security. The important characters of this passage are Mr and Mrs Bennet, Jane, Elizabeth and Mr Bingley.

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Mr Bennet: Mr Bennet is a gentleman, who lives with his wife and five daughters at Longhorn House. Mr Bennet seldom shows anger: he prefers to laugh at people’s weaknesses.

His wife was a foolish, quick-tempered woman. Her chief aim In life is to find rich husbands for her daughters.

Jane:-The eldest of the Bennet daughters and also the prettiest.

Elizabeth:- The second of the Bennet daughter. She is shrewder than Jane and is always ready to speak her mind.

Kitty:- The fourth of the Bennet daughters.

Charles Bingley:- A rich handsome. eligible and single gentleman.

Summary of An Excellent Father

This prose extract has been taken from Jane Austen’s famous novel “Pride and Prejudice” which after considerable revision appeared as “Pride and Prejudice” in 1813. This novel tells the story of the gradual union of two people- one held back by unconquerable pride and the other blinded by Prejudice- thus the name “Pride and Prejudice”.

Mr Bennet seems to be a careless father who is not bothered about the marriage of his daughters who have attained marriageable age. The chapter starts when Mr Bingley rents Netherfield Park to a young rich man named Mr Bingley. Neithfield park is in the neighbourhood of Mr Bennet’s house. Mrs Bennet becomes very cautious about her daughter because she does not want to lose this opportunity of marrying one of her daughters to Mr Bingley. Actually, this novel is written in 19″ century when there was a custom that the property was taken over by only male members. Since Mr Bennet had no son. So his property was to be owned by any of his close relatives. That is why Mrs Bennet was very much worried about the fate of her daughters.

On hearing about the arrival of Mr Bingley, she tells her husband to develop some familiarity with him. But he reacts very lightly to this news. He starts leasing his wife and comments that should send the girls to meet Mr Bingley but should not go herself, for she is very beautiful even in her old age.

Finally. Mrs Bennet gets very disappointed because of her husband’s loose reaction. As a result in a fit of anger, she scolds her daughter Kitty for coughing. Ultimately, when she comes to know that her husband, Mr Bennet, had visited Mr Bingley, she feels relaxed and overwhelmed. In the end, she tells her daughters -You have an excellent father. girls” because she comes to know that Mr Bennet had actually paid the visit to Mr Bingley stealthily without telling anyone of them.

Main Highlights and Attractions of The Lesson

Netherfield Park which is vacant for a long time is at last taken by a wealthy and dashing young gentleman whose name is Mr Bingley.

When Mrs Bennet comes to know about it, she becomes extremely happy because she desires that Mr Bingley might marry one of her daughters.

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She wants her husband, Mr Bennet, not to miss such a golden opportunity for the sake of her daughters. She apprehends that some other mother having marriageable daughter might exploit such a glorious opportunity.

When Mr Bennet tells her husband if he has heard that Netherfield Park has been taken by a rich young man, Mr Bennet intentionally, in order to irritate her says ‘no’.

Mrs Bennet becomes impatient and tells her husband that it is true and the dashing young gentleman is very rich and he is a glorious thing for their daughters.

Mr Bennet irritates her wife Mrs Bennet more when he tells her how the young Bingley is a fine thing for their daughters.

Mr Bingley pours out that as Mr Bingley is rich and single she is thinking of him marrying one of their daughters.

Mrs Bennet tells her if it is Mr Bingley’s plan to settle at Netherfield Park. Mrs Bennet angrily retorts him that he shall not talk like this.
Ms Bennet insists her husband visit, Mr Bingley, as soon as possible but Mr Bennet tells her that he has no time to visit him. He adds that she and the girls may go themselves and perhaps Mr Bingley might like her the best of the party.

Mrs Bennet now tells her husband that he takes delight in vexing her and he has no compassion on her poor nerves. Mr Bennet responds her back that her nerves are his age-old friends and he respects them.

Mrs Bennet also expresses her husband that he does not know how much she suffers. Mr Bennet replies to her that she will get over it and see many rich young men in their neighbourhood. Mrs Bennet pours out that it will be of no benefit since he will not visit any of them.

Note: Mr Bennet is actually also interested in Mr Binlgey to the extent her wife is. He enjoys the moments with her wife. He feels excited to see the irritation on her wife’s face. That is why he talks with her wife in the way as if he is not interested in Mr Bingley. He just wants to see irritate his wife and enjoy the moments.

Mr Bennet was the most eager person who waited, Mr Bingley. He had always intended to visit him, though, till last he is telling his wife that he would not visit him.

On seeing his daughter Lizzy trimming a hat, Mr Bennet tells her that he hopes Mr Bingley might like it.

Mrs Bennet is now furious, she angrily pours out that they are not to know what the young Bingley likes because they are not visiting him.

On hearing this another girl Elizabeth who is the most beautiful of all the daughters tells her mother that they are meeting Mr Bingley at the assemblies as Mrs Long has promised to introduce him. Mrs Bennet pours out that Mrs Long will not do such a thing as has two nieces of her own.

Another girl Kitty is coughing badly. When Mrs Bennet hears her cough, she scolds her and tells her to have mercy on her nerves and do not cough like it for God’s sake. Kitty replies that she does not cough for her own amusement but she is ill.

Now Mr Bennet discloses that he has already visited Mr Bingley and cannot miss the familiarity with him.
All the girls are extremely surprised and happy. Mrs Bennet now merrily tells Mr Bennet that she knew she could persuade him at the end. She also tells her daughter that they have an excellent father.


Q.No.1.What does Mrs Bennett tell her husband?

Ans. Mrs Bennet tells her husband that a rich young man has come to take Neitherfield Park which was vacant for a long time. His name is Mr Bingley and he is single. Mrs Bennet finds him a good thing for one of her daughters.


Ans. Mrs Bennet tells her husband that Neitherfield park has been let at last and has been taken over by a man named Mr Bingley from north of England who is a man of a large fortune. She tells her husband to develop an affinity with him so that they can get one of their daughters married to him.


Ans. The Neitherfield Park is occupied by a young Bachelor of large fortune named as Bingley. Mrs Bennet feels jubilant over the message of his arrival. As the man is a bachelor with a handsome income of four or five thousand a year. Mrs Bennet thinks him to be a good match for one of her three daughters. She tells all about this to Mr Bennet and wants him to visit the young man and form an acquaintance.

Q.No.2.Who takes over Netherfield park? Why is Mrs Bennet happy about it?

Ans. Mr Bingley who is a rich young man takes over Netherfield park. Mrs Bennet is happy about it because the rich young man is unmarried and she finds him fortunate things for anyone of her daughters. She wants to join the fate of anyone of her daughters with him.


Ans. The Neitherfield park has been taken over by a man named Mr Bingley from north of England who happens to be a man of a large fortune. Mrs Bennet is happy about it because she is of the opinion of getting one of her daughters married to Mr Bingley who seems to her to be a perfect match for one of her daughters, for he is a composed man of a large fortune.


Ans. Mr Bingley takes over Neitherfield Park. He is an unmarried and young man from the north of England. He is a man of large fortune with four or five thousand per year. He was delighted to see the park and agreed to take it.

Mrs Bennet feels jubilant over the message of his arrival. As the man is a bachelor with a handsome income a year, she feels that he could be a good match for one of her three daughters. She tells all about this to Mr Bennet and wants him to pay a visit to the young man, and form an acquaintance with him.

Q.NO.3.Why does Mrs Bennet insist on her husband to meet Mr Bingley?

Ans. Mr Bingley is a rich dashing man. He is unmarried also. Mrs Bennet finds in him a good match for anyone of her marriageable daughters. She wants to make hay while the sun shines, that is, make the best use of the opportunity. That is why she insists on her husband to visit Mr Bingley so that they can make an acquaintance with him as soon as possible.


Ans. Mrs Bennet insists her husband to meet Mr Bingley because of the fact that she intends to get one of her daughters married to Mr Bingley who seems to her to be a perfect match for one of her daughters, for his being rich enough and handsome. She does not want to miss the opportunity of getting one of her daughters’ marriage settled so she urges Mr Bennet to meet and develop an affinity with Mr Bingley.



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